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On Earth As It is In Hell, by Cortina Jackson (48HrBooks, 2014, 204 pages).

Book Review by Dennis Moore                                                                                                        

January 17, 2015 (San Diego's East County) - Cortina Jackson, a doting mother of two sons, with a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice, and over 15 years of law enforcement experience, has written a fictional novel that reaches within the depths of your soul to examine your relationship with God and the Devil; On Earth As It Is In Hell. Although fictional, one gets the impression that this book is based on the author’s life experience, especially after reading excerpts of the book and numerous phone interviews with her. With Jackson’s experience and knowledge in law enforcement, she has seen firsthand that; oftentimes, life is scarier than fiction. This has given her a basis for the material in her writing that often seems too detailed to be true. The gory and graphic aspects of those doomed to Hell, such as this fiery inferno continually burning the skin from their bodies, seems so disturbingly realistic. It is actually scary! This born-again Christian has written a spellbinding novel. Listen to audio intro to book here.

Personally, the title itself; On Earth As It Is In Hell, seems to be a take on an actual scripture and passage in the Bible, and gives more credence to the devil than that of God. I am sure that the author wanted to grab our attention with that and not necessarily elevate the status or stature of the devil. Although she indicates that she is a born-again Christian, I would have thought and hoped to hear her glorify the Lord more in her message.

The author provided me with some personal, and perhaps embarrassing background which could be the basis of this novel, such as: “I grew up in a Christian home where strict Church of God in Christ (COGIC) principles were ingrained in me every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Although strict adherence to God’s word was always driven, it did not keep out Satan’s influence of incest which began the downhill spiral of my self-esteem.” She speaks of bad choices in men, enduring physical and sexual abuse, as well as extensive infidelity on the part of her husband(s), and two divorces. She specifically stated: “I confided in my Pastor that I had in McKinney. I trusted him with my heart; however, he too broke it when he let me know that he was sexually attracted to me, and wanted to have sex with me. He talked to me in ways that I had never been talked to before; describing in detail what he would do to me! My Pastor!!! I was so broken hearted, that I stopped going to church and believing in men period, and sometimes God too!”

Perhaps most significant are the dreams that the author had, which she indicated was a carryover to the book itself, specifically stated by her to me in an email: “Some of the descriptions of Hell, I would dream about them, I would wake up, and write it exactly how I saw it. The descriptions of demons, was put on paper through the same process. I would pray to God to tell me what to say, and I would have a dream or vision, write it until there was nothing more to say.” Based on this, one could easily say that this book is inspired by God!  Jackson further states: “I wrote it specifically for the non-believer, the skeptic; the hurt, the abused, the suicidal person. Satan wanted me to end my life many time, and when he couldn’t get me to take my own life, he tried to get my, now ex-husband, to do it.”

On Earth As It Is In Hell resonates with me in such a way that it seems to grab my soul and gets me to re-examine my life, which I believe is the intent of the author. She gives a graphic depiction of Hell throughout this book that is at times frightening, but also reassuring in the sense that it is a place that you don’t want to go to, and makes you determined to live a life to keep it from happening. The book is a gut check. Jackson’s depiction of Hell seems so vivid and real, unlike any description I have ever known, as if the author had been there to paint this horrific picture of what we have been taught in Church and in life. See video and book trailer here.

Hell, a word that not only describes a dark, fiery underworld, but also defines periods in our lives. Thus is the case for the three main characters in this book, Clara, Nick, and Toni, portrayed in this thriller. The story line follows: Clara, the unbeliever due to God’s lack of intervention; Toni, Clara’s friend; homosexual by nature, faithful friend by design; and Nick, a pastor who endures his own trials. Their lives intersect, as they each experience turmoil and tragedy in their lives. However, no matter the trials and tribulations that they face, choices must still be made that will determine their future.

Jackson is a masterful storyteller in her depiction of the characters in this soul searching book, namely that of Clara, Nick and Toni. She bares her soul in this riveting, intriguing, controversial, and terrifying book, which has all the makings of a movie reminiscent of The Devil’s Advocate, starring Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron. Eerily similar to Jackson’s depiction of what Hell must look like in her book, is another movie starring Keanu Reeves; Constantine. This movie, Constantine, is a dark, yet dazzling film. A terrific story backed up by spectacular effects and great cinematography. Perhaps one day we will be saying the same about Jackson’s On Earth As It Is In Hell. I can see Angela Bassett in the role of Clara.

The book is also reminiscent of The Shack by Canadian author William P. Young, with its Christian theme. As a matter of fact, The Shack is being made into a movie starring and being directed by noted actor Forest Whitaker, which I can see something similar for On Earth As It Is In Hell. A further similarity is that Jackson and Young were first time authors, and their books were immensely successful. Only time will tell for Jackson just how successful this book will be.

