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May 11, 2017 (San Diego’s East County) -- Our Health and Science Highlights provide cutting-edge news that could impact your health and our future.



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Heart attacks linked to common NSAID painkillers (San Diego Union-Tribune)

Commonly used NSAID painkillers such as ibuprofen (sold under the brand name Advil) are associated with increased heart attack risk as early as the first week of use, according to a study published Tuesday.

Drug Resistant TB Is Predicted to Steadily Spread In 4 Countries (NPR)

The case numbers are already high in certain countries. It's not only hard to treat — it's extremely contagious.

Life Expectancy Can Vary By 20 Years Depending on Where You Live (NPR)

Geographic inequality in life span is growing in the United States, with people in some counties living more than 20 years longer than those in others

Just How Organic is Your Milk? Well, it Depends on the Dairy it Came From (NPR)

Is there a difference between organic milk bought in a grocery store and milk bought straight from farmers?


Laptops could soon be banned on all flights (10 News)

Department of Homeland Security officials will speak with airline industry representatives on Thursday about the electronics ban on aircraft as the agency considers an expansion of a security measure, according to DHS and industry sources. The discussion, the latest in a series of meetings that have been held, will include domestic and international airline industry officials, an airline industry source said.

Could a Doodle Replace Your Password? (Smithsonian Mag)

Drawing your own unlock pattern on a touchscreen is faster and easier to remember than a password, and much harder to crack.

FCC Experiences 'Denial-Of-Service' Attacks, Senators Respond (NPR)

The Federal Communications Commission's public commenting system experienced delays Sunday night. That was the same night comedian John Oliver did a segment about net neutrality on his HBO show, Last Week Tonight and encouraged viewers to file comments on the FCC's website.

U.K. Killer Whale Contained Staggering Levels of Toxic Chemical (Smithsonian)

Lulu has one of the highest concentrations of PCBs ever recorded in a marine mammal.