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By Kathy Carpenter

March 6, 2019 (La Mesa) - Ever want to see what happens before the show goes on? You 've probably heard of a dress rehearsal. That''s for the actors to run through a play exactly how the show will go. The day before the dress they have what is called a tech rehearsal, which is what the play 10 out of 12 is about.  A tech rehearsal is for the crew and director to know where the director wants the lights to be for every scene, with the stage hands marking where each piece of furniture will go. There are last minute changes, for sound, props and what have you. The cast does have to be there and it is a long day having to repeat everything again and again until all is perfect.

More years ago than I care to remember, I was in several plays, where of course we had tech rehearsals. I thought I would reconnect and relive the process. Not so much. Besides being a long day in which everyone is hungry and bonding with the crew as if family, the process for 10 out of 12 wasn't quite the same. My sister, who was in a couple of plays more recently, agreed with me.. The play was interesting and the acting was great. But the light cues threw us. Although we had light cues way back when, it wasn't numbers thrown out that we didn't understand. 

Also, 10 Out of 12 is playing in a small theatre. We were surrounded on all sides by the play (or what was going on) but we could really only focus on the stage; it was too chaotic. Although my tech rehearsal was sort of chaotic, in this case it drove me slightly mad, as it's too close to my chaotic everyday life and at the theatre, I want to relax.

For me, I wanted to watch the play inside the play. The one the tech rehearsel was for, a Gothic period piece. Of course, there is no such play.

For director Steve Murdock and the actors it was doubly difficult, acting out the jobs of the crew within the play and in some cases being part of the crew. A great job on that score. My sister and I just wanted more. The onstage part was great, however, the parts of the play that were surrounding us seemed lacking and slow.

The play 10 out of 12 by Anne Washburn, is the culprit. The acting on the other hand was tremendous. Randy Coull, I'd be remiss if I failed to mention the superb job he did as Ben/Charles. He took off on a tangent in the second act that was the highlight of the show. This was some of the best acting I've seen at Lamplighters. All the actors onstage were fantastic. Raylene J. Wall, stage manager. Heather Armstrong, Rhiannon McAfee, Justin Allen Slagle and Devin Wade nail it. You could not ask for better acting.

Yes, I laughed out loud on a few things I connected to personally. Yes, lots of laughter was heard throughout the show. I feel if you have been in a show of this type, you may appreciate the play more.

However, if you are the curious type looking for something a little different, don't miss the show.

You can also donate in the lobby to support Feeding San Diego.

10 Out of 12

Lamplighters Theatre

Severin Dr. La Mesa


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