Jackson states in On Earth As It Is In Hell: “With all the Hell on Earth occurring these days, the one place that one can expect to find refuge, is the church. But what happens when the church is in direct correlation with Hell? What unfolds as the church is found to be built atop portals to Hell; as demons enter into the services, the pastors, and the people seeking solace?” Sure, all of this is rhetorical on the part of the author, but is it really that far from the truth or what we actually experience for ourselves?

The author further states: “An agenda is about to be introduced, Satan is wringing his hands with delight as new world agendas are exposed. In great detail, the layers of the character’s lives are peeled away, revealing graphic circumstances that will change them forever; for there is a worst fate that could be faced.” Jackson is actually setting the stage for horrific acts to follow in this spellbinding work of fiction that borders on reality. This agenda that the author speaks of is actually being set by a dark and secretive organization aligned with Satan, known as C6. There is plenty of mystery and intrigue in this book, culminating into a surprise and catastrophic ending, as well as redemption for those that believe in God. Metaphors are used throughout this well written book to convey the author’s vision and message.

However, the story does not end without the deep, dark, underworld being revealed. Does Hell exist? Who is worthy of its torment and destruction? In this tale, you may be surprised! The story will captivate you, encompass you, and almost consume you, before releasing you to your own thoughts: which may be scarier than fiction. My former Pastor at the Apostolic Church of God in Chicago, Bishop Arthur M. Brazier, would indicate in his sermons that Hell is real. I believed him, and I believe what the Bible says about Hell. This book by Jackson is tremendous, and should be read by all those concerned about their ultimate salvation, which I highly recommend. The author will expound on her story and book as a guest on the BlogTalkRadio show The Authors Corner with Etienne, Tuesday, January 20, 2015, at 9:00AM with Etienne Gibbs. I plan to be listening. Listen to the blogtalk radio interview here.

The author is doing all the things she needs to do to gain maximum exposure for her book, as she plans to participate in the upcoming National Black Book Festival in Houston, Texas, October 23-25, 2015. See attached.


Cortina Jackson is doing everything she can and needs to do to promote her book. Recently, she co-hosted a radio show about "Temptation", in which she jokingly said sometimes she gets tempted, as we all do. Listen to the MP4 introduction of her on this show here.

Dennis Moore is the Associate Editor of the East County Magazine in San Diego and the book review editor of SDWriteway, an online newsletter for writers in San Diego that has partnered with the East County Magazine, as well as a freelance contributor to EURweb based out of Los Angeles. He is also a former member of the Apostolic Church of God in Chicago and its Prison Ministry. Mr. Moore can be contacted at contractsagency@gmail.com or you can follow him on Twitter at: @DennisMoore8.

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400 Reviews and the 1 That Spoke New Life

Dennis, as I learn that you are retiring after your 400th review, I sit here in tears and gratefulness. I am so proud of the work that you have done and the life that you have breathed in me! Your recognition of the challenges I've faced and the triumphs I've achieved serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit. Your review not only honored my story but also amplified the importance of shedding light on issues of mental health, pain, injustices, abuse, and so much more! I provided my response to your last review of Courtney B. Vance's transparent and important book, "The Invisible Ache" As you know, his lovely wife, Angela Bassett is my favorite actress of all time, and I have been a fan of Courtney B. Vance for many years! This book is just so important for everyone to read, and I will most definitely be pouring over it. I re-iterate my review here as well: "I appreciate you providing a platform for me to be seen and be heard! I struggled with my own suicidal thoughts and ideations at the time when I had just left a life of domestic violence; almost being killed by my Police Officer husband in domestic violence. This article really hits home for me. I too was a police officer, and experienced racism among the ranks and the brutal toll of abuse of power at home. I had literally just finished my book, "On Earth As It Is In Hell" when I met you, and only months before I was almost taken away from the Earth. You gave me a platform, and when you did that, you poured hope into me, you spoke life into me, and now I have catapulted to new levels that I never thought were possible. I went to having nothing, feeling like nothing, and living like I was nothing, to now being an Actor, TV/ Film Producer with my own movie that I wrote, directed and produced, "Daddy" that details the abandonment that young boys and men feel, and the journey of a young girl, who after abandonment from her daddy, went on to attract daddies, only to find out she was really missing the 'Father' who was always there! I now have 2 Micro Networks where I distribute movies, and podcasts, I am the CEO of the Acting Beyond Academy where I will give new actors the opportunity to be in their first film with credits, IMDB, a reel, headshots, press releases, and an interview on my own Talk Show, "Elie Talk!" Why? Because someone gave me a chance when I thought I was a nobody, and my light was uncovered for the world to see! That someone was you, Dennis! You are the reason that I got out of bed from severe depression and gave life another chance! You are the reason that I will stand on the stage to receive an Oscar as I look out at the audience, zeroing in on you as I thank you for breathing life into dry bones. I told God that if He would help me through it, I would bless others the way people like you have blessed me; and for the past 6 years, I have done just that, and will continue to do so! I am humbled by your commitment to informing, empowering, and elevating others, and I am grateful for the role you've played in my journey. Your platform has provided a vital space for voices like mine to be heard and for stories like mine to be shared. As I continue to navigate this journey of healing and empowerment, I am inspired by your example of compassion, empathy, and advocacy. Your review reinforces my belief in the power of storytelling to inspire change and to build a more just and equitable society. Thank you for your unwavering support and for the opportunity to share my story with your audience. Your friendship and encouragement mean more to me than words can express. With deepest gratitude, Cortina Jackson - Follow me for my books, keynote speaking, to be a part of the acting academy, acting opportunities, be on my talk shows, or for distribution of your indie films, or podcasts with audio and video @ cortinajackson.com

