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Xulon Press, ISBN # 9781604773200
Available through author’s website at ,, and Barnes & Noble


Review by Dennis Moore

November 29, 2009 (San Diego) -- TJ Johnson, a Bible teacher at Bayview Church in San Diego, sums up the genesis of her inspiration for writing a book of Biblical crossword puzzles.



“These puzzles are designed as an alternative way to introduce pertinent and interesting facts concerning a particular chapter or Biblical period," she said.  "I have used some of them in the course of teaching Bible classes at the church I attend in San Diego, California. They provide a way of reviewing what you’ve read to reinforce those facts in your memory. The puzzles are instructional and entertaining, and they remind us that it’s okay for Christians to have fun even when we’re studying God’s Word.”


With that in mind, TJ Johnson’s series on Bible verse and instruction was born: Chapter & Verse, Crosswords And Other Puzzles ~Genesis, Book One~.


“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, and the earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” (Genesis 1:1,2). Everyone knows this as the beginning chapter of the Bible, but in Johnson’s Chapter & Verse, Crosswords And Other Puzzles, ~Genesis, Book One~, she frames it in such a way that it leaves an indelible imprint on our minds and souls. On page 4, 16(down): she states; “_______ was upon the face of the deep.” Of course, we know that “darkness” was upon the face of the deep. Throughout her book, the crossword puzzles get more complex, but that is her intent--to test and reinforce readers’ knowledge of the Bible.


“Abram was ninety-nine years old when God changed his name to Abraham; Invoked the covenant of circumcision; Promised Isaac, the son born to Sarah; Blessed Abraham, and established An Everlasting covenant to Isaac, and his seed.” (from Genesis 17). I must confess, as a Christian, I am not as knowledgeable and familiar with those biblical facts. Perhaps, this book will help.  Johnson’s “Chapter & Verse” helps me with that, by stating on page 52, 40(Across): “Abraham wanted to ______ land to bury Sarah, not take it as a gift.” We now know, through Johnson’s book that Abraham wanted to buy land to bury Sarah.


To the most well versed in Bible teachings and scripture, Chapter & Verse, Crosswords And Other Puzzles ~Genesis, Book One`, serves to reinforced what we thought we knew about the Bible. This book, the first in a series from this transplanted Texan, leads us into her second book; The Genesis Men, Adam & Sons.


Johnson's books  make ideal gifts for Christians on your gift list who want to learn more about the Bible. For additional information, visit the author's website at



Dennis Moore is a writer and author, and a member of the San Diego Writers/Editors Guild. He is also the President of a consulting, marketing and promotions company in San Diego, Contracts & Agency, LLC. Mr. Moore is President of his Church, Bethel A.M.E., Prison Ministry


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Barnes & Noble - Grossmont "Authors Event"

TJ Johnson will be one of the scheduled authors at the Barnes & Noble "Authors Event" in San Diego (Grossmont) on April 9, 2011, in which the topic will be how to get published.

Bible Chapter and Verse Just Like BRAGN's Rhymes and Reasons!

Ms. Johnson! Utilizing creativity to teach and bring awarenes to something established, such as the Bible is a sure thing in winning over new followers or fans and wanting to learn its principles. Love your concept of bringing the Bible's principles and teachings in a fun and non-lecturing way through crosswords and other puzzles. Bravo to you Ms. Johnson! Just like you, I wanted to bring awareness to children of how living positively and proactively now, will increase their life's positive results in the areas of building better relationships with their parents, other adults, teachers, peers and most importantly, with their inner selves. BRAGN - Be Real And Great Now's Rhymes and Reasons to Inspire Positive and Proactive Communicating Young Adults also inspires without lecturing through 43 original poems on topics that include, parental love, belief system, perseverance, resolving conflicts and issues,front of the room presentations, shyness,friendships, bullying, to dream and dream big and learning to love and believe in themselves. Thank you for your review Dennis! BRAGN - Be Real And Great Now is available at, and book stores near you! -Zenaida Roy-Almario

