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August 1, 2018 (Santee) - Thieves left Santee Sportsplex in the dark last week, making off with about $200 worth of copper electrical wiring stolen out of power boxes late Thursday night or early Friday morning.  But the theft cost the complex around $8,000, forcing cancellation of 15 youth and adult baseball and soccer games, NBC 7 reports.

Lights, scoreboards and other equipment were left inoperable, requiring major repairs. The facility is upgrading to install costlier theft-resistant equipment.  

The theft comes soon after an earlier heist of copper wiring from Santana High School, also in Santee.

According to the Sheriff’s department, the thieves have electrical skills.

Clipping the wrong wires can be dangerous. Copper thieves elsewhere have been electrocuted, suffering burns or even death.

If you have any information on the copper wire thefts in San Diego’s East County, please call the San Diego Sheriff’s Santee substation.

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My apologies Miriam

Sorry, I've just gotten tired of kevin rodgers's constant attacks on my posts, especially when they get personal. I should not have made the remarks about medication, as I lowered myself to an unacceptable level of comparing wit and beliefs. Seems that this poster has a personal vendetta against me for unknown reasons. I'll just ignore any forthcoming remarks from anyone who disagrees with my posts (and attacks me) in a negative manner while attempting what was just apparently accomplished. Shouldn't happen again...

Thank you, grandfather.

It's certainly okay to respond to inflammatory posts, or even alert me if they break site rules.  If we all respond in a rational and respectful manner even to posts that seek to rile us up, we're all better for it.

kevin rodgers posting lame retorts as usual

Sounds as if you've stopped taking your medication - or something. Because you are indeed on a roll today! Once again you pop up and in a vain attempt, trying to instigate me into a confrontation and cause issues on this website (and to Miriam) for whatever nefarious reasons you have in your mind. Twisting what I post and the truth to hopefully cause discontent? Whatever... it won't work. have a good day ;-)


I've deleted a post of Kevin's and posted a caution to him on another to post respect our site rules. His remark suggseting you wanted to "kill kids" for suggesting a thief who gets a shock may get what they deserve was over the top, as was his name calling.

Please do the same and avoid personal attacks; suggesting someone is off their meds is not respectful, just as Kevin's posts were disrespectful two. 

Everyone -- I've left both these posts up as guidelines to show what's appropriate here and not.

We encourage RESPECTFUL and CIVIL dialogue, just be courteous. It was okay for Grandfather to suggset thieves may get what they deserve and also okay for Kevin to object to wishing anyone harmed, noting that thieves could be kids.  It's just the phrasing in questions.

Please limit comments to discussing the merits or lack thereof in the issues raised in comments here, not attacking the posters personally. 

We value everyone's views and input, and we're trying to elevate the quality of conversations here to encourage real discussions of issues, not flamethrowing against people who hold different opinions.

Thanks to all for caring about our community!


Grandfather approves KIll the kids!

WTF? Yes the truth doths come out kill the kids that stole as he/she say's is the fitting result fitting? Electrocution for an electrical copper wire thief? "Sounds like a fitting punishment! Too bad there's no video or photos of these bad guys. Got to wonder where they are going to sell this stolen wire. I think most, if not all recycle places track stuff like this, requiring identification and maybe a thumb print." SHAME Just another political junkie EXPOSED for what they truly are.


Electrocution can just mean getting a shock, according to the dictionary.  I don't think Grandfather meant he wanted to see thieves killed. And we don't know if the thieves were kids or adults. Please avoid personal  insults. I will caution others here who engaged in insults or name calling to avoid it, too. Keep the disdcussion civil. You do raise a valid point that punishments should fit the crime. I have deleted another post of yours here that violated site rules with some pretty vile name calling. Suggesting someone wants kids dead is pretty bad too.

miriamg I apologize

I just find those that try to speak for justice and fail to display dignity with such thoughts. Exposed is seen from the written word, I should not have regaled in such nonsense. Apologizes to you.

Thank you, Kevin.

I appreciate the apologies from both you and Grandfather. We value everyone's opinions and I know it is hard to stay calm when people feel passionately about issues, but I appreciate the efforts to keep the dialogue informative and civil.

Left Eating Left it has to stop....

We have to be politically correct here... I understand the Left want to bring the illegals across as KIDS are tear jerkers for the NEW votes on the front page. It is the rich like Maxine living off the condemnation of the poor in a 4 million dollar house. Grandfather your mobile home is what about 12.000 now? Be Careful of the traps Mr or She...Your info is known, But you stick to those that use you? WHY? The kids are stealing because your views are allowing them in thus they need to feed... ( NEED to FEED ) but you ask only for the Vote, A small pocket tried the free money routine, now they are stopping it. We need to buy from the people we live with to keep the equilibrium even. Stop the Others from allowing roadblocks to the ones that wish to maga.

Electrocution for an electrical copper wire thief?

Sounds like a fitting punishment! Too bad there's no video or photos of these bad guys. Got to wonder where they are going to sell this stolen wire. I think most, if not all recycle places track stuff like this, requiring identification and maybe a thumb print.

Electrocution for an electrical copper wire thief?

Mr Grandfather you are a person I would never ever vote for you are EVIL to say such a thing! You dirty this news magazine with your froth for death in many ways. Shame on your sir/miss/mrs/miss .....Your Religion or Faith as you call it is not welcome in this time of age.