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September 13, 2010 (Bonita) – Congressman Bob Filner (D-San Diego) is urging  the public to join him in a massive demonstration against foreclosures.

“Luz Maria is the mother of a son who has been battling cancer and has been told that she and her family will be evicted from their home,” said Filner. “I have been working with her and her bank to come to a reasonable solution -- but to no avail. At minimum she has requested to stay in her home until her son can complete his chemotherapy, but even that request was denied. We are standing with Luz Maria and her family on Tuesday, September 14 at 5:30 a.m. as the Sheriff takes her family's home."

Filner called protecting those who have become victims of the economy one of the most important issues facing America today. “But instead of helping those who needed it most, Washington chose to bail out the big banks with hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money. And now it is those same banks that are turning around and being unreasonable when it comes to working with homeowners to help them stay in their homes,” said Filner.


Directions to the rally: From the 54 E, Take exit 5 for Briarwood Rd and turn right at Briarwood Rd. Turn right at Sweetwater Rd and then take the 2nd right onto Winnetka Dr. Turn right at Butternut Hollow Ln. and park on the street at 4714 Butternut Hollow Ln.

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Interesting information.

Interesting information. Thanks for sharing it here. Keep posting more like this. 


Once again, his opponent's people try to use Filner's passion for helping people against him. Someone said he only did this because he is in a tight race in November. You apparently know nothing about Filner. In 1961 when he was 18 years old, he spent 2 months in prison to challenge segregation in the south. Yes, Congressman Filner was one of the Freedom Riders whose bravery changed the segregation laws. Guess what...the 18 year old Filner wasn't running for any office. He wasn't even interested in politics. He was a history student. He has demonstrated his courage and willingness to go the extra mile for people ever since. So, if you were the congressional representative of this single mom with a sick kid, you are saying you would NOT do what Filner did? You would NOT try to prevent her and her family being thrown out of their home? Sad! I am glad Filner is our representative and not you!

Fony Filner

What about my home BOB??? It most be Election season. Filner picks a phony argument that he can't do anything about to tug on your "political heartstrings"!! Most be a close election this year Bob. the real Bob Filner can be found HERE: 

Filner action gets reprieve for woman facing foreclosure

Rich - Filner's action actually succeeded in getting this woman at least a temporary reprieve. See our new story just posted.

Big Bank Backs Down, For Now: Halts Foreclosure on Home of Cancer Victim as Congressman Holds Vigil:


From what I can see, Filner seems to be fighting to get help for a lot of people facing foreclosure by predatory lenders, not just this one woman.  He has been speaking out on this issue for sometime now, incidentally. 

he helps everyone

Filner's staff has been helping many people on many different issues. His staff has been working with this woman (and many other) to try to get the loan modification that these banks agreed to do when they got our billions of tax dollars. But they are not doing the modifications as we know. This action was not a first response but a last resort. The pubicity is to show people that there is something you can do about it, to stand together as a community and help one another. This is a beautiful thing and it takes a very ugly person to not recognize the value in Filner's actions.

Fony Filner

Stopping foreclosures means not letting people who can't afford the house in the first place, get in with no money down. In this case, do you really think this is permanent??? Would Filner be doing this if he wasn't running in a tight race against Nick Popaditch?? If Filner could change things I would say GREAT, go get-um filner, but I know filner and how he works. He refuses Open debates and town hall meetings and only appeases blocks of voters that THINK he has their best interest in mind. thats why in made the site;