Chapter & Verse

I really feel blessed that my writing is beneficial to so many people. During my research and writing I learned so much and I had a lot of fun reviewing what I had written! It is fun and enlightening, and a really great way to study the Bible. I really hadn't thought about using the puzzles as a family activity, but look what's happened--you found a way to do that! You are right--they are fun, and something the whole family can do together. We all learn from each other! Thanks so much for the positive feedback. It means a lot to a new author. tjay

Chapter & Verse

Forgot to mention: My website at offers background information about me, and more about my books. But ordering books can be easier done from the three different publishing companies that I've tried in publishing my first three books. THey are: ~Chapter & Verse, Crosswords And Other Puzzles, Genesis Book One~ available directly from or; ISBN is: 978-1-60477-320-0. The second half of Genesis review, ~Chapter & Verse, Crosswords And Other Puzzles, Genesis Book Two~ is available from: or; ISBN: 987-1-4490-5129-7. ~The Genesis Men, Adam & Sons~ is a group study guide available from: or or; ISBN is:978-1-4415-1421-9. Thanking God from whom all blessings flow, tjay.

I can say this book is one of

I can say this book is one of the most interesting I ever read. It's a combination that I could have never imagined I will find in a book. If you haven't read it yet, I recommend it. And, if we're on the subject, I sell textbooks online so you could find the book there. It's not expensive and the shipping if free. Well, that's the commercial part, but getting back to the book, it's really impressive and entertaining in the same time. really, try it!

Chapter & Verse

I am going to have to get a copy of this book for my family. We love to play board games and do crosswords. This is a new way to reinforce God's Word and retain it. In my book Surrendered Balance there is a chapter entitled Family Time. This book is an awesome way to spend quality family together doing something that will benefit my whole family disguised as fun fun fun! You can get a copy from or or

Emondage Brossard

We’re a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your web site provided us with valuable information to work on especially this kind of well-written post.

Good Feedback

Thanks for all the critiques you've written about my Bible Puzzles, and the excerpts that Dennis writes. He is really a multi-talented guy! I am blessed to have him review my books.

PS, the second half of the Genesis Puzzles is now available through, or

TJ Johnson

I feel Blessed to have been given the opportunity to review TJ Johnson's book.

Book review

You are doing the hardest work, but this will give excellent results that we will see in our children and cultural development of our country. This essay strenghten my spirit and confidence. I appreciate your work!

Interest in TJ's book increasing!

Attended TJ Johnson's book signing at Malcolm X Library this past Saturday, and from all indications, interest in her book seems to be increasing, as several of her books were purchased just before the conclusion of the book signing. TJ and I talked about having a subsequent book signing at the downtown library in a few months, and possibly getting my former Church in Chicago to stock her books in their bookstore, along with possible book signings there.

Malcolm X Library Book Signing/Author Speak

I am happy to note the upcoming Book Signing/Author Speak of TJ Johnson's book(s). I am honored to be associated with TJ Johnson and her body of work, and encourage everyone to be in attendance at the library on March 27, 2010, from 10AM to 12PM. Congratulations TJ, and keep up the good work.



I have read this book. I am

I have read this book. I am most appreciative for your recommendation of my book to Bible readers, and Christian leaders, and even non-Christians who may wish to learn more about God and the Greatest Book ever written.

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Jan 30th Book Exhibit Preview Reception

The San Diego Public Library is hosting a reception for authors who submitted books published in 2009. I am honored to have one of my books on exhibit, 'The Genesis Men, Adam & Sons.' Please come by and take a look at the new books and meet the proud authors. Reception from 6:30-8:30pm.
A Book Signing is planned for mid February (dates to be determined) at Malcolm-X Library , 5148 Market Street, San Diego CA 92114. I will post as soon as I know.
New Book--Part 2 of the Genesis Puzzles--is scheduled for release in late January! It will be available during book signing at Malcolm-X Library, mid-February. Book title is: 'Chapter & Verse, Crosswords And Other Puzzles, Genesis Book Two.' This book reviews Genesis chapters 26-50. It will be available for purchase from;; from me, and from you local bookstore (although they may have to order it). Visit my site at:

