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By Buck Shott

May 28, 2010 (San Diego’s East County) – With just 10 days until the June 8 primary, hit pieces are out in droves--like killer bees swarming to finish off hapless victims. As usual, there’s a fair amount of truth-stretching going on. Greatest “hits” of the season include:


DOSE OF TRUTH SERUM, PLEASE: A flyer that landed in voters’ mailboxes this week states that  Republican State Senate candidate Jeff Stone's "pharmacy license was put on a three-year probation" and that he was fined for violating laws regarding sales of controlled substances.  The State Pharmacy Board site shows that Stone has been licensed since 1981 and his present license is “clear” and expires in April 2011. (Stone did settle with the state over paperwork/administrative violations, including one in which doctors were inadvertently provided wrong forms relating to sale of certain drugs.) The mailer also runs a photo purportedly of the Press-Enterprise newspaper proclaiming “Mayor settles case” dated 1999. Only one problem: Stone wasn’t the Mayor of Temecula in that year, according to the bio on his website.

The flyer was funded by Taxpayers for Anderson for Senate. Joel Anderson was fined $20,000 by the FPPC for accepting five donations in excess of the state's legal limit for campaign contributions, but now accuses his opponent of  “dishonesty."


MAILER TARGETS ANDERSON:   Meanwhlie Anderson's opponents are fighting back with a flyer touting a lengthy list of Republicans against Anderson.  But Anderson counters that hit pieces targeting him were sent by a group that doesn't identify its backers.  "That's illegal," he told East County Magazine, adding that he suspects the mailers were paid for by developers doing business with an opponent.  


ANDERSON SPEAKS OUT:  In an exclusive phone interview today, Anderson spoke out in detail about the allegations of money-laundering that have been raised.  "There was no money laundering," he said, noting that his campaign reported all donations and voluntarily returned funds to donors when the FPPC informed his campaign that donations were received in excess of the $3,900 legal limit.   "We ran into problems because we did disclose our donations," he said, noting that the hit piece launched against him came from undisclosed sources.  "How many busboys and students gave my opponent $3,900?" he aske, then suggested that many large donations have not been reported by Stone.


For the first time, Anderson agreed to answer questions from ECM regarding details about the five large donations, which were given to a Republican Central Committee by the Hamann Construction family members, two Indian tribes and SDG&E.  Within days, nearly identical amounts were donated by the GOP committee to Anderson's campaign.


Asked if he was aware that  Republican Central Comittee donations to his campaign had originated from those donors, Anderson said no.  "We brought in a half million dollars back then. Nobody was watching it all," he said.  "This was a flat-out mistake." Asked specifically if he was denying ever asking individual donors to give money to a Central Committee for the purpose of bypassing limits on individual donations, he said, "I never solicited a donation for me. I'm the number one fundraiser for others in the Assembly." He said donating to Central Comittees was a common practice for donors who wanted their money to help in targeted races. He also added that campaign finance laws are complicated, making it easy for mistakes to occur.


He added, "I've been endorsed by Deputy Sheriffs, police, the CHP. Do you think they'd endorse me if I was a money launderer?"

HE’S BAAAAACK: In 2008, write-in candidate Joe Ryan got arrested for trying to crash a debate among 52nd Congressional candidates. (He later sued to enforce his rights to be included on a public campus). Now he’s running again as an independent—and apparently still hasn’t figured out how to collect enough signatures or pay a fee to qualify for the ballot. That hasn’t stopped him from being a thorn in the side of Congressman Hunter and others in the race.


DID HUNTER PAD HIS RESUME?  Ryan posted a website  in which he asks, “Did Duncan Hunter fabricate his resume?” in which he notes that Hunter claimed to have built and sold a high-tech company building websites, but deleted that from his bio after being confronted by Ryan, who claims he could “not find one scintilla of evidence” that the business claim was true. Hunter later claimed experience as a business analyst and operator of a home development company, arguments Ryan also disputes. (Ryan is bipartisan in his trashing, dissing Democrat Ray Lutz as a “partisan” funded by “the usual suspects” who support the Democratic Party. )

Now Lutz, who founded the government watchdog group CitizensOversight.org,  is getting in some digs of his own. On his campaign webpage, he points out that the resume on the League of Women Voters website, www.Vote-Smart.com, for Congressman Duncan D. Hunter is actually that of his dear old Dad. “We have asked them to make this correction but are still waiting,” Lutz’s campaign site states. “Don’t let them fool you, this is not the experienced legislator but the “baby-Duncan” son who only won his seat due to this name confusion!” He suggests the Hunter camp could have fixed the problem long ago but that “the Hunter campaign would not survive without the name-confusion that borders on outright cheating!”

