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By Miriam Raftery

July 18, 2019 (San Diego) – The U.S. Marine Corps has sent a letter ordering Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-Alpine) to cease and desist using the official Marines emblem and slogan on any campaign materials. 

The demand comes after Hunter sent a misleading and Islamophobic mailer to smear his Democratic opponent, Ammar Campa-Najjar, who is Catholic. 

The mailer has a photo of a masked terrorist on one side and photos of Campa-Najjar juxtaposed with images of Islamic Congresswomen Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan). The mailer calls all three “radical” adding that they “want you to forget their anti-Semitism or Family-Terrorist Ties!” Hunter’s mailer further states, “But as a Marine I’ll never forget the 1983 Beirut bombings and the 1972 Olympic murders!”

Campa-Najjar was born at Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa and raised locally by his Catholic Hispanic mother. His Palestinian grandfather, who died before he was born, has been linked as a possible participant in the Munich attack on Israeli athletes. Campa-Najjar has denounced terrorism and received endorsement of Jewish rabbis for his stances toward Israel.

In a statement sent to ECM tonight, Campa-Najjar states, “I advise Congressman Hunter to cease-and-desist from attacking his fellow Americans — because every time he tries, he lies. Hunter’s campaign has illegally used the official Marine Corps emblem and phrase for years, but these hateful mailers were so dishonorable and discrediting that they drew the attention of the United States Marine Corps, prompting the branch to issue a cease-and-desist order.”  He adds,. “The Congressman’s lies don’t reflect the position of the United States Marine Corps anymore than his conduct reflects the character of our district.  We deserve better.”

Hunter served in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, attaining the rank of major before his election to Congress in 2008. He is campaigning for reelection despite a federal trial on 60 corruption charges slated to begin in September.  Hunter is accused of embezzling $250,000 from his campaign donations and spending the money on personal expenditures ranging from mistresses to family vacations, as well as filing falsified reports to the Federal Elections Commission to cover up his crimes. His wife, Margaret, pleaded guilty to one count and is cooperating with prosecutors in the case against her husband.

The Marine Corp’s letter to Hunter states, “"It has come to our attention that your campaign is using the official USMC Eagle, Globe and Anchor (Emblem) and the phrase 'No Better Friend, NO Worse Enemy' (Phrase) as an integral part of your political campaign, namely, on at least one fundraising mailer to your constituents." The letter asks Hunter to immediately remove the emblem and phrase from all campaign materials and his website. 

NBC TV reports that a Hunter spokesman says the campaign “immediately complied” with the request to remove the material and “is taking all appropriate measures to ensure this matter is addressed appropriately and thoroughly.” 

Federal law prohibits the Marines’ trademarked seal and emblem from being used in any political activities.

The Marines’ letter states that as an alternative, Hunter can inform voters that he is a Marine Corps veteran and may use a “Marine veteran” logo.  


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Demeaning people

Not good to demean Congressman Hunter, or any active American Representative; irregardless of allegations. You want answers? Ask Bill Clinton if he was a guest.



Twiggy :-) LOL! You are amusing :-/ sort of

The "someone" I mentioned is obviously Donald Trump, and I don't two cents what you or anyone else thinks about my comments. The evidence against Duncan Hunter has become quite clear to me. Many people seem to be blinded by false loyalty. You have plenty to say yourself, so really what's your point? Trying in vain to control what others have to say in this comments section is obviously Very frustrating for you. And yeah, I see you doing plenty of bashing here when you disagree with another comments / people. So we'll just have to agree to disagree. Maybe instead of attempting to convince everyone you're right and they're wrong, you should create your own online news site and post only what you wish. C ya...

Public forum for bashing

Dear Grandpa, as you can see, I have re-identified myself so that there is no doubt who I am, where I live and how I conduct my public opinions. My purpose in (1) reading the ECM is to be informed about my community and country. (2) share my insight where I believe it would have impact and be appreciated. (3) I have no false loyalty, I evaluate people by what they do, not necessarily what they say (4) keep your two cents because I am loyal to my country and President (5) there is nothing "very frustrating to me" other than vain attacks on people you don't like (5) I never agree to disagree, what is your point? (6) convincing others? I believe in my country and system and when I post comments, I am sharing, not trying to convince everyone; by my thoughts, views and opinions. ;(7) ECM is not my only source of news and information, I follow Drudge, One American news which comes out of San Diego, on line reads etc. to better know and be better informed. (8) your comments will continue to draw a response from me if you follow the same MO. Barry A. Treahy

Barry, thank you for switching to your real identity.

I applaud you for your transparency.

I personally recommend that people read a cross-section of news sites with a variety of views, including at least some that are different than one's own, as well as some that are vetted by journalists and considered reasonably close to the center in terms of analysis and fact checking.  So if you read Drudge or Fox, you might also read Huffington Post for news that's more left-leaning and some national news sources such as the New York Times, CBS News, USA Today, CNN, Politico, Newsweek, Time, Washington Post, etc.  Also it's interesting to read the major foreign press and how they cover US news - such as BBC news in Britain or Reuters.  