The Eve of the Next Fiction Thriller

I have just completed my next novel, which I hope to have reviewed in the near future! I am very excited, and nervous, but I am always positive that one day I will make it. I ask for your help and support, as I still have work to do, before getting it to the masses! Therefore, I have setup a GoFundMe page, and I ask sincerely for your support, as I proudly present my next work!! Thank you https://www.gofundme.com/fiction-thriller-launch Cortina Jackson Author of, "On Earth As It Is in Hell"

BizTizMent Business Directory sponsored by Cortina Jackson

Cortina Jackson has come a long way since I wrote subjet book review in 2015, now with her own TV show streaming on RoKu, Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Zondra TV. Next, we will seeing her pick up an Oscar! She i also involved with the BizTizMent Business Directory.

You believed in Me!!

Dennis in 2015, you told me that you would one day see me accept my Oscar!! I wasn't an actress then, but I had always wanted to be one. You always spoke victories like this into my life, and as you did this, my life unfolded in the direction that will definitely see me walk onstage to accept that Oscar!!! I have experienced such an enormous growth spurt in my life!!! I shared this on the book review comments that you wrote for the beautiful Thais Sherell J. "Between The Pages." I am excited that my journey has led to many incredible experiences that have been victories for me. After the pandemic, I started paying attention to me for a change. I drew from all of my hard times, and developed positivity that I put over those times. I forgave others and most of all I forgave myself, for hating the person that I was. But then I decided the person that I would be. I became an actress and was a part of many wonderful productions, commercials, and series that I will continue being a part of this year. I wrote a script and I got the chance to film and star in my first movie which is now in post-production, entitled "Daddy." The film addresses various forms of abuse in a young girl and how the law of attraction led her down a darkening spiral until it was applied correctly. I am a motivational speaker, and now I am excited to be a TV Producer with the ZondraTV Network; and I will have my own talk show on the network called, "Caught On The Hook" that will stream on ZondraTV network which is distributed on Roku, Amazon Fire, AppleTV, Binge Network, Toni TV, and more!! Dennis I hope that you will join me as as a special guest in the studio in Dallas, TX to be a part of my show. It would be a huge honor, as I would get to sit across from someone who said I would make it someday; good enough to someday earn an Oscar! www.cortinajackson.com

"Caught on the Hook!" by Cortina Jackson

Yes, Cortina, I believed in you, and will forever more! Sometimes it takes someone from outside to see one's worth, and during my preparation for writing my review of your subject book, I saw something profound in you. You are really scratching the surface as to greatness, and evrything I said about you earlier is going to come to fruition! Now you have your own TV show, "Caught on the Hook!" See

Special Sale for Upcoming Cover Reveal

I have an amazing new release, and updates that I am excited to share! I will be sharing a cover reveal, and title reveal for my new novel, and will be having a contest. For these updates please visit my Facebook page, and visit my Amazon page where, "On Earth As It Is In Hell," will be offered at a special price, in preparation for the new release of my second novel!!! https://www.facebook.com/onearthasitisinhell/ https://read.amazon.com/kp/embed?asin=B00OTXYA78&preview=newtab&linkCode=kpe&ref_=cm_sw_r_kb_dp_YzglzbA64VP94 As always thank you for your support!! Cortina Jackson Author of "On Earth As It Is In Hell" http://www.cortinajackson.com

Exciting Updates On Earth As It Is in Hell by Cortina Jackson

I am excited to be a co-host of the Fishbowl Radio Network at fbrn.us! Please join me at www.cortinajackson.com for exciting updates, and the soon-to-be release of my new exciting novel!!! Cortina Jackson Author of "On Earth As It Is In Hell" www.cortinajackson.com

Book Trailer for On Earth As It Is In Hell

I wanted to create a trailer that would reflect the intensity of what a person goes through in their daily walk in life. Oftentimes, it feels like you are pulled in different directions; you must pay bills, keep up with your health, and live from day to day. This, in itself, is stressful enough. Outside influences shape the way we carry out our lives; we are rocked by hurt, fear, job loss, abuse, divorce, media, politics, racism; the list is too long to list. "On Earth As It Is In Hell," reflects the evil that is brewing in Hell wanting to be unleashed upon the Earth, so that whatever we experience is compounded greatly, with the intention that all hope will be lost, and Hell can grow bigger and stronger! It is told in a fictional manner so that the reader can decide their feelings about the story for themselves. It is not to scare you into Not going to Hell, it is intended to scare the Hell out of you! It is a fictional story that is intended to draw you in, keep you intrigued, and leave you with a "WoW" factor in the end! With elements of life that seem all too familiar, it is sure to captivate you, encompass you, consume you; swallowing you whole, only to regurgitate you, releasing you to your own thoughts about its existence. Visit the website at www.cortinajackson.com and become a part of the intrigue!! Cortina Jackson Author of "On Earth As It Is In Hell" www.cortinajackson.com Life is scarier than fiction, the fate of the world is scarier than this!


