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October 7, 2009 (San Diego)--San Diego County Sheriff William D. Gore is announcing a unique educational program called “Adopt an SAR Dog.”

In its third year, the San Diego Sheriff's Search and Rescue Detail will participate in a program which offers a local elementary school class the unique opportunity to learn all about the various aspects of training a dog for Search and Rescue (SAR) work. Search and Rescue volunteers and their dogs will make regular visits throughout the year to the classrooms.


Working closely with the teacher, the canine handler will incorporate a lesson for each visit that ties into the topic the class is currently studying. The goal of this program is for children to learn a variety of subjects, which include community service, the positive role of law enforcement, first aid for humans as well as pets, safety around strange dogs, and what to do if lost.

Visits are usually twice a month for approximately 30 minutes. This year, two second grade classrooms at Riverview Elementary School in Lakeside will participate. The first visit is scheduled for Friday October 2nd at 9:00.


Training a dog to make the

Training a dog to make the dog efficient in Search and Rescue work always sounded interesting. We see such dogs being used by the cops when trying find some clues and the dogs execute the sniffing jobs so perfectly but it's not that easy to train dogs for search and rescue tasks. At the most I'm able to play a ball game or some other games with my dog and that's it. Thanks for sharing an important post.
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Children should be taught

Children should be taught about society and everyone's place from an early age. I remember how hard it was for me to teach my baby to wear infant headbands, because he wasn't used to it and he didn't like having something on the head.


This is such a great idea to implement this in young children's lives early on. The ability to be a part of this program and enrich the lives of someone who may be saved by one of the dogs they train will stay with them forever. I commend you all for pitching in on the program, we will see great rewards from it I am sure.

Thank you;