You want to share your "insight" about news saying you read The Drudge Report and watch OneAmericanNews out of San Diego. Both are conservative right-wing news sources. Do your other sources include Fox News and Breitbart? Your in- sight seems pretty biased and one sided. Do you read ECM to actually get real news. How about Reuters? Your insight is nothing more than GOP propaganda, not news; and you don't know the difference. You repeat opinion as fact and consider yourself well-informed, because all your sources say the same thing. You want to unselfishly state your opinion, but tell Grandpa "to keep his two cents" because his opinion differs from yours. You find "agreeing to disagree" not an option. However being as informed as you are, you are aware that just about every word in out Constitution was fought over and compromised on to "create a more perfect union".Compromising and learning to get along is what has made this country great. We have done something no one else in the world even attempted. Become a melting pot for people from just about every country in the world and making it work. It's called civilization, something the GOP has no respect for. You say you evaluate people on what they do. Like Churchill said "I no longer listen to what people say, I just watch what they do. Behavior never lies." So if you evaluate people on their actions and think Hunter and Trump are great, it's safe to say, you are a racist. They spread hate and lies. Trump goes on TV, says something, and the next day, says he never said it despite film footage of the event. And you believe him, not your own eyes. Or maybe due to the one sided view of the news you get, embarrassing little hate-filled remarks are just not included. For you, they don't exist. The GOP's alternative reality. The USMC was disgusted at Hunter's use of their emblems to make his lies feel patriotic. Trump waves the flag as he seeks out foreign dictators to become friendly with. Russia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia all have governments totally out of line with American values. Trump plays at "trade wars" He says they are easily won. Tell that to the bankrupt farmers whose lives he ruined. He talks about all the money tariffs bring in. The foreign countries aren't hurt by the tariffs, the American people are. How about how Trump making soldiers miss Thanksgiving with their families so he could make a show of what...power, at the border. Trump separated children as young as 4 months old from their parents, Had them flown all over the US to concentration camps that the American people are paying $775/child/day Never bothered to set up any system of tracking where the kids went. Now the government is telling parents they have to get a DNA test costing between $700-$800 to prove they are the parents. Also they are charging the parents the cost of airfare to transport their kids back, along with an escort. Total cost $1800. Makes you proud to be an American, right. There's a million more tales of Trump, but why tell you since you choose not to believe them. In 1918, Teddy Roosevelt said "To announce that there must be no criticism of the president and to stand by the president, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but morally treasonable to the American public.". Oh yeah, on that promise Trump made to not touch Social Security and Medicare, check out his budget. Someone, after all has to pay for the second jet his friends want. And you respect Trump's tax give away to the rich and corporations The tax breaks for the rich are permanent; for the middle class and poor, any gain will be erased by 2025. There's so much to respect about these men if you only listen to right wing news. But, sorry, reality will set in soon, and you, as always, will blame the Democrats because the GOP are fine upstanding people, just like the KKK and Nazis. Very much like the KKK and Nazis

Cecil B.Demill

You went to a lot of trouble to address my opinions. That is what this posting system is all about. First and foremost, I quit the Repulican about 3 decades ago and registered as an "independent". As to where I get my insight, I spend a lot of time on left Yahoo reading CNN, HuffPost, AOC, and every other left leaning media news. I missed my mark on "my insight" not anticipating your strong feelings about the GOP, which I do not support. As to Grandpa, his postings are one dimensional and fact empty. You affirmed my position by your comment "Like Churchill said "I no longer listen to what people say, I just watch what they do" and that is exactly what I said and what I do. Regarding President Trump and Congressman Hunter, I repeat; I evaluate people by what they do and yes, you can find fault in "anyone" including those two people. The Presidents plate is always full and I look at what he has done and accomplished to date and you can't come close to comparing him to O'bama, Clinton, the Bushes etc. that enjoyed their stay in the oval office with a smile on their faces. If you don't know what he has done since in office, it is your misgiving, not mine. I retired a first res-ponder, and I have always supported our military. As to how he uses his Presidential influence with dictatorships, third world countries etc. I believe in what he says.......America first! The farmers were bankruped by past administrations and President Trump has changed that. Take off your shades sir and look around. As to the Presidents actions and relationships with the "poor children" at our borders", past administrations and the current Democrat caucus are the responsible party for that. You can't even possibly argue that one. As to second jets, I remember Mrs. O'bama using the Presidential jets to ferry hundreds of friends and relative abroad for Government paid parties cloaked in a so called business blanket. Last, the Democrats during the birth of this nation were the slave holders, marketeers of slavery and origin of the Civil War that killed thousands of American "military" men. The term "Republic for which one nations stands" was the origin of the Republican party that freed and abolished slavery. Your analogy of " just like the KKK and Nazis" originates mostly out of the old South. God bless America & President Trump from a loyal flag flying Independent American.


For this Marine, him doing this is much worse than taking a knee and disrespects what the Corp has fought and stands for. If this is also what Voters in his District are willing to support, I question their loyalty to our Country over Duncan Hunter Jr.


Since Hunter appears to have no boundaries regarding what he does or says (like someone in the White House we all know) then it's appropriate the Marines had to do something.

"Someone in the Whitehouse"

You said you "know someone in the White House" and, you graphically write your dislike and disrespect of. You also continue to demean Congressman Hunter before his day in court. Doesn't matter how much is alleged, every "American" deserves that process. I didn't like O'bama but for 8 years I kept my mouth shut. Try that sometime. Hope you are not teaching your grand-kids your anti American due process guano. .