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This Day In Comedy: The Ethnic Encyclopedia Of Laughter, by Darryl Littleton and Frank Holder (Trineday, Walterville. Oregon, 2019, 491 pages).

Book Review by Dennis Moore

“The elixir of life is a bubbling stream of laughter.”

  • Richelle E. Goodrich, Slaying Dragons

December 7, 2019 (San Diego)-Darryl Littleton and Frank Holder, two aficionados of humor and comedy, has written the quintessential book on comedy; This Day in Comedy: The Ethnic Encyclopedia of Laughter. They actually set the framework for this groundbreaking and insightful book in the preface, as they state: “I’ve always wanted to see comedy argued in a barber shop the same as sports is discussed.” After reading this informative and iconic book, they just may get their wish.

Marsha Warfield, a noted comedian in her own right, and who actually wrote the foreword in This Day in Comedy, sets the tone and framework of the story of this book by stating: “When I started doing stand-up back in the early days of black pride, black power and blaxploitation, I would have loved to have an actual encyclopedia to consult for answers to questions I didn’t even know I had and to find context for those answers, but no such thing existed.” Now she does!

Darryl Littleton is a comedian, Emmy nominated writer and former producer of BET’s Comic View. Under the stage persona, D’Militant, he’s appeared on Def Comedy Jam, Loco Comedy, Jam, and America’s Funniest People where he was the Grand Prize Winner. Darryl has entertained US troops overseas, released two comedy CDs, was an NPR commentator and his first book, which this writer and book reviewer had the honor and pleasure to review in our East County Magazine, Black Comedians on Black Comedy, was adapted for the Showtime documentary, Why We Laugh. He’s a Comedy Hall of Fame curator and following a two-year bout with cancer was made VP of Talent for Humor Mill-TV. Typical of the humor by Littleton and in this book is evidenced in the attached link.

Frank Holder is the founder and publisher of Humor Mill Magazine, an urban comedy and entertainment digital magazine distributed to more than 1.3 million people and a publication known for introducing emerging comedians to the general public. Since its inception, they have produced thousands of previously unknown comedians, while sharing in-depth interviews and exclusives for their audience.

The collaboration between these two lovers of comedy makes this book rich in history and ethnic humor. As a matter of fact, noted comedian Redd Foxx who is also profiled in this book, is referenced and states: “Music played a large role in the survival of the black people in America – that and a sense of humor that just couldn’t be enslaved.” (The Redd Foxx Encyclopedia of Humor).

I dare say, that there has never been a book like this, that captures the history of comedy and ethnic humor demonstrated in this book in the manner described. This, coming from an author and book reviewer that has written more than 350 book reviews of every conceivable genre.

This Day in Comedy profiles the iconic comedy show Good Times created by writer Eric Monte (Cooley High), and starring Esther Rolle and John Amos.

I marvel at the research and documentation put into This Day in Comedy by these two men, and the numerous comedians profiled in this book owes a debt of gratitude for immortalizing their craft, as well as myself and readers of the book.

I am sure that everyone has their favorite comedian, just as I do, which in my case it is Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence, along with the late Richard Pryor. Whomever those of others might be, they are bound to be covered in this book, along with some candid comments about the comedians.

The authors point out in This Day in Comedy that the aforementioned and iconic Eddie Murphy's writing skills started around the age of 15, and the skills came in handy in 1980 when he landed a featured player spot on Saturday Night Live during the show's bleak period. It was Murphy's infusion of signature characters (Buckwheat, Gumby, Mr. Robinson, and James Brown) that admittedly kept the show afloat while the era creator/producer, Lorne Michaels was absent.

