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East County News Service

July 4, 2016 (El Cajon) — A female runner has reported being harassed twice in the past week along Westwind and Tyrone in El Cajon by two men (one white, one black) in their 20s.

The men were reportedly in a large black truck and slowed down alongside her, trying to make conversation last Tuesday. Then on Thursday around 7 a.m., they sped into her path and cut her off, then tried to force conversation.

According to a resident who posted information on an online community forum, and gave permission to share the information, it is believed they thought she was talking on the phone and drove off. The truck appeared new and no plates were visible.  El Cajon Police Dept. has been informed as well as Grossmont High school coaches, who have runners training the same route over the summer.

“Please let anyone you know who runs or any young woman be aware of this and to call 911 immediately if approached,” the resident posted.