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By Miriam Raftery


June 22, 2019 (San Diego) – The deadline is June 30th for the public to submit comments on the County of San Diego’s draft Zoning Ordinance Update for Small Cell Wireless Facilities. You can read the draft ordinance and supporting documents here. Read concerns about the ordinance here.  

“There are still major flaws needing correction and only with public input can this be helped. We need letters from all over the County as we all love the unincorporated areas and enjoy them,” says Susan Brinchman, director of the Center for Electrosmog Prevention in La Mesa. “Let's not let SD County be ruined with microwave radiation-emitting small cells in its parks and along all the streets.”


The public can also speak out to voice opinions on the draft ordinance during a July 19 County Planning Commission meeting at the County Operations Center, 5520 Overland Ave, San Diego, and an August 7 Board of Supervisors meeting. Both are set for 9 a.m.  


This website will post updates on Facebook:  STOP 5G CALIFORNIA.


Advocates of the plan say its needed to improve cell phone and other wireless communications high-speed service, but opponents raise health concerns of locating 5G wireless small cell transmitters near homes, schools, parks and businesses, as well as potentially large losses in property values. (See letter from realty Holly Manion to Supervisors)


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Make County require insurance for small cells prior to permit

In this well-written article, Environmental Health Trust Director Devra Davis, "wireless and health" expert, shows the unholy marriage of some members of Congress, the FCC, and Big Wireless, conspiring to unleash what scientists and many of us know is a dangerous and disastrous plan, much as the use of asbestos was, but more destructive by far. The insurance companies know it, too, and won't insure. Therefore, permits should NOT be issued until this is possible. Tell that to the San Diego County Supervisors and the Planning Dept. In small letters on the permit application itself, it requires the telecom company to indemnify the County against any lawsuits deriving from the small cells and equipment. So the County acknowledges the danger. But they don't require insurance for the telecoms in their ordinance or process for obtaining a permit for this dangerous small cell experiment on the public. So if a telecom goes bankrupt to escape liability, the County will pay. And go bankrupt as well. Which means we, the taxpayers will not only be sickened and many, dead from this horrible experiment, but left holding the bag for damages. Just as we are for the fires in California started by the utilities. Does that sound like a good plan to you? Raise heck and demand no small cells be permitted without 5 million dollars insurance for each one, proven before application for any permit.

Pending Government Immunity for Telecoms Uninsurable 5G Network?

New Swiss Re Report Dubs 5G “Next Asbestos”

by Devra Davis, PhD, EH Trust

"...As part of its 10K required report to its stockholders and the Federal Trade Commission, Crown Castle, a company installing new antennas nationwide conceded this year: “If a connection between radio frequency emissions and possible negative health effects were established, our operations, costs, or revenues may be materially and adversely affected. We currently do not maintain any significant insurance with respect to these matters.“"



5G ordinance needs your letters/emails to mail by Monday!!

THIS ACTION COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE, THE LIVES OF YOUR LOVED ONES, AND YOUR PROPERTY. ALL INDEPENDENT SCIENTISTS STUDYING WIRELESS AND HEALTH (MANY HUNDREDS) and tens of thousands of organizations and individuals absolutely can prove that close proximity to small cells emitting microwave radiation (in front of your home) is extremely dangerous and can lead to fatal conditions such as cancers. But this is what the County of San Diego (and your cities and towns, as well as the federal gov't has planned for you! I ask all residents of San Diego County to take a moment to review the new draft ordinance which will set up the rules for obtaining permits for these dangerous 4g/5G small cells set to be placed in front of many of our homes and along ALL of our streets, if it is allowed to be done. The draft ordinance is at and note some of the problems we see:
1. Lack of requirement of proof of insurance or bonds for the installers or telecom companies, per small cell, though other municipalities have required this. Small cells can catch fire. Small cells can destroy health and cost lives. Small cells can cause your property to be unsellable or lose in value up to 30% according to some realtors.
2. No setback to the edge of private property, so a small cell can be placed right by the curb, near or in front of your home.
3. No proof of safety even though industry officials have admitted there is none. That's ok, right? Well, it is with the Planning Department.
4. No ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) considerations for people with disabilities or health conditions who must avoid close-range microwave radiation (like pacemakers, metal shunts, auto-immune diseases, ADHD, ADD, autism, seizure disorders, and electro-sensitivities, to name but a few). The only ADA concerns are about whether a wheelchair could navigate the right-of-way. Isn't that disability discrimination?
5. Allows small cells to be located in parks and ballfields.
6. Small cells are to be granted as "ministerial" permits, sometimes referred to as "non-discretionary". Discretionary means it is open to discussion. So these will be automatically approved upon receipt of a complete application, apparently, without giving anyone a chance to provide input. You'll go to work, come home, and there's the small cell in front of your home.
7.The time frame allowed by federal law (60 and 90 day "shot clocks") are nowhere in the draft ordinance as Chief Lardy and his team have so kindly allowed wireless companies to have nearly instant approval for small cells. No need for input or discussion even though allowed by the new FCC orders. That, we feel is downright sneaky. It will happen, too, unless you let the Planning Department get away with this, that is!
8. Noticing of neighbors to the small cell is left to 500 feet and at the discretion of the wireless company apparently, as Mr. Lardy informed the people in Crest, when no one said they were given proper noticing. Funny how industry gets discretion, residents don't.
9. The small cells (which are not small at all, up to four feet in this county ordinance) can be grouped together, two to a pole, at least.
Noise from small cells may not be measured for the types of noise emitted by high frequencies.
10.No one in the County is requiring anyone to prove or even report how strong the signal or microwave emissions are. This is not of concern to the Planning Department.
11. No Master Plan is required. No plan at all. Just apply to put up a small cell anywhere and you've got it, mister!
12. Many trees may be cut down or cut in half as 5G small cells require line-of-sight to be clear. So kiss your trees goodbye in the right-of-ways which can extend 6-8 feet into what you think is your property, from the curb.
13. No complaint hotline for small cells making noise, causing health problems, or for any reason. Who do you call? Hopefully not the Planning Department. They haven't been much help thus far. Ask the people in Crest.

Whether you live in the unincorporated part of the County or not, you enjoy it, so please write an email or letter to the County Planning Dept. and put your own supervisor, if not Dianne Jacob, on copy. All further info you may need is at