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August 26, 2015 (San Diego's East County)-- East County Magazine's World Watch helps you be an informed citizen about important issues globally and nationally. As part of our commitment to reflect all voices and views, we include links to a wide variety of news sources representing a broad spectrum of political, religious, and social views. Top world and U.S. headlines include:


General U.S. news

Presidential race


Middle East and Africa

Europe and Asia


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General U.S. news

Americans Recount Subduing Gunman Aboard French Train (NPR)

Spencer Stone, who was hospitalized with knife wounds from the attacker, said the assailant "seemed like he was ready to fight to the end."

Judge orders prompt release of immigrant children from detention (LA Times)

A federal judge has once again dealt a blow to the Obama administration’s immigration policies, ordering federal officials to promptly release children held at family detention facilities. The judge, in a ruling released Friday evening, said that children should not be held for more than 72 hours unless they are a significant flight risk or a danger to themselves and others

Weary US firefighters call on Australia, New Zealand for relief (CS Monitor)

Nearly 29,000 firefighters are currently battling some 100 large blazes across the American West. 

A Shariah-approved nuclear attack {Washington Times)

An EMP would accomplish ‘death to America’ 

Why Obama's approval numbers are sliding (CS Monitor)

...[in] a new CNN/ORC poll released Friday.... 47 percent say they approve of Obama’s policy decisions, 51 percent have responded with a disapproval rating.... More than half – 52 percent – say the president’s management of numerous issues, from the economy to Islamic State to foreign policy, are taking the country “in the wrong direction,” according to the results.

Uber's driver screening practices fuel political debate on rider safety (LA Times)

In Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco, the 5-year-old company valued at $50 billion is battling demands that it use law enforcement fingerprint checks to help ensure customers aren't getting into cars with drivers who have recent records of violence or crime…district attorneys in L.A. and San Francisco said they had identified 25 Uber drivers with convictions for murder, assault, driving under the influence and other offenses.

Ashley Madison data includes San Diego government, military email addresses (San Diego Union-Tribune)

The information of millions of accounts - including some 91,000 purported to be from San Diego - on the adulterer's web site Ashley Madison has been posted online as promised by the hackers who compromised the company’s security in July.

What the secret agreement between Iran and the UN says (AP)

Iran has agreed to cooperate with the U.N. in answering longstanding allegations about possible past work to develop nuclear weapons at its Parchin plant — but only with the Iranians conducting the inspections themselves. That is raising other questions. 

Presidential race

Donald Trump and the mob (CNN)

Donald Trump's glittering empire of New York skyscrapers and Atlantic City casinos have long had a darker side, allegations that the mob helped build them. Trump's alleged ties to New York and Philadelphia crime families go back decades and have been recounted in a book, newspapers and government records."The mob connections of Donald are extraordinarily extensive," New York investigative journalist Wayne Barrett told CNN in an interview.

Straight outta Brooklyn, by way of Vermont: The Bernie Sanders Story (Tablet)

Tracing the Jewish roots of the presidential hopeful, from Burlington to the kibbutz and back 

The deceptions of Hillary Clinton (JWR)

While the scandal surrounding the emails sent and received by Hillary Clinton during her time as U.S. secretary of state continues to grow, Clinton has resorted to laughing it off.

Former Attorney General Questions Clinton's Email Comments (NPR)

Questions surrounding Hillary Clinton's private email server continue to dog her on the campaign trail. Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey tells NPR's Scott Simon that she may have broken numerous laws.

Between eye surgeries in Haiti, Rand Paul talks 2016 challenges (Portland Press Herald)

As many of Paul’s competitors courted voters in Iowa and New Hampshire over the last week, Kentucky’s junior senator joined a team of eye surgeons on a four-day mission to Haiti, giving vision to nearly 200 who would not have been blind if they lived in the United States.


Middle East and Africa

U.S.-led coalition stages 26 air strikes on Islamic State (Reuters)

The United States and its coalition partners targeted Islamic State in 26 air strikes in Saturday's round of daily attacks on the militant group in Iraq and Syria, the Command Joint Task Force said in a statement on Sunday.

