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Physiciansfor Natioanl Healthcare Reform



By Miriam Raftery

June 28, 2009 (San Diego)— Last week, President Barack Obama presented his “prescription for America” ( The President aims to create a public option for a government healthcare program similar to Medicare that would compete against private insurance companies.


As debate in Washington D.C. heats up, local advocates are speaking out, holding forums, and mobilizing citizens in San Diego and East County to lobby legislators in favor of healthcare reform—a move they say is needed to counter heavy lobbying by health insurers, pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare industry interests. But while some applaud the Obama plan, others believe it doesn’t go far enough—and believe only a single-payer plan which eliminates private insurance will solve our healthcare crisis. Still others oppose any government healthcare plan option, arguing it will prove costly and cost jobs in the private healthcare industry.

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