FRONT LINES, BUT DON’T TELL: Congressman Hunter, meanwhile, seems unconcerned about pot shots from Hunter, Ryan, and GOP primary opponent Terri Linnell (who claims to have endorsements from Tea Party leaders but fails to list them on her website). As election day draws nigh, Congressman Hunter isn't out stumping for votes on the campaign trail.  Instead, he's heading to Afghanistan to focus on national security issues and meet with troops, an aide disclosed today. That’s after drawing both praise and fire on the home front, where Hunter taken a stance against a Defense Authorization Bill that contains a repeal of the don’t ask, don’t tell policy. Congressman Bob Filner (D-San Diego), by contrast, has pledged to support repealing DADT.

SO TELL US HOW YOU REALLY FEEL: San Diego Citybeat’s “Something for everyone to hate” endorsements cheekily urge voters to “just vote exactly how we tell you to, and everything will be ok.” Citybeat’s Editorial staff  supported Steve Whitburn for the 4th Supervisorial seat, leveling this zinger against incumbent Ron Roberts: “While not as objectionable as Horn—but who is?—Roberts is, by all accounts, a mean sonofabitch and a pain in the ass to work with.” Citybeat’s editorial board also opted for Vista City Councilman Steve Gronke over Supervisor Bill Horn in District 5 and chose Sheriff Bill Gore over challenger Ja LaSuer “who gets his jollies by making inmates wear pink underwear."


“IMMIGRANT PRISONER FIB EXPOSED: The Sacramento Bee reveals that Meg Whitman, Republican candidate for Governor exaggerated the number of illegal immigrants in prisoners just a tad….well actually, a lot. She claimed in a campaign appearance that probably 30% of state prisoners are illegal immigrants.


In fact, it’s only about 11%. That includes legal immigrants who lost their legal status after being convicted of felonies. So why don’t we deport those? Turns out…we do—but only after their sentences are served, presumably to prevent criminals from being turned lose south of the border and crossing into the U.S. again.  The feds reimburse state and local governments for some costs of locking up illegal immigrants guilty of a felony or two misdemeanor, but reimbursement covered only about 10% of the total $970 million costs in 2009-10. Governor Schwarzenegger and Senator Feinstein have both sought more federal funds. Even if fully funded, however, eliminating the cost of jailing all illegal immigrants would provide less than 1/20th the amount needed to balance the state’s $20 billion deficit—the biggest “whopper” of all.

 Note:  An earlier version of this column referred to the FPPC fining Anderson for "money-laundering."  While opponents have made this characterization, the FPPC specifically fined Anderson for accepting five donations in excess of the legal maximum.  The case was settled and no criminal charges were filed.  

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The operator's of this site are lying to the public

