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ARCHIVED COLUMNS (Columnists no longer active.)

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Vines and Steins - Gio Wine Bar

Editor's note:  Gio's has gone out of business, however a new restaurant has opened in its place. 

By Richard Noel

If you’re out and about in East County and in the mood for a great glass of wine in an elegant atmosphere, relax with the knowledge that this urge will not require you to drive into the urban core of San Diego and spend an exorbitant amount of time or money just to park your car.  That’s because GIO Restaurant in downtown La Mesa has opened the doors to its much-awaited wine bar. 

People Power - Magic Horse Miracles: Therapeutic Riding Program Benefits Disabled Kids

By Miriam Raftery


September 2008 (Lakeside)--Ten-year-old Avery Titus squeals with delight, pressing his face against the sun-warmed backside of Iggy, a quarterhorse at the Magic Horse Therapeutic Riding program in Lakeside.

"Before, he couldn't sit up on his own," recalled Avery's father, Clay. "Now he can sit and not fall over."

Avery has cerebral palsy, brain damage and learning disabilities. But his older brother, Chandler, observed, "That doesn't stop him from being this happy kid."

Magic Horse founder Robin Pawl has Avery demonstrate the exercises he's learned to do on horseback. Motions of the horse beneath him simulate pelvic movement, helping Avery to improve his coordination skills, strengthen his back muscles and improve his sense of balance.


Good Money - Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) is becoming main-stream

By Judith L. Seid, CFP ®

SRI is becoming mainstreamSeptember 1, 2008 (San Diego's East County) -- When you invest, your money works towards achieving two objectives. By aligning your investments with your values, your money can work to create a secure future for yourself and your family, while also encouraging the development of a better future for our world.