Cortina Jackson will be gaining more exposure, and hopefully sales for her splendid book, at the National Black Book Festival in Houston, which is set for October 22 - 24. She seems to be doing all the necessary things to keep her book out front, which I am predicting will one day pay huge dividends. This business that we are in is not easy, but the rewards will come in time, and Cortina does have a compelling product. As I have said before in my earlier review of her book, I would not be surprised to see it on the movie screen one day.

Re: Dennis Moore

Very excited to attend the Festival!! I will have the opportunity to meet more people, and make wonderful connections, which I truly value. The connections that I have made at East County Magazine have been absolutely wonderful!!! The encouragement, friendship, and support that I have received from other authors, has been treasured and appreciated. I hope that those in attendance will stop by, and make sure that my nerves are intact! Lol. Thank you Dennis, for your support you have been directly sent from God, and I appreciate you tremendously! Cortina Jackson www.cortinajackson.com


I am thrilled to hear that Cortina Jackson will be participating in the National Black Book Festival in Houston, Texas, October 23-25, 2015, where I expect her and her book will stand out. Good luck Cortina!

Amen Cortina

Yes, people do not understand what is happening. We can only write about it and use other media when available to depict the horror that is happening right now. Most people are overwhelmed with the difficulties of life and their work does not lead them into the areas of misery that are producing current events. I try to keep a sense of humor about life because no one can stand constant bad news. That may become impossible but for now, that is what i am aiming for. The truth, and a little bit of sugar that makes the medicine go down. Bless you girl!!! I wrote my heart out about what happened to me and everyday i see it in the news. Nevertheless, I try to include a little honey into life. Be well. MJ Payne www.buytherememberedself.com

Cortina Jackson has her own TV show!

Cortina Jackson has come a long way since I wrote the review of her subject book, now having her own TV show that streams on ROKU, Amazon Fire and Apple TV. I recall predicting this for her when I wrote subjet book review in 2014. She really is that talented. Her TV show is about domestic abuse. She really is just sratching the surface of her stardom. The title of her show is "Caught on The Hook."

Re: Michal Payne

Michal!!! We are truly on one accord with this. There is so much that is covered up, as far as sex trafficking, it is unreal. It is occurring in the church, in political arenas, criminal justice systems; everywhere! However, when you understand the conversations that occur in Hell, as I have depicted; you truly see the Hell that is taking place right amongst us. Violence, vile deeds, drugs, murder, evil; are just to name a few of the incidents that are occurring, and we are so distracted by life's circumstances, that the evil that is coming upon us will be totally missed, until it is too late for us to do anything about it. I wanted to really let the reader hear the conversation in Hell, so that I could introduce the concepts of the fictional story, that really seems to be more prophetic than fiction! Thank you, I hope others will embrace it, and truly understand what we are dealing with, as the characters of the story go through it. The ultimate goal for the characters in the story is to avoid Hell, where it will be worse than anything occurring on Earth! Thank you so much! Cortina Jackson www.cortinajackson.com

Audio Embed Into Dennis Moore's Review of "On Earth as it is in

The audio embed is truly creepy!!!!!!! It makes sense to me about these portals because of what I have mentioned before about the research I do for my blog post regarding my book. I am amazed daily at the ghastly crimes committed against those who are unable to defend themselves and I wonder at the extent of it all. The perpetrators are so often members of the clergy of all denominations and persons who have access to children because of their jobs. It is fantastically bizarre to see that there are highly ranking government officials and people who have been covering up the abuse and trafficking of children for decades. I also see so much evil in the use of the land and the debasement of the food supply. I am too busy to watch much television, but I see that the quality of what is available is low, unreal, and lacking in creativity. I think this idea of portals is terrifying but it honestly explains a lot. Since people are avidly watching things like The Walking Dead I imagine they must like to be scared. This should do the trick!!!!!. MJ Payne Author The Remembered Self: A Journey into the Heart of the Beast


Carole thank you for listening, I felt it was so important to introduce the powerful force behind the influences here on Earth! I felt that the audio with the sounds from Hell would really drive this point home. Please share the audio with others, I would appreciate the exposure. It can be found at my website www.cortinajackson.com as well! Thank you! Cortina