During and after his tenure at SNL, Murphy stretched his stand-up muscles. He released his first album, Eddie Murphy in 1982, Delirious in 1983 and  Raw in 1987. However, Murphy virtually abandoned stand-up when his film career took off, starting with 1982's 48 HRS, co-starring, Nick Nolte. And who can forget Murphy's Coming to America,

Being from Chicago, and while reading this book, I proceeded to determine who and how many of the comedians profiled in this book were actually from Chicago. It turns out that Bernie Mac, Robert Townsend, Milton “Lil Rey” Howery, Marsha Warfield, Rodney Perry, Aries Spears, Deon Cole, Brad Sanders, Craig Robinson, Muhammad Usman, James Hannah, George Kirby, Corey Holcomb, Robin Harris, Sherri Shepherd, Michael Colyar and Hannibal Buress are all from Chicago, along with the late iconic figure, Richard Pryor, actually born in Peoria, Illinois, just south of Chicago. Perhaps with this stellar lineup of comedians Chicago was the epicenter of the ethnic humor and laughter that Littleton and Holder projects in this incisive and informative book. And, the breeding ground for all this talent was the All Jokes Aside Comedy Club on the southside of Chicago that made it so. Although not from Chicago, Bill Bellamy, Carlos Mencia and Steve Harvey, whom the authors referenced in this book, performed at this iconic club.

The aforementioned Richard Pryor, born on December 1, 1940, was actually raised in his grandmother Marie’s brothel. I am sure that he acquired quite a few anecdotes from that type of environment. His Richard Pryor in Concert movie that I viewed at a theatre in Chicago at the height of his career, had me laughing so uncontrollably, that I threw up on myself right there in the movie theatre. The only other comedian that came close to getting that type of response from me was Eddie Murphy. That is really what This Day in Comedy is all about!

An interesting profile of the comedian Arsenio Hall is made in This Day in Comedy. Hall has the distinction of having two separate late-night shows named after him (not that he even tried to find another title. Notable is the fact that Hall had 1992 presidential hopeful Bill Clinton on his show, who, in a single moment of cool, broke out his saxophone and jammed with Hall’s house band known as his “Posse.” It should be further noted that The Arsenio Hall Show won two NAACP Image Awards for Best Series (1993 & 1995).

Another poignant profile in this book, that actually has historic implications, is that of Chris Spencer, as he is pictured here with President Barack Obama, Ray Allen and Alonzo Mourning. The authors made this writer aware of achievements by Spencer that surprised me, and I am sure surprised others. Spencer produced projects for Will Smith, Tiffany Haddish, Anthony Anderson, Cedric the Entertainer, Steve Harvey, Taraji P Henson and Jamie Foxx, as well as lending his penmanship to the Emmys, BET Awards, MTV Awards and Image Awards.

The authors give an interesting profile of Cedric Anderson Kyles (Cedric the Entertainer), born in Jefferson City, Missouri. They indicate that Cedric walked through the comedy door with an established work ethic. He’d been a claims adjustor for State farm and a substitute teacher. Among Cedric’s role on the TV show Neighbors, he had a cameo appearance in the attached YouTube video “Boblo Boat” produced by rap and hip hop artist J. Cole, which my son Julien Moore also starred in. To view and listen to click on the attached.

Cedric the Entertainer would later co-star with Bernie Mac, D L Harvey and Steve Harvey in the acclaimed The Original Kings of Comedy, released by Paramount. Directed by Spike Lee, this game changing concert film became an instant hit. In This Day in Comedy it was pointed out that after the premiere of this concert film, all the parties were millionaires, stars and had TV shows.

Another interesting aspect of this informative and well-documented book, is Frank Holder’s Humor Mill’s “Top 100 Comedy Movies Of All-Time”, in which Uptown Saturday Night is listed as number one and Coming to America is listed as number two.

Coincidentally, just last night while watching a movie on Showtime another comedian profiled in This Day in Comedy, Wanda Sykes, had a cameo role in A Bad Mom’s Christmas. Littleton shared the attached picture of he and Sykes, which he had recently run into in the Los Angeles area, and shared with her this outstanding book. Sykes, born and raised in the Washington, DC area, was an NSA (National Security Agency) contracting specialist before getting into comedy.  

Littleton believes that the use of internet links in the book, which opens up to videos and/or more information about the individual comedians or entertainers is an innovation, which I agree. The authors have also provided a corresponding calendar for this book.

This Day in Comedy is a tremendous book, especially for all those that like a good laugh, and the historical aspect of the numerous comedians makes this essential reading for everyone. On a more human and personal note, the fact that both Darryl Littleton and myself are cancer survivors gives me pride and a special reason to share this book with the readers. The irony is undeniable! The attached video says it all here.

The literary genius of the author Darryl Littleton actually started at the age of 10 when he wrote the book "Story of The Hairy Creature" which was about his childhood friends whom he described as "the fellas" pictured here with his father.

