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September 18, 2010 (Santee) – A San Diego Sheriff’s deputy shot and wounded Pedro Galarza, 26, a documented gang member on parole. Deputies responded to a call shortly after 8 p.m. last night from his mother, who said her son was armed with a knife and was attempting to abduct a child.

The first deputy arrived at the home, located at 8610 Ellsworth Lane in Santee, where he confronted Galarza. According to Lt. Dennis Brugos, as the officer got out of his patrol car, Galazra was within ten feet of the deputy when he reached into his waistband with both hands. The deputy fired his service gun, striking Galarza.


Other deputies arrived on scene and recovered a large kitchen knife next to Galarza, as well as a second knife and an ice pick.


Galarza was transported by paramedics to a local hospital, where he is believed to be in stable condition.


Anyone with information about this incident should contact the Homicide Detail at (858) 974-2321, after hours at (858)-565-5200 or Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-TIPS(8477).


Take Responsibility

I am sooo tired of hearing about how people are failed by the system, so was I as a child but I did not continue to be a part of the system as an adult. Your brother is a victim of himself or mental issues. Just because someone is a victim of the system whether jail or mental health does not give them the right to disrupt society and commit violent acts against innocent people. There was a crime committed and the police were investigating a crime. Your family did not have to go willingly. I have lived in Santee my entire life and know many of our Sheriffs and Firefighters many of them good family men and woman. I am so tired of these people disrupting the quite family life Santee offers!


Everyone is trying to portray my brother Pedro Galarza as the bad guy which he is not. He is actually a victim of a system that has failed in helping those recently releases from prison to get their lives on the right track. This was just one mans cry for help, which ended in a tragedy. There is also a bigger concern such as how my family was treated as criminals and taking to the Sheriff's dept. to be interrogated against their own will, locked in separate rooms till three in the morning. According to Srgt. Roy Frank of the San Diego Sheriff's dept. my family volunteered to go, which was actually not true. He also claimed that their concern was for the family but truth be told they were just worried about who the blame was going to fall on. Since the incident a police helicopter has been circling the house daily which is something you do to intimidate and harass someone and that someone being taunted is our family who works and pays taxes like any other family.
So for the news media twisting things around and speaking ill of my brother, they should be ashamed of their selves, as well as those individuals with their ignorant comments. Hopefully with the help of news 10's Mike Howder and Shari Williams the truth behind the man is revealed and heard by all, so they can better understand what the real issues are at hand.

Thanks for posting the family's side of the story.

Angel - Our information was preliminary based on the Sheriff's press release.  Unfortunately our reporter for the Lakeside/Santee area was not able to cover this in person; he was on his way there when he got a call about a prowler in his own backyard!


Channel 10 is our news partner.  I'm glad to hear that they are looking into this case.  Let me know when their story runs and we will post a link to it.