Oh My GOD!!! Congrats to Aurthur C Jackson

I would start this by saying AWESOME work Cortina. Before I got saved and started working in the church I didn't know what heaven or hell was. I just thought it was that you live and then you die. My first book to read again after graduating from college was "The Coldest Winter Ever" by Sista Souja of the world book, I ran the book in 1 day and it was over 900 pages I believe. I would have to salute you today to let you know that I picked up this book and it took me 1 day to read it because I couldn't put it down, until the kids and hubby was needing me. This book definitely had me on the edge, trying to get to the end , the characters were amazing, I was wondering who life have you told about, because it was deep. The young lady that's in you came out in this book and made me a proud friend to say DANGGGGG TINA you did that. I have been encouraging to people to go buy the book and stop asking me to borrow mine. AINT GO BE ABLE TO DO IT>. :) Even when my pastor read some of the book to the church one Sunday morning , I was trying to give him the motion to don't do it... But what you have written someone in this evil world is facing the same issues and dealing with the hurt and tragedy of this book. I pray that GOD keep using you to write and increase and bless everything you touch. #TEAMTINA we love you and know GOD is working it out for you. BE BLESS TEAM DAVIS FAMILY>

Re: TCook

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! What an amazing compliment. I am so overjoyed that the book was able to grab your attention, and the realities of Hell, and life's unfortunate circumstances became realized. We are in a day and time when people everywhere are facing so much. The wicked things that are occurring are getting to a very scary point, and unfortunately this is all a part of the plan that Satan has devised. It is a story that will hopefully continue to impact others. Thank you for your prayers, God bless you and I love you dearly!!!!! Cortina Jackson

Well Dennis, you've done it

Well Dennis, you've done it once again. Your presentation of Cortina's book is simply awesome. It really makes you think about the phrase "the devil thought he had me." Not only do I believe that everything happens for a reason, but I also believe that God can take the worst events in our lives and turn them into something very positive and uplifting, which I feel has happened here. Cortina shares a wonderful story here, but only because she went through the storm. With God's help she survived it. I am also reminded of the "Foot print" poem, where the individual wondered if God was with them, but later realized that it was God that carried them. Obviously Cortina has been through a miraculous storm which I feel has increased her strength 100 times, and now she is in a position to help others. God takes ordinary people and does extraordinary things with their lives. I'm so proud to call her my friend and I thank you for informing the world of her thoughts, dreams, experiences, etc. There's no reason for anyone to be lost after reading her book. As I close, I'ld like to say "the devil is a liar," and God still gets the glory. I love you Cortina Gladys Seedorf

Response to Gladys

Oh Gladys, my friend, I am moved to tears! Your comments really touched my heart and soul, and I thank you so much for the encouragement. Some days, I feel like, "Am I doing the right things here? Will I make it? Will I be successful, and God where are you?" I have moments of exhaustion, discouragement, and fear; but it always seems like God sends an encouraging word, right when I need to hear it. This is that moment for me, so I thank you for picking me back up when I am weak! I will lift my head back up, and do what I need to do to make others feel good and loved, even when I am sad, because I know that God will never leave me; and he keeps showing me that each time the devil brings the fear, sadness, shame, and defeat! I am so thankful for the new connections that Mr. Dennis Moore exposed me to through his wonderful review. I have strong women like yourself, who have fed me nothing but positivity, and I am blessed to call you all my friends! Thank you so much, I truly love you all! Cortina Jackson

"On Earth As It Is In Hell" by Cortina Jackson

Thank you Gladys, but I could not do what I do without the great material that I have been presented with, which includes your heartwarming book; "What Mama Said". You are right about Cortina Jackson and her book "On Earth As It Is In Hell" as it is truly inspiring. She is a Godsend to so many, and she does not quite yet realize it. But I think that the more people read her book, and her interaction with people and speaking out on the subject matter of the book, she will begin to realize it. It is clear by the numerous comments by various people on this book, that Cortina Jackson has opened up the minds and hearts of people in so many ways. Thank God for her!

Response to Dennis

Thank you Dennis, over and over again! I once was an island, totally alone, no friends, no help, no encouragement, just me and the Lord. I wondered if he still loved me, if he still cared for me, because I was not hearing from Him. You did this review of my book and introduced me to so many extraordinary people, and I am so grateful; and I am beginning to realize that God was always there, and he heard me. He saw me every time that I cried, and hurriedly wiped the tears away, replacing them with a smile to cover pain; so that people would not see my hurt. He gave me a smile that I do not have to fake anymore. The women and men that have reached out to me, to share their experiences have blessed me. The other authors have encouraged me, and spoke nothing but positivity to me. I have never felt so much inclusiveness before, and I am so thankful and blessed to call them my friends, and to call you my friend. Thank you Dennis, for allowing God to use you to bless others, as you have truly been a blessing in my life! Cortina Jackson

On Earth As It Is In Hell

On Earth As It Is In Hell, is an extraordinary novel that I've had the pleasure of recently reading. A must read and incredible journey through the lives of three different individuals and lifestyles. I would definitely recommend reading this book, and cant wait for this new authors next work!

