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By Dawn Celapino


August 12, 2010 (San Diego's East County) -- Do you want to take a vacation this summer, but can't make plans because you don't know what to do with your dog? There are many cool, pet-friendly accommodations to save you from your unrealized vacation plans! It might be really hard to leave your dog behind, but many vacation destinations don't allow dogs, or have strict policies regarding our furry friends.



The simplest, and perhaps cheapest solution would be to ask a friend or neighbor to puppy-sit. Having a familiar face watch your dog will minimize separation anxiety for both you and your dog, and save you a few bucks! If you don't want to find yourself in a situation where you have to reciprocate for your friend's favor, there are several pet resorts in the area. Most respected pet resorts are equipped with a certified and highly capable staff. These doggy hotels will usually feature several amenities to ensure the comfort of your canine companion. Markim Pet Resort ( features individual and family dens for you dogs, as well as large exercise runs, a large field, and a staff that makes their resort "the next best place to home."

Everybody deserves to get away every once in awhile. You shouldn't let your love for your dog get in the way of your vacation plans. There are several options available to take care of your dog! Look around, and choose the option you are most comfortable with! Happy Summer!


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Dawn Celapino is a fitness trainer with She has taught yoga, kickboxing, boot camp & sculpting classes in corporate, outdoor & residential settings. Dawn loves to run, hike, mountain & road bike, kayak, swim, surf, & yoga. As long as her Cairn Terrier, Jack, is with her, she is happy.


I was just there and it was

I was just there and it was AMAZING! There were so many dogs since it was so cold out (love Minnesota) and my baby had SUCH a good time! Great staff, beautiful facility. It's a huge heated room so my pup can stay warm and burn off all her energy while I don't have to stand in the cold and freeeeeeze. Keep up the good work guys!veterinarians Westport CT