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East County News Service

Election for East County’s Assembly District 79 delegates is January 26

January 18, 2019 (San Diego) -- Every two years, Democratic voters in California elect Assembly delegates to the state Democratic Party.  In the past, these elections have not been widely attended or promoted, but local progressive activists and organizers have been working to change that.

These elections are held in January on odd numbered years and anyone who is registered as a Democrat at the time of their vote is encouraged to vote in his or her own District.  Elections in Assembly District 79 in East County will be held on January 26 at Johnson Elementary School, 1355 Kelton Road, San Diego. In the AD 79, 34 candidates are vying for 14 delegate positions.

Each District is allowed 14 Delegates (7 men and 7 women) and one of these delegates will become a member of the Executive board.  

Delegates are required to attend state Democratic conventions each year and will vote on platform and policy issues related to the Democratic platform.  Additionally, they will represent the people of their district when it comes to endorsing candidates at the federal and State level, based upon their adherence to the Democratic platform, including a single-payer healthcare program, efforts to promote a “Green New Deal,” a $15 per hour minimum wage, tuition-free College, and more.The delegate elected to the executive board will also attend additional meetings, between conventions.

Two years ago, a small group of progressive Democrats challenged the status quo and ran to be elected as delegates across California.  In 2017 and again in 2019, progressive delegates won a clean sweep in San Diego’s Assembly District 71 (AD 71). The delegates elected are a diverse group of local activists & organizers, deeply involved in their communities.

As in the AD 71, the AD 79  has a “Progressive Unity” slate running as well as other candidates across the Democratic spectrum.  

You can look up which Assembly  District you live in here:

You can read statements from all candidates in each district on the California Democratic Party website here:

Editor’s note:  This information was submitted by a community member with a request to inform the public. If the Republican Party has a similar delegate selection process open to all party members locally, information can be sent to



Special interest groups

I believe in one person, one vote. Caucasus and special interest "groups" have a funny way of diminishing our Constitution, Bill of Rights and rule of law like O'bama did with "Community Organizers". Federal and State Representatives have "Black, Hispanic, Womens etc." Caucus groups where they take their numbers and inflict their ideology in ways sometimes diminishing the individual and country culture and history. This California Democratic Party "Progressives" is just that. Twisting all that made America great into something outside of what our founders worked so hard to create. You could call the founders a caucus, however it consisted of "all" Americans, for all Americans.