Dennis Moore has been the Associate Editor of the East County Magazine in San Diego and the book review editor for SDWriteway, an online news magazine in San Diego that has partnered with the East County Magazine, along with having been a freelance contributor to EURweb based out of Los Angeles. Mr. Moore is also the author of a book about Chicago politics; “The City That Works: Power, Politics, and Corruption in Chicago.” He can be contacted at or you can follow him on Twitter at: @DennisMoore8.

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It was an honor not be reviewed by Dennis Moore and receive such glowing accolades. Those praises are really for all the artists who spent their lives in the pursuit of our happiness. My task of running about like Paul Revere announcing their coming in one comprehensive collection was sheer pleasure. Story telling should always be foremost in history as opposed to the dates and rigid facts, we must know the human motivation during those eras. Fiction is not just the dominion of imagination. All writing should transport us. When I was 10 years old I actually wrote my first book without knowing it. It's the "Story of the Hairy Creature", an action/adventure featuring a group of 5, ten year old black boys on a space mission. The kind of book the young men in your family can share.

Jamie Foxx Lost TV Stand Up Debuts on Tubi!

To attribute to the history and genius of Darryl Littleton, the attached is a lost TV episode of the debut of noted comedy and movie talent Jamie Foxx, which Littleton was the host and MC of. 

Before the Black Comedy Boom We Had This Explosion

In the mid-late 80s a lot of Blacks decided to become comedians. For no apparent reason except maybe the accessible model set by Eddie Murphy. I started in late 1988. By 1989 I was on a public access show produced by Alice Nikki Johnson called "Dare You to Laugh", where I cut my TV teeth with the late Eric Jerome Dickey and others. That experience opened my eyes to the possibilities of the uncharted landscape of comedy and the following year I produced my own show, "Comedy on the Edge". I rented the space, rented chairs, generated an audience (pre-social media), booked the director, crew and acts. Oh, I also hosted and paid for the tape stock and edit time with the director for post. I assembled fledgling comedians with little or no previous television experience - Jamie Foxx, Yvette Wilson, D L Hughley, Lance Caruthers, Jedda Jones, Buddy Lewis, Lester Barrie, Jedda Jones and more. There are skits, musical acts, both hip hop and R & B, plus old school throwback commercials from 1990. It's a time capsule in a show. Unfortunately no network or cable outlet wanted to make a deal on it, as they were developing their own. Then the Boom hit. "Def Jam", "Comic View" and others became the standard bearers and "Comedy on th Edge" was sealed away and became a minor footnote. That is until 2020 when the coronavirus changed our lives and content was now king as the public was forced inside for its own protection. Streaming services were now big and Tubi accepted "Comedy on the Edge" and is now streaming the full first season of this throwback classic.

Darryl "D'Militant" Littleton has passed away!

I am saddened to state that a dear friend has passed away! Darryl Littleton, whom I met many years ago in San Diego at a comedy club, and whom I had written 4 reviews of his many published books, including one about Katt Williams will be truly missed. We were actually planning an event in Kansas City at another friend's club in February, "Mr. Biggs' Place", owned by Carlos Biggs, a friend that I have known about 50 years.

Comedy soothes the soul

Thank goodness there is comedy! Just recently I was feeling a little anxious about the future and the New Year, as I re-defined my goals for this year. After hours of contemplating which direction to go next, I turned on some stand up of a few of my favorite comedians, including Lil Rel, Cedric the Entertainer, and Rickey Smiley!! Wow after some laughs, my anxiety subsided and I was able to focus on important matters! I enjoyed the video included in this article in which Cedric the Entertainer appeared. Thank goodness for musicians, entertainers, sports figures, actors, and actresses, comedians and comediennes for soothing the anxious heart!! See the terrific interview I did with Mr. Darryl Littleton on YouTube at

"This Day in Comedy" - Car Wash movie on ShowTime

For the 3rd time this week I watched on ShowTime the iconic "Car Wash" movie profiled in Darryl Littleton and Frank Holder's book; "This Day in Comedy". Starring in this movie released by Universal Pictures in 1976 were Richard Pryor, Franklyn Ajaye, Bill Duke, Garrett Morris, George Carlin, The Pointer Sisters, Antonio Fargas, among so many others.

