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By Kathy Carpenter

January 25, 2019 (La Mesa) - Nothing beats a great whodunit. If you have seen or read "And Then There Were None," you may not remember the outcome. Even if you do, every play is different. That's what's great about seeing shows live. If you have not experienced a mystery play live, now's your chance. It's as if you are in the same room with a killer and you don't know who might sneak up and stab you.

In this classic mystery, 10 strangers are lured to a deserted island by a curious invitation and stranded. After introductions, a mysterious voice plays accusing each of murder. The play proceeds, following 10 little soldiers on the mantelpiece and the nursery rhyme of how each dies.

The story takes place in 1939 in the living room of a cliffside house overlooking the ocean on Soldier Island off the coast of Devon, England. The cast and crew do a wonderful job bringing to life the place and feel of the era.

Eleven actors come together under the direction of Keith Anderson to brilliantly keep us guessing until the end. Nicely paced, great acting and well done accents, keeping us delightfully entertained.

Although all 11 castmates bring out the best in one another and all are pretty much on the same playing field of talent, my favorite was Lee Price as William Blore, maybe because he brought the humor to the tale. The cast includes James Flaherty as Thomas Roger, who mastered his accent, and Jennifer Cramer, who played Mrs. Rogers, doing a fabulous job. Harry Roberts has a fleeting role as Narracott, but likable Alicia McDonald is perfect as Vera Claythorne. Nathan Boyer, as Lombard, plays the adventurer. Gabriel Huerta is cast as the annoying playboy. O.P. Hadlock does a fantastic job of aging as the general. Kira Blaskovich is the secretary, Bud Emerson plays Wargrave and rounding out the cast is Eva Kvaas as Dr. Armstrong.

Can you guess who did it?  Or will you be left behind?

Lamplighters teams up with the San Diego Theater Connection to support The American Red Cross https://redcross.org.  All donations will be specifically donated for the residents of Paradise, California, who were victims of the Camp Fire.

This show has two intermissions. The show runs around two and a half hours.

And Then There Were None

Lamplighters Theater

5915 Severin Drive

La Mesa

Box office 619.303.5092