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By Rebecca Jefferis Williamson

(Photos by Rebecca Jefferis Williamson)

Sept. 24, 2020 (Lakeside) The AGC East County Headquarters and Apprenticeship Training Facility (AGC) is under construction and slated to open this year. The facility will serve as the headquarters and training center for carpentry, cement masonry, drywall finisher, drywall lather, heavy equipment operator, painter, laborer, and more trades.

For those trying to retrain or hone skills because of COVID-19 economic losses, job seekers may consider enrolling.

Additionally, the state-of-art 43,600 sq. ft facility will provide construction services to the 1,100 plus AGC member firms in the County. 

Training services include continuing construction education, safety services, government affairs, labor relations, business development, and many more.


Barnhart-Reese is the general contractor; design is by Ware Malcomb Architects.

The AGC,  San Diego Chapter, established 92 years ago, is the nation’s largest and oldest construction trade association. 

The training facility is located on 10140 Riverford Drive in Lakeside. 

The AGC East County Headquarters and Apprenticeship Training Center is scheduled to open for business in the Summer of 2020.  The General Contractor is Barnhart-Reese Construction and design is by Ware Malcomb Architects.

Associated General Contractors of America, San Diego Chapter, Inc.  is the nation’s largest and oldest construction trade association which is dedicated to improving the construction industry by employing the finest skills, promoting the latest technology, and advocating building the best quality projects for public and private owners.  The San Diego Chapter has been in existence for 92 years.



This reminds me of the CETA program. I was unemployed in the 1970's and living on unemployment which didn't pay much. A neighbor told me about the program and we went to downtown San Diego to apply The first 50 or 100 people got hired that day, I got a job picking up newspapers for recycling and later a permanent job with the City. That became a 30 year career with full benefits and a retirement that is so good that it is no longer offered. I make as much retired as I did working.