A Merry Heart Does Good Like a Medicine

It's a beautiful thing to know that God has blessed Darryl to be back up and running full speed after his successful battle with cancer. And now on this new journey, opportunities to practice his craft, write a book, and now be nominated for a the 2020 NAACP Image Awards has to keep him smiling from ear to ear as he hits the stage and bring laughter to his comedic audience. Congratulations Darry Littleton. Keep it moving and keep bringing joy to your audience, because the Bible says, "A merry heart does good like a medicine." Again, congratulations, blessings, peace, prosperity, and joy in the upcoming New Year.

Lady Tuez Littleton had a good day in court today!

With her late husband Darryl Littleton now deceased, Lady Tuez Littleton  now has to be strong and fend for herself and their daughter. Having to fight off creditors, something that Darryl would have done, today in court Lady Tuez Littleton had a victory of sorts. With her attorneys not showing up, and the defendants' attorney trying to get her case dismissed, the judge  in the case would have nothing of it, and allowed Lady Tuez time to find another attorney to keep the home that she and her daughter had lived in prior to the untimely death of Darryl. Here's wishing her well and success in that matter.

In Praise of Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy is hands down the greatest comedy actor of all times. No asterisk. In a career that's spanned 5 decades, who else can boast the number of hits and relevancy throughout. He's been the yardstick as long as we can remember and instead of diminishing returns he's still cranking out laughs effortlessly, or so it appears because of his mastery. I've encountered him over a half dozens ties in life and each one has been a memorable story at the least. Whether he walks with the honors he deserves or gets snubbed again for being so diverse and a true comedians, meaning following his own muse be it edgy or parental, Murphy is our generations Chaplin, Sellers and Pryor.

Performance in Racine Wisconsin

I know that this was another wonderful performance by Mr. Darryl Littleton. So many great performers that keep us laughing on our lowest days, and never fail to bring it each and every time, even on their lowest days!! Thank you for keeping us flying high!! Wish I could have seen the performance, but I look forward to you making your way to Dallas to grace us with your presence! Cortina Jackson

"This Day in Comedy": By Darryl Littleton and Frank Holder

Comedians profile in this iconic book by Darryl Littleton and Frank Holder recently won the NAACP Image Awards in Pasadena, California. Namely, Deon Cole won the "Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series" for his role on "black-ish", and Steve Harvey won the "Outstanding Host in a Reality/Reality Competition, Game Show or Variety (Serial Special) Individual or Special" and Jamie Foxx won the "Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture" for his role in "Just Mercy".

Great review Dennis Moore!

They say that laughter is healing and I believe that to be true. If you can get people laughing together it brings down barriers and makes everyone feel better. People have more in common than they do in divisiveness and comedy does tear down the barriers. It's great to look at the lighter side of life as often as possible and include it every day. This is a wonderful book to remind us all of the funny stuff. Nice comment from Cortina Jackson. Hi Cortina! from MJ Payne, Author, The Remembered Self: A Journey into the Heart of the Beast

"This Day in Comedy" by Darryl Littleton and Frank Holder

Thank you Michal, yes laughter does bring down barriers and makes everyone feel better, and that is what Darryl Littleton and Frank Holder has done with their book; "This Day in Comedy". They pay homage to so many comedians, past and present, which makes them visionaries.

Another Great Dennis Moore Review on This Day in Comedy

Dennis Moore has been a champion of my worthwhile writings since my first effort, "Black Comedians on Black Comedy" and I'm so happy he took out the time to review this pioneering first as well. You're oh so right, Michal when you point out how unifying comedy is. Sometimes you don't even have to speak the language to get the humor. Comedy puts us all in the same state of mind at once - euphoria.

Eddie Murphy will be guest host on Saturday Night Live!

Comedian Eddie Murphy will be guest host on Saturday Night Live on Saturday, December 21, 2019, along with Lizzo being the musical guest. The authors of subject book chronicles the life and story of Murphy in this fantastic book, by stating that Murphy actually got his start and rise to fame in 1980 when he landed a featured player spot on Saturday Night Live during the show's bleak period. It was Murphy's infusion of signature characters (Buckwheat, Gumby, Mr. Robinson, and James Brown) that admittedly kept the show afloat while the era creator/producer, Lorne Michaels was absent. It should also be noted that Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, who both are chronicled in Darryl Littleton and Frank Holder's subject book, will reprise there roles in the upcoming movie "Coming to America".