Continued Blessings in 2010,

Theme of 'The Genesis Men, Adam And Sons'

I have been asked about the nature or content of my second book. True, the second half of the Genesis Puzzle series may have been referred to in the past as book two, however the title of that book is, 'Chapter & Verse, Crosswords And Other Puzzles, Genesis Book Two'. It has been delayed in publication because of manuscript transmission problems. Therefore, the Bible Study pictured above 'The Genesis Men, Adam And Sons' was published ahead of the second Genesis puzzle book which should be available in mid January. These Puzzle books are written to review Genesis as follows: Book One reviews chapters 1 thru 25, a chapter (or 2) for each puzzle. Book Two is a review of chapters 26 thru 50.

Now to lend some light on the Bible study book pictured at the bottom of the article above. It also is taken from the content of Genesis. It is entitled, 'The Genesis Men, Adam And Sons'. It is a study written in 8 chapters to optimize 8 (or more) sessions of a group Bible study, or for personal use as one sees fit. This is the first book of a Series that hopefully will engage Bible readers to take a closer look at events in Genesis; such as the Creation of Earth and Man, Garden of Eden events, the First Curse, Abel, Cain, and Seth, and finally events leading to the Flood'. There is also a genealogy table listed in the Appendix that addresses the people discussed in the book.

This first book concentrates on Adam thru introduction of Noah. Subsequent Bible Study books dedicated to the Genesis Men theme will include: 'Noah and Sons', 'Abraham and Sons', 'Jacob and Sons', and 'Joseph, The Dreamer'.

Hope this answers the questions. And thank you for your interest! tjay

T.J. Johnson new book

Let me quickly express both my thanks and appreciation to Mr. Dennis Moore for his thought provoking review on TJ Johnsons Crossword Puzzles bibically based book. Obviously, without question, it has promoted my level of awareness, captured my imagination, and arrested my mind.

I am personally recommending TJs book to all Bible Readers, Teachers, Church Leaders, Pastors and especially those persons who would like to learn more about the Bible and its major characters forthwith. Good luck to you TJ Johnson.

Respectfully Submitted,
John Samuel

Thanks To John Samuel

John Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing my book with Dennis Moore. Also, I am most appreciative for your recommendation of my book to Bible readers, and Christian leaders, and even non-Christians who may wish to learn more about God and the Greatest Book ever written...The Bible.

Great Review!

Thank you Dennis for writing this review. You're absolutely right, the books make nice gifts at Christmas time or any time. You can give them to people who like Crosswords and Word Search (although this book's Word Search is limited to 1). You can give them to people who love Bible study, and to people who just want to learn more about the Bible, especially about Genesis and our history.

This first Puzzle book covers Genesis thru chapter 25; the second book "Crossword & Other Puzzles, Genesis Book Two" , which will be available in January of 2010, completes the Genesis puzzles thru chapter 50. The second book is comprised of about half Word Search and half crossword puzzle studies. Subsequent books will concentrate on various other Bible people and topics.

Thanks again for your dedication to helping other writers. tjay

Bible Study Teaching Tool

TJ, I think that your book can be an essential and necessary Bible Study teaching tool, with an element of fun.

Book Signing Possibilities at San Diego Public Library

TJ, it is a pleasure working with you, and I have a lot of ideas to further promote your book(s), as you have provided the readers with great material. I want to start by arranging a book signing in the downtown San Diego Public Library, as did the new President of my San Diego Writers/Editors Guild, several months ago, which I attended. I already made an inquiry into it earlier this evening. Also, I hope to get your book in the bookstore of my former Church in Chicago, the Apostolic Church of God, which has a 20,000 member congregation. There is also the possibility of a book signing before their book club at the church. Additionally, I hope to have you make a guest presentation before the monthly meeting of my Church's Prison Ministry. TJ, we are just getting started!