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August 19, 2015 (San Diego's East County)-- East County Magazine's World Watch helps you be an informed citizen about important issues globally and nationally. As part of our commitment to reflect all voices and views, we include links to a wide variety of news sources representing a broad spectrum of political, religious, and social views. Top world and U.S. headlines include:


Presidential race

Other national news


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Presidential race

More than 300 of Hillary Clinton's emails may have classified data (CS Monitor)

Up to 305 messages in Hillary Clinton's private email server could contain classified information and require further review, the State Department said Monday

Where does Bernie Sanders, the Jewish candidate, stand on Israel? (Jerusalem Post)

Bernie, who describes himself as an "old Jew," has long held a critical but supportive posture on Israel.

Donald Trump: The 14th Amendment is unconstitutional (Mother Jones)

Trump has called for the deportation of all undocumented immigrants living in the United States -- allowing the "good ones" to return through an expedited legal process...Trump announced in his immigration policy proposal released Sunday that he wants to end birthright citizenship -- preventing future undocumented immigrants from giving birth to an American citizen simply by virtue of being born on U.S. soil.…

Huckabee backs denying abortion to 10-year-old raped by her stepfather (Huffington Post)

GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee supports Paraguay's decision to deny an abortion to a 10-year-old rape victim, he revealed in an interview Sunday.

Other national news

Senator 'alarmed' by reports U.S. military families harassed (Reuters)

A U.S. Senator said on Wednesday he was alarmed by reports of an FBI alert that relatives of U.S. military personnel in Colorado and Wyoming were harassed outside their homes by Middle Eastern men who may have had them under surveillance.

The New, New Framework For AP U.S. History (NPR)

After its 2014 Advanced Placement U.S. history framework became a target of intense criticism, the College Board did something unusual: It agreed to a rewrite.

Victims of attacks sue U.S. to keep Iran sanctions in place (Reuters)

Twenty U.S. citizens who won more than $1.5 billion in court judgments against Iran for its support of militant attacks sued the U.S. government on Wednesday to try and prevent it from lifting sanctions on Tehran under an international nuclear deal. The lawsuit in federal court in New York said that unfreezing Iranian funds would rob the victims of the attacks in Israel and the Gaza Strip of “their last remaining opportunity to pressure Iran to satisfy their judgments.

 Inside the Ring: NSA pinpoints China's cyberattacks (Washington Times)

A secret National Security Agency document has revealed the massive nature of China's cyberattacks against the United States, with nearly 700 intrusions in private-sector and government networks. The cyberattacks were outlined on a map that pinpoints what are described by the electronic spy agency as "victims of Chinese cyber espionage ...

NSA Spying Relies on AT&T’s ‘Extreme Willingness to Help’ (Pro Publica)

The National Security Agency’s ability to capture Internet traffic on United States soil has been based on an extraordinary, decades-long partnership with a single company: AT&T. ....It provided technical assistance in carrying out a secret court order permitting the wiretapping of all Internet communications at the United Nations headquarters, a customer of AT&T. 

Federal Agencies Fight for Warrantless Access to Emails (Reason)

....the ECPA considers remotely stored digital files more than 180 days old to be abandoned and forces service providers to hand over those files whenever law enforcement demands—without the need for a warrant. This means that all those old emails in your inbox aren't granted basic due process protections.



China Evacuates Tianjin Blast Site As Sodium Cyanide Found (NPR)

Chinese police are clearing everyone within two miles of a fire in the port city of Tianjin over fears of chemical poisoning, days after a massive explosion that authorities now say has killed at least 104 people.  Police confirmed that highly toxic sodium cyanide was present near the site, raising fears that spread of the chemical could cause more casualties.  

Kayla Mueller: Why US hostage raped by ISIS leader refused to escape (CS Monitor)

A teenage girl, who had also been held by ISIS, revealed the conditions of Kayla Mueller's captivity to US officials. 

Toxic Wastewaster Spill In Colorado Highlights Problem Of Abandoned Mines (NPR)

NPR's Melissa Block interviews Alan Prendergast, a staff reporter at the Denver weekly, Westword, about his reporting on the circumstances that led to the spill from an abandoned mine in Colorado.

Fidel Castro to Obama: You owe us millions (+video) (CS Monitor)

The former President of Cuba claims that the US owes Cuba for economic harm inflicted by the decades-long trade embargo.

'New York Times': Islamic State Uses Quran To Justify Rape Of Yazidi Women

NPR's Melissa Block speaks with New York Times foreign correspondent Rukmini Callimachi about an entrenched system in which ISIS glorifies sexual slavery. She interviewed 21 escaped victims.

The village where men are banned (Guardian)

Only women are allowed to live in Umoja. Julie Bindel visits the Kenyan village that began as a refuge for survivors of sexual violence – and discovers its inhabitants are thriving in the single-sex community.

Journalist, five others killed in Mexico state of Veracruz

(Reuters) - A journalist was among six people killed by armed men in a bar in the Mexican state of Veracruz, the state attorney general's office said on Thursday, days after the murder of another journalist based in the state sparked widespread outrage.

Iran Already Sanitizing Nuclear Site, Intel Warns (Bloomberg)

The U.S. intelligence community has informed Congress of evidence that Iran was sanitizing its suspected nuclear military site at Parchin, in broad daylight, days after agreeing to a nuclear deal with world powers.

Obama warns of dangers to Israel if Iran deal blocked (Reuters)

President Barack Obama told U.S. Jewish leaders it was likely rockets would fall on Tel Aviv if a nuclear deal with Iran was blocked and military action ensued, one of them said on Wednesday.

'19 women refused to have sex with ISIS fighters - and were put to death' (JPost)

The official said that the women were taken captive as sex slaves after ISIS fighters overran the Iraqi town of Mosul last year....According to Valerie Amos, the UN's under-secretary-general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief, women and female children as young as 12 are enslaved and sexually abused.

Japan prepares to restart its nuclear power plants (APM Marketplace)

Early next week, much of the energy world’s eyes will be on the Japanese island of Kyushu. That is the site of the first nuclear plant restart since the Fukushima disaster in 2011.  

U.S. believes Islamic State likely used mustard agent in Iraq attack: WSJ

(Reuters) - The United States believes Islamic State militants likely used mustard agent in an attack on Kurdish forces in Iraq earlier this week, the first indication the militant group has obtained a banned chemical weapon, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.