Re: Ed Griggs

Thank you so much Ed Griggs, I am so happy that you enjoyed the read, and the recommendation is truly a blessing to me! I am deeply touched! Cortina Jackson Author of "On Earth As It Is In Hell"

On Earth As It Is In Hell

On Earth As It Is In Hell, is an extraordinary novel that I've had the pleasure of recently reading. A must read and incredible journey through the lives of three different individuals and lifestyles. I would definitely recommend reading this book, and cant wait for this new authors next work!

On Earth As It Is In Hell

I absolutely loved this book, it is very foretelling. A must read! Angela M. Lee, EdD

Re: Dr. Angela Lee

Dr. Lee!! Not only my biggest fan, but she is also my best friend. Why? She is my sister!!! I am proud of her, and although she is the baby of the family, she is truly one that I look up to! Thank you sister, for your support, your prayers, and your love. God bless you, and I love you! Since she is the smartest young woman that I know, and she says that she loved the book, and it is a "must read" she must be right!!! Cortina Jackson Author of " On Earth As it is in Hell " www.cortinajackson.com

Cortina Jackson USC Festival of Books

I would like to add my support for Cortina Jackson to be part of the author panel at USC Festival of Books. I think she has an important message and I am in favor of her book being promoted and her voice added to the chorus that makes up the song and soul of humanity. MJ Payne Author The Remembered Self: A Journey into the Heart of the Beast www.buytherememberedself.com

Re: MJ Payne

MJ, you are so wonderful! I am so sincerely honored! Thank you so much my friend. I pray that I am selected for such a platform. I want to represent well and your support means so much! Thank you once again my friend! Bless you! Cortina Jackson Author of " On Earth As it is in Hell "

Re: Dennis

Wow!! I am quite honored. It was a surprise to have a book of the week! I was very excited to hear the news. Thank you again Dennis, that is so awesome! Your review and the wonderful reviews by others really intrigue others to find out what the big deal is about. It is my hope that people's curiosity will lead them to read the book, and decide for themselves what they do with the information! Thank you again Dennis, and thank you everyone for your support, your reviews, and your love. I am blessed to have you!! Cortina Jackson

ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HELL Book Review, Dennis Moore Cortina Jack

I research incest/child abuse stories daily through the Google Alerts and I deal in facts that are reported in news stories, just as my own book dealt in facts. Though Cortina's book is "fiction" I must say that the facts I read each day in the news reports are so ghastly and pervasive that I find it hard to separate the two sometimes. There is a worldwide stripping away of the facades of persons (many who are famous or persons we count on to be trustworthy in dealing with children) who have been and are committing gross injustices against them. I wonder each day if this has been going on all along or if there has been a sudden outpouring of evil exponentially. Many of the stories are decades old with people having battled the traumatic stresses of many kinds of abuse for their entire lives. Many are just days old and the victims are so very often babies and very young children. I do think these actions have been occurring "all along" but I also think the attitude that anything goes has fueled the fires. It does seem that the sky has been ripped open to pour out hatred and animosity in the name of giving everyone the right to do whatever they like for the sake of enjoying the lifestyle of their choice. Life is hard and complicated and it seems that the bottom has dropped out of ideals of common sense morality. Historically, much violence has been dealt out in the name of religion and I see that I am not the only one who has suffered at the evil alter of people who twist it into a knot around the neck. I see that Cortina has also experienced this. I will end this by saying that I am glad to hear of her receiving any award for her work. It is well deserved she receive honor for tackling this subject matter. MJ Payne Author The Remembered Self: A Journey into the Heart of the Beast www.buytherememberedself.com

Re:MJ Payne

You encourage me so much, I really value your words and they bless me! I think that the graphic nature of the book, although fiction, really does open the eyes to occurrences that are going on everyday. Things that we turn our heads away from because it is too violent, or too gross, or too extreme; however, it is someone's reality. People, myself included, are dealing with things that other people would rather not deal with; and this is Satan's goal, isolation. If he can get people isolated, he will be began his goal of destruction. If he can get people to experience hurt and despair, hatred, tragedy, then he has already won half the battle. Now it is up to us to see that he does not consume us, and fulfill his ultimate goal of Hell. Thank you again Michal, you are so wonderful, I am thankful and extremely honored!!!! Cortina Jackson Author of "On Earth As It Is In Hell"

On Earth as it is in Hell

Thank you Dennis for this insightful review. This is quite a timely theme, as there is an increasing interest in the ultimate destiny of humankind as we see so many frightening events--some prophetic--unfolding all over the world. Ms. Jackson's introspective approach to this story, although fictional, adds a degree of realism that is frightening as the reader ponders the afterlife, but also consoling in that there is time to examine one's life and make decisions as to which path one will pursue. KB Schaller, Author 100+ Native American Women Who Changed the World Winner, 2014 International Book Award, Women's Issues http://KBSchaller.com/

In response to K.B. Schaller

Thank you K.B. Schaller! Your insight and perspective was wonderfully said!!! I wanted people to see the most evil and vile side of the world's influence. It is graphic, it is sexually explicit; however, it is real. I want people to get the real feel for what other people are going through, and how the forces are really manipulating the actions of people, places, and things. I think it will really make people examine things differently. It is my sincere hope that it will be a turn in their lives for the better! Thank you so much, and may you experience continued success with your work as well! You are an amazing writer!! Cortina Jackson Author of "On Earth As It Is In Hell"

On Earth as it is in Hell

I can certainly relate to Cortina Jackson's book title. It can be Hell on Earth many times during a lifetime. With all the crazy stuff going on today, it can be very frightening. People are supposed to be coming closer together, but they aren't. And Yes, the church should be a place where we should be able to find refuge and comfort. I would be lost without my connection to my church. Dennis Moore's review of this book has aroused my interest. I will be checking into getting a copy of the book.

