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East County News Service

January 11, 2017 (San Diego) - At Tuesday’s meeting, San Diego Supervisors voted 4 to1 to raise their own pay by 12.5 percent, an increase of over $19,000 a year. Supervisors will now be making $172,450 annually, after they approved a final reading of the ordinance. The pay hike also means an increase in pensions for Supervisors, four of whom will leave office due to term limits when their current terms end.

Only newly elected supervisor Kristin Gaspar voted against the hefty pay hike, which takes effect March 17th.  

Supervisor Ron Roberts said salaries for Supervisors have risen less than one percent in the past nine years and the formula for setting their salaries hasn’t been changed in decades. He called the change “fair and reasonable.” East County Supervisor Dianne Jacob also supported the measure, along with Supervisors Greg Cox and Bill Horn.

Before, Supervisors earned 80% of the base salary earned by Superior Court Judges. Now they will earn 85%, so future raises are possible if the state hikes judicial pay. 

About two dozen members of the public spoke to oppose the pay raise.

Christina Inhmhoff with the First Unitarian Universalist Church told Supervisors, “There's suffering going on among your constituents…You are taking away money from people who are suffering. Children do not have enough to eat thanks to your restrictions on food stamps.''

Deanna Alexander-Myers, who has worked for the county for three decades, says she can’t afford to retire and slammed Supervisors for putting their own interests ahead of county workers’ needs. “There are so many things we need, but we do not need to spend $90,000 a year on your retirement when we as a community are suffering.''