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By Kathy Carpenter, Associate editor

April 28, 2016 (El Cajon) - A mystery dinner theatre production by Toby Otero. Come spend the evening at the Salty Dog Seaside Seafood and Steak restaurant and see what happens when Captain F. “Bigbeard” McQuarrie and his misfit crew decide to stop their pirating ways and try to sail the straight and narrow. With the notorious French Privateer, “The Razor,” always on his tail, and a drunken pirate head waiter who always seems to do the wrong thing, can Captain Bigbeard and his crew ever truly live a peaceful life? This is the manic tale of a stolen treasure chest, a sensational swashbuckling swordfight, mayhem, mischief, and…MURD-ARRR!!! Performances will be held on Friday and Saturday nights, April 29th and 30th, at 7:00pm and on Sunday May 1st at 2:00pm. The venue is Richardson Hall, 551 Farragut Circle, El Cajon. All seats are $20.00 and include a themed meal. For reservations, please e-mail or phone (619) 588-5348.

Photo, right: Jean "The Razor" Thibodeaux (played by David Gregory) in search of his stolen treasure.

The Circle Players is a theatre outreach under the Neighbor to Neighbor program of the First Presbyterian Church of El Cajon. The goal of The Circle Players is to provide a resource to those in our community who want to share their talent in acting and other performing arts, as well as technical and production aspects of theatre. It also provides performances for the community to enjoy in fellowship with others. All of those who are involved in The Circle Players productions are volunteers - actors, directors, technicians, kitchen staff, wait staff, etc. We encourage those who wish to participate and volunteer their talents in making our productions a quality experience for to contact The Circle Player by phone at (619) 588-5348 or e-mail:

Photo, left:  Clive "The Swallow" Morgan (played by Richard Ferrell) Head Waiter of The Salty Dog, at your service.

You can also follow The Circle Players (of El Cajon) on Facebook.

In the fall, The Circle Players will be performing “The Trial of Dr. Martin Luther” – a historical fiction where Martin Luther is put on trial right before your eyes. Learn who the key personages were that made the Protestant Reformation happen. Was it Martin Luther himself of a series of circumstances? This courtroom trial tells of Luther’s youth, his parents, and his reasons for becoming a monk. Luther tells of his motives for nailing the ninety-five theses to the church door. Performances will be October 29th at 7:00pm and Sunday October 30th during the 9:30am worship services. Both performances will be free with all donations graciously accepted.

Photo, right:  Jim-Lad (played by Nathaniel Walker) the Cabin Boy of the Salty Dog ready to assist.