In response to Carole

Carole, thank you so much for your insight. I am watching things unfold in the world, and it truly is becoming more frightening. I watch things transpiring just as I have dreamed and written that it would happen. From the food that we eat, the vaccines that we take; the debate on "forcing" parents to vaccinate their kids, Wow!!!! It is really quite a scary time for people. The book reveals a lot of things to come and that are happening behind the scenes right now, and the church and its role as written in a fictional manner!! Life is scarier than fiction, the fate of the world is scarier than this! Thank you for your support, I would love to hear your thoughts when you have read it! Cortina Jackson Author of "On Earth As It Is In Hell"

Reply to Ms Alston Re: Dennis Moore Review Cortina Jackson's Boo

Ms Alston I agree with you completely. You have said it all very plainly and very well. I cannot add anything to what you said it would only be repeating it. Cortina, yes, your son appears to know what is happening. I have to leave the room quite often as the things on television are often so disgusting and for no reason it seems. They are not trying to get a point across or describe a horror that happened to them. I am quite glad that football is on for people to watch. If a story depicts violent things to make a point it is important to listen, but if it is simply gory for no reason, I do not know what to say except it is offensive and also strangely, boring. I do think there is a polarization becoming more and more clear. People like us have a fearful story to tell for a good reason. It is a warning that the times are becoming more and more evil with less compassion on the one hand and more concern and an attempt to stop the tide of meaningless violence on the other. I pray that we all can survive with joy in our lives despite all. Ms Alston, I appreciate your celebration of grace. It is so important to me. Everyone has the chance to raise their arm and ask for help and that is a thing of utmost glory. No matter who we are or what we have experienced, or whether we had the nerve to bring it into the light, we all have that equal chance for the glory that is to come. And come it will. MJ Payne Author The Remembered Self: A Journey into the Heart of the Beast

Hell is real but it was not prepared for us...

Great review Dennis, As an author on spiritual topics, I can attest to the reality that hell is real, but it was not made for man, only for the devil and his angels, which we refer to as demons. God's intention was for man to be like him, (full of love), which is why man was created in his image and after his likeness according to Genesis 1:26. Adam and Eve sinned and something mysterious happened after they ate from "the tree of the knowledge of good and evil." They suddenly became aware...aware that they were naked and aware of "good and evil." This was not God's intention for man because God created man to be free moral agents with a will to choose right or wrong; and in this context good or evil. So goes the story, for the most part man chose evil. And we know the story of Noah how God sent a flood to cleanse the earth, saving only Noah and his family. As Genesis continues, we see man getting more and more evil and man's lifespan becoming shorter and shorter. It's because as Jesus said, "Men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil." So, the author's thesis is point on: we see the results of evil here on earth by man's deeds which will eventually cause them to be condemned to hell, but in God's mercy redemption is always available. As Dennis so eloquently depicts the author's journey on how something so heinous and evil happened to her, but it has "yielded the peaceable fruit of righteousness," in telling her story, turning something the devil meant for evil to good, and at the same time helping others. That's nothing but the grace of God on display. My prayer is that Ms. Jackson's book will be the blessing that God intended, and for it to do "exceeding, abundantly, above all that she can ask or think." Great grace Dorothy Bracy Alston Author: How to Whup the Devil: A Spiritual Weapons Guide

Reply to Dorothy

Dorothy!! Thank you so much for the comments and wonderful words!! You put it so well, Hell is real, and just as I have written, souls are falling into the bowels of Hell every second. I gave a fictional depiction of Hell, but it was written just as I saw it in dreams. The smells, the sights, the sounds, I graphically put into words; however, it still could not paint the true picture of what it was like, and how scary and evil it actually was. I wrote the story as a fictional novel with characters who were relatable, so that it would resonate with people who have experienced similar circumstances. I truly hope that it is embraced and received for what it is intended to do; make people realize that if this fictional tale is any way true, then avoidance is the ultimate goal, and they will turn to God! It is graphic, it is scary, it is sexual in nature, but it paints as real a picture as one can get, I spare no detail, and leave nothing to the imagination! Dorothy again thank you! I am blessed and truly honored by your words. May you be blessed abundantly and experience joy, peace, and prosperity in your life! Cortina Jackson Author of "On Earth As It Is In Hell"

