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 Editor's note:  After posting a story on an early election "lead" based on information posted by the San Diego Registrar on the 50th Congressional District race, we received a full list of purported "early results" from all San Diego races that casts serious doubt on its authenticity. It included a July '76 date and results in other races that seemed impossible, such as Senator Feinstein with less than 2% of the vote, Bonnie Dumanis in first place in the Mayoral race (polls have showed her trialing other leading candidates), and obscure candidates leading well-known and well-financed contenders in several other prominent races.

Barry Jantz at San Diego Rostra advised ECM that some Republican candidates also viewed the results and were contacting him with questions. The Registrar's office later confirmed with Jantz that the "results" were in fact a test mistakenly posted online, he said.The Registrar has now taken down the site.




ay 28, 2012 (San Diego’s East County)--With 30% of precincts counted in early-voting returns (191 precincts of 313) in the new 50th Congressional District seat held by Congressman Duncan D. Hunter, Democrat David Secor is in the lead with 7,606 votes, followed by Libertarian Michael Benoit with 7,365. Both lead Hunter, a Republican, who has 7,114 votes.  Two other candidates trail by over 2,000 votes. 

Secor, who has refused to accept special interest money, said he is not surprised at his strong showing.

"The people are speaking clearly," said Secor, a Crest resident and Vietnam veteran who has held both blue-collar and white-collar jobs. "They want a representative whose only concern is THIS DISTRICT--its people, its businesses and its environment."  In a statement issued to media, he provided the following additional remarks outlining how a Secor win could bring changes to Congress and East County.

"We have been robbed of representation for four years. Many thought Hunter’s performance might improve in his second term. It has gotten much worse. This last Congress was given the ultimate Razzie award as the worst performing Congress in American history. Gridlock central was Duncan Hunter’s office. 

Pentagon contractors across the nation have made many millions thanks to their  Congressman, Duncan Hunter, but on November 6 they will have to find someone else, because I will take no money from them after the election, either. I will never take a political contribution over $100.  The people need to know that their representatives’ vote, like their own, is NOT FOR SALE.

As soon as Mr. Hunter returns to the private sector we can begin to bring many thousands of jobs to working men and women in our district. Had not Mr. Hunter voted against every single jobs bill and in spite of his saying jobs was his number one priority in 2010, failing to sponsor or cosponsor even one jobs bill, we wouldn’t be seeing 30 percent of El Cajon residents living below the poverty line and 20 percent in Escondido.

Many small businesses have folded. Those still alive have laid off or cut hours for their workers and many are on life support. There is a large transportation bill coming up in Congress that would mean millions of jobs across the nation and many, many thousands of jobs for us. Construction workers, contractors and suppliers are chomping at the bit to start rebuilding our infrastructure. Teachers, firefighters, and law enforcement officers can be brought back to work.  Their paychecks would mean customers for our small businesses.  Mr. Hunter will certainly vote “NO” on that bill.  Just as he has on every bill that would help get this economy moving. 

Should I finish in the top two on June 5, I will spend the next five months sharing my vision for a vibrant and forward-looking  District 50, with a thriving middle class where small businesses and entrepreneurs  will point the way with new ideas, new products and services. Where Public education again becomes the best in the world.  Where our community colleges realize their potential to be the new engine in putting out trained professionals ready to move into good-paying middle class jobs.

We will fight SDG&E and Sempra who are ruining our environment across the entire district. We will reincentivize residential solar installation and if possible , stop the peaker plant in Santee.

From now on, war will be our very last resort, not our first.  Both active military and clear-thinking combat veterans like myself know this must be our foreign policy and we must make sure that returning troops and those who will be returning to civilian life are given job and education preference as thanks for their unparalleled service to the nation.  

 In short, the Middle Class is coming back like a tsunami—and no wall of bribe money will hold it back. Not this time.”