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January 2, 2011—“New Year’s Day is a perfect day to celebrate Peace on Earth,” said El Cajon resident Norrie Robbins. 


Perhaps you were among the people passing by who honked car horns or displayed the two-finger peace symbol throughout the day, as Robbins shivered on a sunny but cold mid-winter afternoon to bring her message of peace to East County residents.



Robbins heard about a peace event created by the Red Lotus Society.  Since the organizations' January 1st activities were centered in downtown San Diego, Robbins decided to organize her own event at the corner of Spring Street and La Mesa Blvd. in La Mesa's downtown village.



“Peace. It sounds so much more mellifluous than War,” Robbins reflected, adding her view that “ War is a way to diffuse male hormones and reduce the burgeoning overpopulation of the Earth. Peace is a way to put smiles on faces of people who feel secure, happy, and productive.”

Robbins' father, a physicist, taught her that all systems operate with intertwined processes, some that cooperate (Peace), some that compete (War), and some that are neutral,” she recalled. “We have a lot of people beating the drums for competition, so it is nice to have some who are leading the cooperation team,” the local peace activist concluded.


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