What have we come to, when persons running for Congress, effectively spit on the grave of every soldier that ever fought for this country by having their opponents kidnapped, and the media responds with no real coverage of the event, and smart-alecky attacks on the person who stood up against waste, crime and corruption. Is pointing out that a candidate for office has his opponents kidnapped, “trashing” someone. Have I “trashed someone” because I point out that a bunch of jerks like Hain Saban, fund Democratic party operations?
What the East County refers to as ‘getting arrested’ has been proven – at trial = to have been kidnappings. Just because someone wears a uniform and flashes a shiny badge, doesn’t mean they can go around just taking candidates for office in to custody, as they please, without probable cause, because the Chamber and Duncan Hunter said to do it. . ‘Apparently’ for people who don’t understand the constitution, or have zero respect for the document or those who fought for the First amendment and voting rights, what happened is not a problem. Just something to joke about.
It was a kidnapping under color of law. I was put on trial and charged with two crimes. I defeated both charges because there was absolutely no cause whatsoever to arrest me; and the persons involved (both the police and third party prosecutors) knew that before they did the deed. That’s hardly an arrest. In fact, I was placed in custody illegally and in direct contravention of State laws, and constitutional prohibitions, that the perpetrators were well aware of.
Many sub-issues were proven at trial before 12 local citizens: Number one, I had every legal right to speak in the debate held on Cuyamaca College on October 22nd, 2008.
Number two, I caught The East County Chamber of Commerce stealing our College resources with the cooperation of officials at Cuyamaca College (some of whom, are also Chamber members).
Third, it was Duncan Hunter and his staff who acted with cohorts in arranging my kidnapping, even though they knew I had a right to speak that night. The jury heard dispatch tapes, which were hidden from me (illegally) until I pried them from the DA, wherein Duncan Hunter personally told Chamber officials to call the crooked Grossmont College Police to make sure I was kidnapped under color of law to stop me from being heard in the debate.
Fourth, like something out of Ripley’s believe it or not, it was discovered at trial, after numerous witnesses got caught lying on the stand, including Steve Bosh of KUSI & Mike Cully (President of the East County Chamber of Commerce), that members of Duncan Hunter’s staff, members of our esteemed local media, and Cuyamaca College officials, got a young inexperienced cop to attend a meeting before the debate, in which, not only was my kidnapping arranged, but a conspiracy was hatched, wherein the participants in the meeting all agreed to cover-up what they were doing (because they knew they were violating numerous State and Federal Laws). So after what the ECM refers to as me “getting arrested”, almost all the parties involved testified they had NO IDEA I was present that night before they saw me up on the stage. Unfortunately, in order to not contradict himself any more than he already had, Mike Cully either forgot his script or he decided to throw his cohorts under the bus to save himself from perjury charges, because he gave up the meeting the others attendees (like the arresting officer and College official, Henry Migala) denied, attending or knowing about. They held the meeting in a soundproof booth, so they wouldn’t get busted, but they got busted anyways.
It’s hard to believe a ’reporter’ can pack so much distortion and dishonesty into a six word sentence, but here, the reporter ‘accidentally’ forgets to tell you about what happened a week after I was kidnapped under color of law. Lo and behold, it happened again at Grossmont College. Once again, Duncan Hunter jr arranged to have me arrested. He was mad about the first kidnapping not going down correctly, so he had eight Police Officers waiting for me, when I arrived to assert my constitutional right to debate on October 28th, 2008. Duncan Hunter and his Chief of Staff, worked worth Sunita Cooke (Grossmont College President), and Grossmont College Police Chief Joel Javins, sicked his entire Police upon me like jack-booted KGB agents. They threatened me with physical violence over and over if I went up on the stage. So I went up on the stage and they threatened me some more from behind. I can’t protect against sucker punches and other ambushes from behind, so I was forced to flee the stage, and Duncan Hunter, once again, got to avoid debating me.
Amazingly, every person involved in my second kidnapping, once again, knew, without any shadow of a doubt at all, that I could not be excluded from the debate for numerous reasons, (chiefly being the prohibition against government sponsored, partisan, political speech). Didn’t matter. Duncan Hunter was scared to death I might be heard and become known to the public. He was counting on winning a close race against Mike Lumpkin, by garnering the majority of the Independent vote. The race could be won or lost by a few hundred votes, so I could not be allowed to be in the position to even garner 1% of the electorate votes, or it could put Duncan Jr in danger. So it didn’t matter how many laws they had to break to stop me from speaking. It just didn’t matter. Duncan had to win! There’s no doubt the whole crew acted with the impunity of a group who had been assured they would not be prosecuted for the crimes they planned to commit on November 28th, 2008. With Bonnie Dumanis and the local media (through their silence about the first kidnapping) in their corner, Duncan Hunter’s gang did what they felt like doing. No law mattered or inhibited their bad behavior.
All told, hundreds of crimes have been committed against me by the persons who arranged my kidnapping and subsequently harassed me with an unfounded prosecution based upon their perjury. I’m not going to disclose everything that’s going on in this space, but to set the story straight; I have not filed any suit against the government in my life (yet). I guess at the East County Times, a criminal trial, that exposes their friend’s dishonesty and stealing, has now morphed in to a civil lawsuit that I filed awhile ago, that they imply I lost.
I will be filing a racketeering complaint against the editor of this online magazine, along with Duncan Hunter, The East County Chamber, The San Diego Union-Tribune, Bonnie Dumanis, Grossmont College, and Cuyamaca College officials (with many, any others). At that time, I will show who committed crimes, what crimes were committed, how they are being covered-up, in order to facilitate a racketeering enterprise that revolves around theft of government resources, the media’s role as paid-cover-up artist, and the harassment of persons for political reasons.
Miriam Rafferty’s friend, Valerie Harrison, President of the Rancho Sante Fe Chamber of Commerce warned me that “the big boys are after you” and told me that I needed to leave politics, and stay home and take care of my family (presumably so something bad wouldn’t happen to me). A member of Duncan Hunter’s staff approached me in grocery Store parking lot and speaking like it was a matter of fact, told me they “might just kill” me if I made the ballot in 2010. He didn’t seem to be joking. Not that I care.
They harass me at home with weirdo’s who visit and try and cause trouble (one whom drove a truck owned by DH), on the internet – using Russian hackers who now live in San Diego. They hit my sites with reverse SEO tactics as fast as I can get pages up. It never ends with the Hunter gang. Duncan Hunter’s racketeering partners troll my sites. They attack my income in a myriad of ways, costing me over 500k in business revenue in the past year alone.