"On Earth As It Is In Hell" by Cortina Jackson

Great comment from my lifelong friend Dorothy Bracy Alston, whom I grew up with, and actually had the pleasure of reading and owning her book; "How to Whup the Devil: A Spiritual Weapons Guide"

: On Earth As It Is In Hell by Cortina Jackson, Dennis Moore Re

Visions of Hell, a destination for beings who have committed malicious deeds with a cold and calculating will, dedicating their hearts to such, are older than Dante's Inferno and so common as to give anyone pause with regards to the existence of an eternal life. The division of history into BC and AD splits it and introduces the concepts of conscience and compassion in a visceral way unlike the cold formulations of philosophy. Many people do not believe in the concept of evil. I just read a news story about the rape of a four month old baby. A week or so prior to it I read of the death of a nine month old from sexual abuse. I am a reader of history, and the evil that has been and is committed daily, in my mind, cannot be explained by brain abnormalities and social problems in and of themselves. The idea of crime and punishment is universal and exists in all cultures to some degree. Everyone must decide for herself/himself if Machiavellian deeds are done and being done. It is my opinion that some of the worst offenders in history never did any of the dirty work themselves, simply planned it and found vulnerable people willing to carry out orders. I take comfort in the words "Vengeance is mine, I will repay" as they come from a being able to correctly calculate exactly how much damage a person is responsible for and how much punishment is correct. I do not think any person "gets away with it" in terms of their eternal soul and if they are incorrectly judged by earthly judicial systems they will be correctly judged by eternal ones. I cannot look at the perfection of a flower or butterfly or a child's face without believing in God. I do believe we have free will to an extent and and are responsible for making a choice not to harm others intentionally and if we have done that to turn from it and find a better way to live. The four month old is proof enough for me that evil exists and that punishment is unavoidable when appropriate. Still, never forget Grace, Unmerited Favor, as it is the only thing that separates religious legalism and all the bad it has done from repentance and forgiveness. I do think we see things in our dreams that are terrifying and I know that I saw and still do experience night terrors of evil after having experienced severe childhood abuse. I applaud Cortina for writing her book because sometimes people just don't listen without a good old fashioned scare! Well done Cortina. MJ Payne Author The Remembered Self: A Journey into the Heart of the Beast

Reply to MJ Payne

Michal, thank you so much! That was very well said!!! You know people do not talk about Hell anymore. The evil in this world has always been there, but we are hearing horrific cases more and more. The movies are depicting evil more as well. I watched a show not long ago, and the episode was kind of eerie. I asked my son if he had seen it, and if so, how did he not have nightmares from it. He stated, "It's not scary to me, I'm desensitized." I believe that the workers of iniquity and evil are desensitizing people, and evil is running rampant, crimes are more heinous, and the evil that is present will only get worse. I wanted to reveal Hell and its inhabitants in this fictional tale, because the characters would be relatable, and the reader could decide how to process the events that unfold. I am so thankful for your words and appreciate you more than you know. I am so honored to know you! Bless you; and may peace, abundance, and prosperity abound in your life!! Cortina

Firstly, my congratulations

Firstly, my congratulations to Cortina on her novel, which from Dennis's review seems quite riveting. Also, the name of the novel is attention grabbing and interesting. It makes one eager to turn the pages and review its content. And Dennis, this is a spectacular review, you give the readers a clear insight about what the book entails, and "fire us" up on going out there to purchase it to see all the moving parts and how it ends. Based on Dennis's review, I get the feeling that the book is relatable, and identifiable. I am sure that Cortina is not singular in that regard e.g. wherein which she thought that she could have trusted her Pastor, not thinking that he in turn will make sexual advances toward her!! This happens all the time, but not written about enough. Great review Mr. Brown, and congratulations once again Ms. Jackson. Jacqueline Carr Author - A Selected Few Just For You

Reply to Jacqueline

Jacqueline!!! Thank you so much! I really appreciate your insight!! This is very exciting for me, and I am so elated that you embrace it, and I hope that others will find it intriguing as well. Reading Dennis's review made me want to read it again!!Lol...He did an amazing job reviewing it, and I am so proud to present it. Thank you again Jacqueline, I wish the best for you, and bless you for blessing me!!! Cortina Jackson

Book review, reply by Cortina Jackson

Woooowwww!!!! Thank you so much Dennis! Your review of my book is quite a huge compliment, and I am honored by your appreciation of my work!!! Truly, there are many people who are broken-hearted and down-trodden; ready to give up because of many different situations in their lives. I surely did not escape the pain that this life often brings; however, I wanted to reveal pain that these characters experienced in a graphic and revealing way, because there are a lot of people dealing with these very real circumstances. In the fictional novel, I wanted to portray Satan for what he is; a conniving, deceitful, evil, and maniacal being that has the sole purpose of killing, stealing, and destroying lives; in hopes of gaining another soul for Hell. Thank you for helping me, and believing in my potential! I truly hope it resonates with others as well!!!! Cortina Jackson Author of "On Earth As It Is In Hell"