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By Cate Sacks

November 12, 2011 (Blossom Valley) -- News from Facebook, Therapy dog Howard has passed all the training to become a therapy or service dog. This boy is simply awesome. He is gentle, submissive and kind. I have never heard him bark, and he is happy just "being"..whether than means with the other dogs, people, children or just by himself. He is a young boy who has been rounded off to a year old. His body is that of a boxer but his look is that of a chesapeake bay retriever...an amazing combination that is hard to find. He sleeps quietly in his crate and learns quickly.  




 1 yr spayed female Purebred Black 7 lbs Pomeranian. Fun little girl who bonds very closely and is great with all size dogs.



1.5 yr old 25lb super fun and gentle Shepherd Mix spayed female. She is a go anywhere type of dog 

"Please help a shelter dog, tell your family and friends about us"
Cate Sacks