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Nothing but the Truth!

By Will Power

Will Power LogoThe
real unemployment rate in the U.S. is over 7%. Many people have stopped looking
for jobs. Particularly hard hit is the construction business, due to the mortgage

The thin-film
solar panel business needs a government subsidy and tax breaks for homeowners
who install prefab solar panels.  The new laser-deposited thin-film technology
promises to drive down costs by a factor of two or three. A little investment
here will go a long way. Snap-together solar shingles, solar wall panels, and
even solar fabric have already been demonstrated. The army is testing tents
made of fabric which can produce electricity. Big plus- termites don’t
eat silicon. Re-roof with solar and your roof will last 100 years.

Once the
industry gets a leg up, millions of unemployed US construction workers will
have work.  If every roof in the US was a solar roof, think of the savings
in imported oil.  Of course, Big Oil and Big Energy are opposed to this
technology because they now have a financial stranglehold on home energy production.

areas of the California and Arizona deserts are prime real estate for industrial
scale solar panel “factories”.  All that is needed is investment
and the political will.

time for the Big Oil Dinosaurs to get the hell out of the way!

China is
poised to pass the United States in this emerging technology.  The nation
that can produce an efficient and affordable solar panel industry will rule
the world.  Let’s hope it is the United States and not the Chinese
or Indians that manage to Organize the solar power industry.

Will Power is a retired teacher who holds a masters degree in
creative writing.


making solar affordable

Important story. Thanks. You are so right about the need for tax breaks and incentives. It would be great to have a roof that lasts 100 years but for many/most people, struggling in the here and now, there has to be a way to make important steps like this viable. Therein lies the rub.