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October 4, 2017 (San Diego's East County) -- East County Roundup highlights top stories of interest to East County and San Diego’s inland regions, published in other media. This week’s top “Roundup” headlines include:



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Home from Vegas, San Diegans Bear Witness to Horror: ‘Bullets Flying Past Our Heads’ (Times of San Diego)

Minutes after landing at Lindbergh Field, a Lakeside plumber Monday still had trouble shaking the bloody images of something akin to a war zone.

San Diego victims in Las Vegas shooting (KNSD)

Several San Diegans are among those injured and killed in the mass shooting on October 1 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Local San Diegan recognized for courage during deadly Las Vegas mass shooting (KUSI)

Taylor Winston was at the country music festival went shots were heard, scattering people in all directions, trying to find safety. According to reports on Facebook, Winston drove back into the crowds with a truck he found and gave people rides to safety and to the hospital.

Rep. Duncan Hunter says he’d support declaration of war on North Korea (10 News)

Rep. Duncan Hunter (CA-50) expanded on his call for a preemptive strike and a declaration of war against North Korea. In a Saturday interview with ABC 10News in San Diego, Hunter acknowledged South Korea’s capital Seoul would “get nailed” but claimed special knowledge of how US troops stationed near the DMZ would be spared death by hiding underground. He twice urged the US to give North Korean territory to China after winning with a conventional invasion.

SANDAG Staff Says 2004 Promises Can Only be Met with Two More Gas Tax Hikes (Voice of San Diego)

They just need California legislators to raise the gas tax two more times. The gas tax hike lawmakers passed this summer will also need to survive a repeal attempt.

3 Sexually Spread Diseases Rise in San Diego County Amid Nationwide Spike (NBC San Diego)

Three sexually transmitted diseases rose in San Diego County in 2016, amid an alarming trend of infection rates soaring to record highs across the country, according to the county's annual report…. / Men between ages 25 to 29 years old had the highest rate of infection.

Sempra Services Video Leaves Out Key Facts on Community Choice (KPBS)

Sempra Services, a group formed by SDG&E's parent company to lobby on community choice energy, has produced a video raising questions about the program. While the video does not contain blatantly false information, it does leave out important context.http://feedpress.me/13288/6936078.gif

These Are the Incredibly Narrow Circumstances in Which You Can View Police Body Camera Footage (Voice of San Diego)

...the cameras were initially sold as a transparency tool ….. As officers were equipped with cameras, though, the department’s characterization of the cameras changed: They were a tool for the police, not members of the community. / That’s been borne out in practice now that all officers are outfitted with cameras and the footage is being used in trials. Even after a trial is complete, it’s nearly impossible for members of the public to access body camera footage.

Malware Attacks San Ysidro School District, Demands $19K Ransom (KPBS)

Malware-infected computers at a local school district this month, deleting emails and forcing the district to temporarily shut down part of its systems.http://feedpress.me/13288/6946164.gif

As Hepatitis A outbreak grows, county refuses to release zip codes where cases reported (NBC)

A San Diego County spokesperson said HIPAA regulations restrict the county from releasing zip code location data detailing where Hepatitis A cases have been reported.


Yosemite hit by ‘substantially bigger’ rock fall one day after deadly slide (CBS)

 A second massive rock fall has hit Yosemite National Park on Thursday, a day after a slab dropped from El Capitan, killing a British climber and injuring a second.

Feds Ease Rules Clearing Way for More Water to Be Drawn from Delta (KPBS)

Federal officials are easing protections this fall for endangered fish that live in the Sacramento Delta.http://feedpress.me/13288/6932835.gif

Cities Facing Fiscal Mess Plead with CalPERS as Pensions Consume Budgets (Reason)

If you ask the union-controlled California Public Employees' Retirement System about the state's looming pension crisis, you're likely to get this answer: What pension crisis?  But the story was much different at CalPERS' own Finance and Administration Committee meeting held Sept. 19.

California strengthens law against audit interference after UCOP dispute (Daily Bruin)

Assembly Bill 562, which takes effect Jan. 1, adds on to current law and states that anyone who obstructs a California state audit with intent to deceive or defraud will be fined up to $5,000.