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December 30, 2016 (San Diego's East County) -- Oak boring beetles and other insect pests have decimated vast swaths of oak forests across San Diego's East County.  Recently, we interviewed arborist Bret Hutchinson, an expert on oak tree infestations and owner of Green Tree Forest Service, on the latest efforts to preserve oaks in our region.

Drought leaves trees more vulnerable to infestation.  Learn how to prevent problems, spot infestations, and what to do if your oak trees are stricken by clicking the audio link to hear our interview, originally aired on KNSJ 89.1 FM radio. (sound files may take a few moments to load.)

Learn more about oak boring beetles:

Learn about other tree boring beetles:


Beetles are a nuisance

Tree boring beetles just seem to be showing up everywhere now. They are such a problem here in North Texas. I own a tree care company Arlington Tree Service and I have so many customers who have had to remove trees from their yards due to these things. It's such a shame.

saving trees from drought

I have had good luck saving native pine trees and manzanita from die off during the drought by a deep infrequent watering especially in late summer and into the fall. A deep soaking with drip irrigation over a few days or fine spray sprinkler for hours once a month did the job. The one coast live oak tree I have is several feet downhill of a faucet with a small leak and is growing vigorously. If watering an oak it should not be done near the trunk or frequently. Easiest for me is drip irrigation at the trees outer edge with emitters spaced every three feet. A healthy tree should be more resistant to disease and pests.