This Day In Comedy-A must have book!

I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Mr. Darryl Littleton on my podcast, "What's On Cortina Jackson's Mind." All I can say is WOW!! He is such a wonderful person, and I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with him! A lot was revealed in the podcast, which was also uploaded as a live video on YouTube. We learned about the behind-the-scenes things that few people knew or realized about stand-up, we learned about Mr. Littleton's own personal dilemmas, stories, and victories; which include this dynamic book! Such research and detail went into every page to bring us information about the performers that we know and love. I cannot say enough about Mr. Darryl Littleton. I am so proud of him, I am a fan, and I am appreciative that he gave me the opportunity to confirm my adoration of his work! You can listen to his podcast at You can see the live interview on my Youtube Channel as well at Visit me at

This Day in Comedy A Must Have Book Thanks to Comedians

It was a pleasure being interviewed by you, Cortina. I think we broke the record for your longest podcast and I only scratched the surface. What seems to be meticulous research is more of a lifetime of research on my favorite topic. Comedy is not only the hardest art, but based on my research (which will be spelled out in my next book or so) it was the first (unless somebody beat a drum before somebody got that first laugh, but I'm more prone to think somebody got that first laugh and then somebody else hit on something else for the first rim shot (making music the 2nd oldest art). Thank you for the kind words and for being a supporter of comedy.

This Day in Comedy

I think it should be interesting to read about all the comedians mentioned. Comedy is my favorite genre. Of course, one of the funniest comedians of all time was Bill Cosby. That was a very disappointing outcome. I have heard a lot of the comedians mentioned here. Reading about them would be a real treat. As always, Mr. Moore, you have written a column to capture my interest.

The Literary Genius of Darryl Littleton Started at the Age of 10

The literary genius of the subject and referenced author Darryl Littleton actually started at the age of 10 when he wrote his first book "Story of the Hairy Creature" which was about his childhood friends whom he described as "the fellas". He really should have his own TV show or special like "The Kings of Comedy" or "The Queen of Comedy". See the attached cover of what started the author on his literary journey here. 


I want to thank the ever insightful, Dennis Moore for recognizing the uniqueness of this particular work. I was inspired to write this tale by a school assignment. I was a product of the space race era. Before "Star Wars", we had Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, ad at that time "Star Trek" had our heads pointed skyward. I'd been a comic book fan since I was the ripe young age of 6 so to write about homeboys in outer space was a natural for me, long before I collaborated with the actual creators of the UPN sitcom, "Homeboys in Outer Space" on a sitcom idea, but that's another story. Anyway, as life went full circle I received another time defining jolt. My mother passed away as the Covid-19 plague swept into our uninformed lives and created casualties. As her only offspring I began the process of closing out a life and in the process uncovered old writings of my own in the family garage. One was "The Story of the Hairy Creature". Once I reacquainted myself with the narrative, I decided to publish it. As is. No changes in context or literal text. It is as I wrote it at the age of 10. No adult slant or prejudice to the purity of the idea of 5 young Black boys going beyond the stars from the view point and innocence of a child. It's an exciting tale and I hope generations of youth of all races will embrace it's simplicity and lessons of friendship and devotion. It's available along with my other offerings at as well as Amazon.

This Day in Comedy Starts a New Era

Comedians are a microcosm of society. For just about every walk of life there's a comic representing that lifestyle or mindset. That's why comedy truly is for everyone. Dennis has an innate ability of extracting gems from a book even the author overlooked. I did say comedy should be debated like sports, but never gave thought to picking out the hometown favorites. Bravo, Dennis. That's what makes this book so intriguing and entertaining. Practically every day of the year something happens in comedy. For the comedians, we chronicle their full life arc, triumphs, warts and all. This is pure history that is not taught in schools, but would give students a look into the contribution of all mankind to make up all of mankind.


The author of subject book offers an OP-ED on the demise of Stand-Up Comedy during this time of Social Distancing, brought about by the Coronavirus Pandemic. See OP-ED here.