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Nothing but the Truth!

By Will Power

Will Power LogoJanuary
1, 2008 (San Diego) —
  I am at the end of my rope with Big Pharma.  They
are the greediest, least efficient, most corrupt corporations going, and that
included Big Oil.  They sell bad, unsafe, overpriced drugs that kill people
and don't allow people who need drugs to get them.

I went to the pharmacy today to pick up my asthma medicine.  It somehow
jumped overnight in price from $38 to $75 dollars. My inhalers recently
jumped from $19 to $40+, while the size is decreased from 17 grams to 7 grams.  The
excuse is a new propellant that is supposed to decrease global warming.

I had to leave without my medication. I guess the insurance company would
rather see me in the Emergency Room than at home.  Perhaps they make more
money that way?

Obama needs to clean out the lobbyists from the FDA and NIH.  The government
should make a single nation-wide formulary for every drug and give each
US citizen a Smart Card which can be used at any US pharmacy. The Smart Card
should list blood type, allergies, and an abbreviated health history.

Mail-order medicine from Mexico and Canada should be allowed, along with unlimited
imports of medicine bought by travelers. If this can be done by Executive Order,
it would allow US seniors to buy the medicine they need at prices that are
humane and affordable. Obama should make this legal as soon as he takes office.
No more jamming seniors at the border for buying medicine they need!

It is unconscionable that drug companies should make 1800% profit. No citizen
that needs medicine should have to leave the pharmacy without it, as I have
had to do twice recently.  I cannot afford to pay the prices they ask.

The current system, where Pharmacies charge whatever the market can bear,
is insupportable under any circumstances. People should not get sick or die
for the bottom line.  No other western civilized nation has so poor a
mechanism for delivering medication.  Something needs to be done, and

Will Power is a retired teacher who holds a masters degree in
creative writing.

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