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August 20, 2016—Two Sig Alerts have been issued due to separate crashes in East County, both forcing long-term shutdowns of  major roadways.

A fatality accident has shut down State Route 67 in both directions for 8 to10 hours. Southbound 67 is closed at Archie Moore Road.  Northbound SR 67 is closed at Poway Road.   A head-on crash between a silver pickup and black Nissan reportedly occurred  on the highway just north of Cloudy Moon Road after the truck veered across the centerline.

The car caught on fire.  “This happened in front of my son.  He jumped out with his fire extinguisher but wasn’t able to get close enough to try and put out the fire or help the victim,” Leslie Turbin posted at the Brush Fire Partyline site on Facebook. 

Willa  Borcher wrote that she and her son were coming back from Poway. “Flames were huge by the time weo got there,”she said, adding  that there were at least five fire trucks, ambulances and numerous police vehicles heading to the scene.

KNSD reports beer cans were found in the truck and the driver is suspected of drunk driving.

A vehicle struck a power pole and sheered it off,  leaving power lines hanging down at Dye Road and Ramona Street in Ramona.  Eastbound Dye Rd. Is closed at Southern Oak; also westbound Warnock at San Vicente is closed. Closures wil remain in effect until SDG&E can repair the lines.