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July 28, 2012 (Lawson Valley) –Residents of Lawson Valley in outer Jamul now have a website for local news, thanks to editor Leslie Yoder, who drew inspiration from Deerhorn Valley Antler editor Kim Hamilton.

“I was impressed by their sense of community and shared purpose, and I thought it would be nice if Lawson Valley could move towards that without depending on a devastating fire for the catalyst,” said Yoder. “I imagined the blog as a "little sister" to”

She posted a piece on the proposed Lawson Creek Farms horse ranch project, after Yoder spotted signs for an open house and sent out alerts to inform the community. “At the Open House, I met Shelly Owens (cc-d on this email), and we started sharing information. Most of the content of that first post is her excellent work. We'll definitely have some follow-up posts on that issue, and I think where the blog goes from there will really be up to the community,” she said. “Are enough Lawson residents interested in having a shared source of information? Are we ready for a community identity? I hope so,” she concluded, adding that she welcomes content from community members.

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 Lawson Valley has been an

 Lawson Valley has been an area much abused by Sunrise Powerscam construction! This blog might be useful.