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By Miriam Raftery

March 17, 2017 (El Cajon) — El Cajon’s City Council declared Tuesday, March 14th as Sunshine Horton Day to honor the city’s Goodwill Promoter. 

Horton, who was previously named El Cajon Citizen of the Year in 2012,  has been improving the lives of East County residents for nearly 40 years.  “We appreciate all she has done to make El Cajon a better place for all,” Mayor Wells stated in the proclamation.

Horton came here as a penniless immigrant from Mexico and was homeless for a time, but quickly found a community in El Cajon that opened its arms to help her. Since then, to show thanks, she has given many hours of her time and energy to make life brighter for others in East County.

When her husband, Goeffrey, was deployed to Iraq, she shared her support of our service men and women by tying yellow ribbons around trees in El Cajon, a vigil she kept for nine years.  She has been involved in many organizations  and projects over the years in San Diego County, including the Mother Goose Parade Association, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, Communities Against Substance Abuse, the El Cajon Kiwanis, the El Cajon Elks, the San Diego Blood Bank, the Salvation Army, areas schools and Rady Children’s Hospital.

She is still active with the National Latino Peace Officer Association, the Deputy Sheriff’s Association, and the San Diego County Crime Commission. She attends El Cajon City Council meetings regularly and can often been seen at local events such as America on Main Street, the Dinner and a Concert events and the Cajon Classic Cruise.

Horton was named the city’s Goodwill Ambassador by former Mayor Mark Lewis.

The proclamation presented to Sunshine Horton by current Mayor Bill Wells concludes, “Her gift of giving has no limits and we are fortunate to be the recipient of her generous spirit.”



Suggestion for human interest

My friend Dan Russell spends six days a week picking up litter six hours a day along I-8 and Buckman Springs roads! He teaches kids to fly Boomerangs and to play the digerido, He also volunteers to teach kids during the MECC Community Center summer camps and goes out of his way to help others! I think it would be great if your magazine was to honor his service! He is retired and drives hundreds of miles a week to keepmourvriadways clean, at 72 he could just stay home but his love for our community prevents that call me if I can help 602-625-3316