In my complaint (declarations, and exhibits), I will be providing a glimpse of the overwhelming amount of evidence I’m compiling, that shows that the some media members are covering-up crime for personal reasons, and to ensure a revenue stream to support their ‘lifestyle’ as ‘professionals’. If it sounds incredible ‘hundreds of crimes’ have been committed against me for political reasons, it’s because no one has any idea the level of harassment I’ve faced since I decided to run against Hunter in the Spring of 2008, because Miriam Rafferty and other members of the San Diego media are close friends and business Associates with many of the people caught harassing me and committing crimes to interfere with my candidacy, and she – and the others - will not tell the truth about what’s going on. How can she tell you that some of the very people providing her with ad revenue are stealing from Grossmont and Cuyamaca College, and harassing a candidate for federal office with malicious prosecutions, in order to keep their crimes under wraps.
Miriam Rafferty could tell you about the fact that I was put on trial, and that a whole host of her friends were caught ripping-off the College and lying both on and off the stand, in the hope Bonnie would have me put in jail for one year for speaking at a debate.
Yes, I’m BAAAAACK. Back to tell the readers of the East County magazine that what’s going on here has nothing to do with reporting, but that it has lots to do with a nasty old dried-up (her sources), wannabee journalist, that can’t stand that her friends thievery, perjury, obstruction of justice, and actions as malicious prosecutors of as person running for federal office, have been exposed (with irrefutable proof she can’t mention on her site), and that the wonderful bubble-of-goodness, she envelopes her friends in, has been permanently burst by me.
‘Apparently’, even though the Editor of the East County Magazine know I was harassed by her associates in 2008, and that I am well aware of how to get signatures, they’ve chosen to hid that fact, and instead make a smart-ass statement about my efforts to collect 10, 760 signatures in a short period of time. It’s very hard to get the signatures, when every single media outlet in San Diego County lies about my existence or implies I do not exist or that I’m not a legitimate candidate for office at all.
So, little miss –never did squat for her Country – can use her rag to take pot shots at me, after I’ve given up two years of my time and a huge amount of income to run for office, but the fact is, she seems to be creating a parody of herself, when she writes that I ‘apparently haven’t figured out how to pay a filing fee . .”.
Must not let the fact that I did pay a $1650.00 dollar filing fee in 2008, or the accompanying fact that the fee for this year is not due until late July, get in the way of taking a vindictive, child-like, personal shot at a candidate for office. That’s Miriam Rafferty for you. A real professional journalist. ‘Apparently, her shallow understanding of election law leads her to believe that I can make the ballot without any signatures by simply filing a fee (like Republican and Democrats the primary). You would think a reporter would know we can’t just pay a fee to make the ballot. She’s ‘apparently’ that dumb!
I had to write the editor of This magazine, and threaten legal action to get her to quit lying to the public. So, she responded here, by telling the public about my candidacy for the first time; including as many lies and distortions as she can to portray me in a false light and make Duncan Hunter look like he didn’t do anything at all. That’s our professional, award winning, media for you.
I’ve taken on and busted The East County Chamber, numerous Grossmont and Cuyamaca College Officials, the President of the East County Chamber, Duncan Hunter calling in my kidnapping, KUSI’s anchor, and FOX-5 (hiding evidence), a reporter for the Tribune, KUSI’s anchor and station managers, and somebody who directed my second arrest from a secret location (“nightstand”), and communicated in code over dispatch, so his real identity would never be discovered; and I effectively whipped them all hands down (after the initial success of their kidnapping plots). Note” a real reporter would jump all over who “nightstand” was, and figure it out. None in San Diego are remotely interested. They have a berry festival to cover.
Oh, but that wasn’t enough, so I also did public doc requests (a real reporter’s job) and I busted Meg Whitman stealing from Grossmont (arranged by Mike Cully and thieving College officials). They were going to ignore the fact that I busted Meg Whitman stealing, by getting me put in jail. When that didn’t work out, they hurried up and did damage control, by racing from the Courthouse to Grossmont College to ‘pay’ for their use of the facilities.
Oh, but that wasn’t enough, so I destroyed the most powerful women in Southern California – Bonnie Dumanis - in a jury trial acting as my own lawyer, absolutely saving the constitution from destruction through my thorough motion work, and the constitutional analysis included therein. I gave her my entire defense strategy online. She reviewed my material all through the trial, but I still annihilated her so fast it set some kind of record for the East County Courthouse. I didn’t win. I beat her down in a legal sense, like she’s never been beaten before by anyone at any level. I was a bit disorganized due to the volume of evidence, and my knowledge of the hearsay rule was faded, but nothing could save Bonnie from the destruction I visited upon her. I wrote her halfway through the 7 month ordeal, and told her to back off or I would kick her ---- at trial. She wouldn’t listen. I’ve been telling some people in the media they will also get a whipping in Court soon, but just like Bonnie, they underestimate me, and they are going to wish they had listened too. I’m not playing this year. The baloney artist have been warned.
Oh, but that wasn’t enough, so I also did public doc requests (a real reporter’s job) and I busted Meg Whitman stealing from Grossmont (arranged by Mike Cully and thieving College officials). They were going to ignore the fact that I busted Meg Whitman stealing, by getting me put in jail. When that didn’t work out, they hurried up and did damage control, by racing from the Courthouse to Grossmont College to ‘pay’ for their use of the facilities.
So, in summary, I’ve busted about 20 government officials in one year for ripping off the public, including 5 of the most powerful GOP figures in Southern California, along with Meg Whitman, in one year. Duncan Hunter could not have survived 5 seconds against any of the groups and persons I’ve beaten, without his Daddy and a flock of lawyers by his side. I know 100x more about the constitution and law than the little boy who called in my arrest. And I have run numerous business throughout my life, so I don’t have to fabricate my resume, like I’ve PROVEN – via Daddy and son’s conflicting statements and writings – Duncan Hunter junior has.
Miriam Rafferty knows I’ve done HER job by busting Duncan Hunter for fabricating his resume, and she’s mad that I’ve highlighted a statement on my website wherein she praises his non-existent business experience. If you bust a reporter for being an idiot, you get more lies and a hit-job Baaaack. Typical. She knows the truth, but instead she portrays my charges as wild raving allegations, lacking substance. There’s no limit or end to the dishonesty flowing from this rag.

