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April 13, 2012 (Sacramento) -- The California College Democrats fully support SB1052 and SB1053, which are being brought before the California State Senate Education Committee. The bills would significantly increase the affordability of textbooks.  The legislation would allow undergraduate students at all places of public higher education in California to have free access to 50 core textbooks. These materials, mostly used for lower-division coursework, can be accessed free of charge on the web, with the option of a printed version for around $20.

“With no end in sight to tuition and fee increases at California’s higher education institutions, it is refreshing to see an innovative solution on the table. The legislation will provide immediate financial relief to California’s working and middle class families and is a step in the right direction,” CCD President Paul Murre said.

The two pieces of legislation, introduced by Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, will make a college education much more accessible by decreasing the rising costs of college textbooks. In a time of rising fees for a college education, these two bills are a significant remedy that will greatly cut costs for students.