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By Barry A. Treahy, Lakeside

Photo:  Sand mining in Wisconsin; Wisconsin Watch creative commons image

October 18, 2016 (Lakeside) -- This November election will be interesting.

Two Charger stadium initiatives are on the ballot and one EIR for El Monte Valley Sand Mining remains pending.  Am I looking at a coincidence, that the EIR might be coming out after the Sand Miners see how elections go and whether or not they will be selling sand to build a new stadium?

"Many city elected officials have come out against the Chargers plan because of its use of public funds."

As a native senior San Diegan, I recall Lane Field ball park, for the San Diego Padres.

There have been several replacement stadiums since Lane Field.  Undisputedly, San Diego Stadium aka other names is the best.  Each time, the City/County sold out to Money and Power.  That's how the stadium name was changed, for money.  "America's finest Qualcomm?”

Lane Field as I remember, was an all wood construction, that served us well.  It was even affordable according to my parents.

Last week I was having a cold one at the Coaster, Mission Beach.  The original roller coaster across the street is still running and on the original wood construction. My parents put us on it as kids.  Amazing how things can last.

Our population in San Diego City and County has exploded over the years, and most families today cannot afford the parking fees, let alone Charger tickets.

I also remember "money & power" and our so called Representative Government, making San Diegans subsidize low ticket sales through taxation.

Money & Power...............If a new stadium is allowed, I would venture that sand mining will be approved pushed by Money & Power and our so called "Representative Government;".

Who cares about a new stadium?  probably not many; who cares about the Chargers - mostly those that watch them on TV.

Who cares about sand mining, of the 200 property owners in El Monte Valley, a majority returned their Yes/No ballots against it.  Only one affirmative.

How did it become zoned for sand mining?  I've asked those questions and done my part, have you?

Still waiting for answers.

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