Joe, if you want anybody to take you seriously...


You should stop being disrespectful and making defamatory statements, instead confining your arguments to provable facts stated in more appropriate language. In our case, you have made false and lbelous statements, implying that unnamed friends or advertisers somehow influenced our coverage.   I would be very careful, if I were you, to retract that statement and refrain from further libelous remarks. 


I will address my comments below to your criticim of ECM.   We have not portrayed your charges as "wild raving accusations"  and in fact linked to your site so people could read your findings -- a far cry from any attempt to conceal information from our readers. 


If "fabrications" on Hunter's resume slipped by us, they also slipped by every major media outlet in San Diego including the Union-Tribune and all the TV stations -- media outlets with far deeper pockets for investigative reporting than ECM.  


Here is some context to consider:  We are a nonprofit, nonpartisan publication supported entirely by community donations and sponsorships.  We do not have huge budgets for investigative reporting and in our first two months, we faced an election with over 50 political races to attempt to cover, as well as other important issues such as Powerlink, SDG&E's efforts to shut off power to the backcountry, water issues, and so forth.  I truly wish we DID have the financial resources to pay people to conduct in-depth public records searches on every candidate for public office.  To call me an "idiot" for not having funding to fact-check every detail on every single candidate's resume, in a very short time-frame, is not the way to encourage more media coverage of yourself or your issues.  


