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By Miriam Raftery

May 18, 2018 (Lemon Grove) – Christopher Williams has filed a lawsuit against Lemon Grove Councilman David Arambula alleging that during a meeting at Arambula’s home on July 15, 2017  to discuss Williams’ applications for marijuana dispensaries, Arambula assaulted and injured Williams. 

The suit also names the city of Lemon Grove, claiming the city knew that Arambula conducted city business outside of city hall and “could be physically violent toward members of the public while he conducted official city business but never took any action to prevent him from acting in such a manner.” 

Williams’ suit, filed by attorney Cory J. Briggs with Briggs Law Corporation, alleges that the assault was unprovoked. He claims that when he looked down at his phone to call a ride, Arambula struck him with a bottle and also bit, punched, kicked and choked him.  The lawsuit states that he received medical treatment and  suffered a fractured rib, forehead contusion, laceration to his eyebrow, and bites to his forearm.  Photos taken the night of the assault show significant injuries sustained by Williams.

Arambula, in a prior interview with ECM, claimed that he acted in self defense after Williams’ assaulted him.  Arambula admitted to punching and biting Williams, but claimed he did not hit him with a beer bottle.  Each man accused the other of drinking heavily. He indicated that the meeting was set up at the request of a female friend, Taisha Brown, and that he later also called Mayor Raquel Vasquez to his home when Williams didn’t leave as asked, but the women left before the physical altercation, according to Arambula.  Neither Vasquez nor Brown would comment.

In his earlier interview with ECM,  Arambula said he was not aware of the purpose of the meeting and when he learned Williams had dispensary applications, he tried to distance himself by going outside for a swim. The suit alleges that Arambula took off his clothes and went skinny dipping while a woman on the deck shouted “Woooooo! Go, David!” and made a suggestive remark.

Williams  filed a tort claim against the city seeking damages in January, but the city rejected the claim on February 26th.  No details were provided at the time by the city. 

Arambula did not respond to ECM’s request for comments on the lawsuit, after ECM forwarded a copy of the suit to the Councilman.

City Manager Lydia Romero sent the following statement when asked for comment: 

“The Complaint, sent to the press but not served on the City, contains allegations that conflict with the City's investigation performed to date. The Complaint involves a simple allegation of assault and, despite previous claims to the contrary, does not contain a Civil Rights violation by the City or City officer. The City has engaged outside counsel to investigate the matter and, now, to defend the claim. Due to the active litigation, the City will not make any further comments.”

Williams’ suit seeks general and special damages of an unspecified amount against Arambula and the city, as well as exemplary and punitive damages against Arambula.

As ECM previously reported, other Councilmembers have raised concerned that they were not informed of the physical altercation and that Arambula did not recuse himself from actions on the dispensary applications. Williams has suggested in a prior interview that did not believe the city had treated him fairily over his applications, a point the city has disputed.

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Wow the Left Leaning commentators report to the police here?

Okay! Wow this is what they call extreme.. The Two or three ( Protectors of Left wing Politics here ) Report to the police if they feel hurt on counter comments? Ouch.... I have One thing to say! See you later.... Advertising is now bye bye... I am so glad I found out what my money was going to. Left wingers... You Will not hear from me again Mr fish... its you're site now...enjoy ( Mike Drop )

Yes we notified police.

Someone stole an identity of a poster here, created a fake ID in his name and used it to post personal addresses which could put people ar risk.  While the creep targeted Gene, they actually posted a home address of a different person by the same name -- an 82 year old man who has never posted here.

Those actions are against the law, and are being reported to the appropriate agencies.

If you think that stealing IDs and intimidating people and putting personal addresses online are okay, then you're not someone we'd want here.



ECM is a great site... Some links like Fire and Police seem to out of date... FYI Living in Alpine EAST , El Cajon is west (smile) .... Monetary is wise to pander towards El Cajon is the best monetary way to go. Drupal is a nice server software launch pad, Did you consider local similar software vs SEATTLE, WA, USA? As a Democratic leaning Website that promotes left sided views not think local before sending money to out of state? So many local startups would love to offer a comparative format. Users genecarp and his grandfather? seem to smother your monetary earnings as others and myself have seen ... That is cool... Sorry Genecarp.... is that a Fish BTW? :)

Kevin - We'll work to update the police/fire contacts.

Your other comments are off base.  We are not left-leaning. Our webmaster is not out of state, he lives in San Diego County.  Genecarp and Grandfather are unrelated and as far as I know, don't even know each other.


Kevin, have you seen the posting of my ‘supposed’ personal address on here twice in the last week before it can be taken down as an attempt to stop my counters to some pretty hateful things said about the editor here on this site? Is that a style you appreciate? Would or will you endorse that kind of behavior?


There has been an 82 year old man’s address posted on this site by individuals.

Ongoing communication:

Since this will be reported to the authorities, they will contact us through the proper channels and we will do everything we can to assist them.

If this behavior continues, please let us know and provide more information, so we can take action against the account.

Best Regards,
ProtonMail Abuse Team

If you think this is bad, go to Tumblr.

They post people's addresses because they drew a fat cartoon character skinny.  One artist ended up in the hospital because of a suicide attempt.

Because people take cartoon characters way too seriously.

Yet another Democrat using hate and violence. EXPOSED by ECM!

I will get a troll tag by the east county magazine liberals or in house democrats here for this.. But it is the truth and not fake news. I think this is what they did at Oakland to scare away opposition speaker views? ((HATE)) And the busing in of demonstrators with hundreds using similar signs trying to look individualized but being busted on media as a staged events paying the poor and homeless to advance the goals of the (Train to Nowhere Elite) Nancy is a multi millionaire do yo really think she cares?. Almighty dollar Baby..? Russians? . I'm A Troll and I live in San Diego and I'm Proud of it. MAGA

This isn't about party.

Consistently through the years, when ethical issues have been raised about public officials in any party, we have reported on those as fairly as we can including any allegations, facts, links to documents, and giving someone accused the opportunity to also tell their side of the story if they choose.



My Comment ( WELL) Covered that

This is a left leaning website be proud of it...It shows don't try and hide from it, as the past exposes most of your opinions and they are left leaning. Yes a few ALT Right more than Left but that's OK... it's alright ..it's OK... You have some more dominant commentators here that may give the appearance on a Liberal Site style or Magazine. Business wise in San Diego East County it's very important to not be a party entity and only put forward equal standings as party affiliation and beliefs, that is what the world is turning towards. EasyCountyMagazine monetarily should know East County (APLINE) is skewed Republican and not Democrat as you may think. Yes we do have some apartment cities in the greater east county area, but a vast amount of us live in million dollar or close to homes on 2 to 1.5 acres properties. We drive to Torry Pines , Downtown San Diego , work in Bio Tech and Medical, work at home... Just saying you have some Dogs here that toss you're money earning capabilities to a one sided view. Remember in business you don't talk religion or politics at the table... When it comes to making money, I would not advertise to one sided views in a multi sided area demographically would you? Cheers keep up the good work...


Being so close to home.... We see what Politicians will do DEC/REP/IND/SOC will do to advance party goals. Join the VOMIT party!!! it makes you sick for a reason. ( LOL ) JJ.