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By Walter Davis

June 13, 2011 (San Diego)--There is little talk by either party in Washington about ethical concerns. What politicians have failed to realize is that the American people need politicians who can work out compromise between differing coalitions. Instead we get politicians who remain inflexible and who are willing to see the government collapse if THEIR wishes are not satisfied. We are fortunate that the armed forces do not work that way. Imagine, an African American soldier refusing to fight because she would be protecting Klan members.


Recently, the city of San Diego “found” $2 billion dollars to keep the fire departments and libraries open (7). The federal government spends $10 billion dollars a month to keep the wars going in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is no wonder that our education system and infrastructure are collapsing. Our government spends our treasure on war, not improvement of our lives. The American people deserve a Department of Peace as opposed to a Department of Defense.


There is little talk and action regarding prison reform. So, thousands of American Citizens languish in prisons, costing more than $30,000 a piece a year to tax payers to imprison them. We have outdated marijuana laws that the pharmaceutical industry, concrete industry and weapons industry have lobbied to keep in place.


Steven Martinez who is paralyzed from the neck down, was recently denied parole from prison citing that he was considered to be a threat to society. At the same time, thousands of inmates have been released to assuage the prison overpopulation. Thousands of convicted people with limited ability to obtain honest work have been granted freedom, while Steven Martinez languishes in a prison hospital ward at a cost of $500,000.00 per year to tax payers. His parents love him and want him to come home where they have arranged to treat him and have a room set aside for him (1) (2). Tax payers are left on the hook. The release of thousands of healthy inmates while keeping Steven in prison presents a lack of judgment.


The arrest of American citizens every 38 seconds for drug offenses has made the war on drugs a war against the American people. Keeping citizens in prison without rehabilitation results in the development career criminals who cannot obtain meaningful employment upon release. Couple this with decreased numbers of police and other public safety resources and one can assume that we are headed for rough times ahead. Bankers benefit from the construction of prisons as do the concrete industry and they lobby to keep illogical laws on the books.


Our government has a responsibility to protect its people under the constitution. The above examples illustrate the failure of this responsibility; there are others.


Education, social security and public safety programs have had their budgets cut. There is no end in sight for dictator pay (foreign aid) such as the one billion dollars that President Obama “forgave” Egypt from paying back to American tax payers last week and the one billion in additional aid headed their way (3). American citizens did not have their mortgage debts forgiven and the banks, too big to fail, received nearly 1 trillion dollars in tax payer money then they took the homes of nearly one million American citizens. The banks have the homes and the tax payers’ money. The bankers benefit.


American citizens are seeing their sons and daughters die in needless ever lasting wars while their national treasure is wasted. Communist countries grow rich (4) and hold the United States in debt while the bankers grow richer and richer by financing both sides of conflicts in the fraudulent fractional reserve banking system.


The reality is the Federal Reserve Banking system is enslaving the American people while destroying their future. Bankers wrote the legislation and pushed it through the legislative and executive branches of government between 1907 and 1913 (5). They have robbed us by taking our tax dollars to keep banks alive that were too big to fail. Then the banks refused to loan us money, devalued our homes and took them too (6).


Politicians are loyal to corporations (8) and corporations are loyal to bankers and stock holders; they are not loyal to the workers who made them what they are. They take away their pensions and homes; ship away their jobs overseas to cheaper labor. The children of the American people are being shipped overseas to die fighting for the interests of the rich while our tax dollars prop up corrupt dictators who then oppress other poor people.


The American people are waking up. Using the Internet via Radio and TV they are fighting back (6). Boycotts are springing up all over the country. When they become well managed, large corporations like Bank of America and Exxon will be on notice for their greed. American citizens deserve better from their government and the business community.

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