ECM has, in fact, done a very good job overall of feretting out fraud by some public officials and misuse of public resources.  The fine young intern who covered the debate at which you were arrested also won a prize from San Diego Press Club for his reporting on a city council race, in which he was the first reporter to unearth the fact that a candidate claiming she would "clean up City Hall" as an "honest accountant" had in fact been fined by two separate ethics commissions for prior campaign finance violations.  San Diego Press Club recognized our efforts in our first year with 18 journalism awards--including awards for investigative reporting and many other topics, such as revealing Helix Water Board violations of state sunshine laws (a series that resulted in the Board repealing a rate hike enacted under questionably legal circumstances).  I would challenge you to find ANY other media outlet in our region that has done more solid reporting on a budget as modest as ours. 


During the 2008 Congressional race to which you refer, ECM was a brand new publication founded just two months before the election.  A political reporter assigned to cover the 52nd race had a family emergency with just a couple of weeks to the election, so with all other reporters already assigned to other races and having no time to take on more, we assigned an intern with bipartisan political experience to jump in and cover the race. He was juggling this amid school exams and did us a great favor to assist to the best of his ability.  I was working 20 hours a day, not even sleeping some nights, doing editing on not merely this race, but many others as well as nonpolitical stories. Our founding grant funded with half of what we'd asked for, so we did our best with the resources available.


Instead of slamming and insulting people, you would do better to provide facts you unearth to the press in a timely and appropriate manner, then invite media to publicize the details, instead of acting as though people are stupid for having limited resources and many races to cover. ECM, for the record, has published information both positive and negative on people in both major parties, including the Hunters, in the past.  To act as though we are somehow apologists for the GOP is simply ridiculous. 


Also you overstate your case often and lose credibility with legitimate media. Calling people "thieves" and "liars" is strong language and in some of the cases you cite, those terms are overblown.  If you want to argue that it's inappropriate for a public institution to sponsor having a political candidate without inviting competitors, that's appropriate. But the language you use to describe organizers, some of whom are not even die-hard partisans, is simply not appropriate in my view as a journalist, and is why you are having difficulty being taken seriously as a candidate or even a news source. 


 If you would issue press releases backed with facts in appropriate language instead of rambling insults to everyone like you posted below, or expecting people to someone find this information that you may have posted someplae in cyberspace, you might receive more appropriate recognition for legitimate information you unearth.  I do believe some of the points you raise are valid concerns regarding use of public resources and questionable claims made by a candidate.  But when you call a nonprofit publication a "rag" for missing one detail on a resume in the midst of covering dozens of races in just a two-month period,  or call campus police "crooked" for following orders and arresting you for crashing a debate, you lose credibility with people who respect the hard work that we are doing. 


I find it astounding that you did not bother to qualify yourself legitimately for the ballot at least the second time around if you wanted people to take you seriously. Everyone knows that a write-in candidate can't win in a large geographic area, and organizers of debates simply don't want time wasted with people who don't take the basic steps to get themselves onto the ballot.  If you don't care enough about getting elected to get enough signatures to qualify (and avoid paying a fee to appear on the ballot), or you can't find enough people willing to sign your petition, then you shouldn't demand that people take you seriously as a candidate.  


ECM's policy, by the way, is to offer interviews with all candidates who qualify to appear on the ballot, regardless of party. 


As for your contention that we somehow covered anything up because of ad revenues or friends in high places, I simply haven't the slightest idea who you are talking about!  We have not run ads for any candidates in the 52nd race thus far. Our advertising has nothing to do with our editorial decisions and in fact we have informed certain prospective sponsors that buying advertising does not assure we will not publish anything negative about a corporation in our news stories. Our integrity likely LOST us at least one sponsorship, but that's fine as we pride ourselves on our journalistic integrity. Again, you jump to inappropriate conclusions and by impugning my integrity without a shred of evidence,  you have lost credibility, not gained it.   By making false and defamatory statements about me, you cast doubt on your credibility in all other areas as well.   


If you persist in publishing defamatory material or unfounded allegations about community leaders in this forum, you will wind up banned as a poster.  Accusations of criminal or ethical wrongdoing should be backed up with links to factual sources, or they will be deleted. 


I believe that if you do not

I believe that if you do not have all of the facts on whatever you are referring to, you should not speak on that topic. I have to ask though. Why is there the need to be childish and name call on either side of the political fence? I thought registered voters were all 18 + over?