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East County News Service

March 27, 2017 (Alpine) -- Lions, Tigers and Bears, an animal sanctuary in Alpine, has a new resident – a bouncing baby bobcat.

Weighing in at just 8 ounces, the rescued bobcat kitten is believed to be only about 10 days old.  The kitten was found near a neighborhood pool in Rancho Bernardo with no mother, so it was brought to a nearby pet hospital that in turn contacted Lions, Tigers and Bears.

The young bobcat is being bottle fed and doing well—but will require too much human contact to be returned to the wild, so he’ll becom e a permanent resident at Lions, Tigers and Bears.

Bobbie Brink, owner of the facility, reminds area residents that if you find a bobcat or other wild animal, it’s best to leave it alone and don’t touch it, even if it’s injured.

Instead, call a native species rehabilitation organization, or contact Lions and Tigers and Bears, so that the animal in need can be safely handled to maximize the chances that it can be returned to the wild.

You can visit to view more photos of the baby bobcat and other animals, or to make a donation to help fund care for the bobcat kitten and other rescued animals.