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East County News Service

June 30, 2019 (Mt. Helix) – Yvonne Goff shot this spectacular sunset from her home on Mt. Helix. Where else but San Diego could you frame a sunset with a pine tree and a palm tree?  Meteorologists say Thursday night’s dazzling sky show was due to high humidity in the air – or maybe it’s just magic.



I find it totally disrespectful to call a Manufactured/Mobilehome a trailer. Trailers are attached to the back of your vehicle and moved from place to place. A 5th Wheel a.trailer. Please use the correct terminology when addressing issues concernng our homes. Thank you.

Trailer was the word used in the Heartland Fire press release.

I am assuming you posted this comment in error on the wrong story, but we did run a piece today on a mobilehome park fire.  Heartland's headline said mobilehome fire and the body said trailers. I've since received photos and our photographer confirms these actually WERE travel trailers at the Eastern Trailer Park.

Nice! :-)

That's a really beautiful picture Yvonne.