White House: Islamic State second-in-command killed in U.S. air strike (Reuters)

The second-in-command of the Islamic State militant group was killed during a U.S. air strike in Iraq on Tuesday, the White House said on Friday, dealing a blow to the group that has sought to form a caliphate across the Muslim world.

Report: Turkey erects concrete wall along border with Syria (San Diego Union-Tribune)

Turkish media reports say Turkey has started to construct a 45 kilometer- (28 mile-) long concrete wall along a key stretch of its border with Syria.

Iran unveils new missile with 500 km range, says seeks peace through strength (JPost)

The defense ministry's unveiling of the solid-fuel missile, named Fateh 313, came little more than a month after Iran and world powers reached a deal on its nuclear capabilities.

Islamic State militants blow up temple in ancient city of Palmyra (Reuters)

Islamic State militants on Sunday blew up the temple of Baal Shamin, one of the most important sites in Syria's ancient city of Palmyra, said Maamoun Abdul Karim, the country's antiquities chief.

Too soon for 'illogical' U.S. to return to Tehran: Iran  (Reuters)

Iran's foreign minister said on Sunday it was too early to talk of reopening the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, as Britain restored its diplomatic mission four years after protesters ransacked the British ambassador's residence.

Israel to P5+1: Iran, Islamic Jihad behind rocket attack against our northern towns (JPost)

“We have credible information that the attack was carried out by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Organization and was facilitated and directed by an Iranian operative Saeed Izaddhi, who heads the Palestinian unit in the IRGC QODS force [part of the Iranian National Guard],” Israel said in a message it delivered to the six world powers. 

Tens of thousands displaced by Boko Haram in two weeks in Chad (Thomson Reuters Foundation)

Around 40,000 people have fled their homes in Chad in the past two weeks following attacks by Islamist militant group Boko Haram, according to an aid agency, as the insurgency stokes an escalating humanitarian crisis in the region around Lake Chad.

Europe and Asia

Police In Macedonia Fire Stun Grenades At Refugees Who Storm Border (NPR)

Thousands of migrants broke through police lines and crossed the border from Greece into Macedonia, hoping to continue northward to new lives in northern Europe. Macedonian police fired stun grenades.

Masses of dead fish wash up on shores 6km from Tianjin blast site (Shanghaiist)

Heaps of dead fish were spotted pilling up near the shores of a lake in Tianjin this afternoon, some six kilometers from the site of the blasts that ripped through a warehouse storing hazardous goods in the port city's Binhai sample taken from a drain pipe near the site of the blasts recorded cyanide levels 277 times above acceptable standards.  However, the bureau insisted that the air and drinking water in the city were within safe levels..In other Exodus-esque happenings since the explosion, rain that washed over the city on Tuesday left a mysterious white foamy substance on the ground. Some who made contact with the rain reported feeling a burning sensation on their face and lips…

Typhoon leaves 15 dead, 12 miners missing in Philippines (CS Monitor)

Typhoon Goni was last tracked at sea about 430 kilometers (267 miles) northeast of Basco town in Batanes province on the archipelago's northernmost tip. It is forecast to lash southern Japan within 24 hours. 

How Asia's melting Tian Shan glaciers could fuel conflict (CS Monitor)

By 2050, half of the remaining ice in Asia's Tian Shan mountains could be gone, depriving large parts of Central Asia of much-needed water.

In Spain, Entire Villages Are Up For Sale — And They're Going Cheap (NPR)

Another factory explosion rocks China. Another case of corruption exposed? (CSMonitor)

A chemical plant explosion in Shandong province Saturday injured at least nine people. After years of corruption, how many buildings in China store explosive chemicals in residential areas? 

What Greece's new elections mean for the bailout (AP)

Greece's prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, has resigned and called new elections — just as the country was starting to tap its new bailout package.


Mexico sees first conviction of soldier in disappearance (AP)

A judge in Mexico has handed down the first conviction ever of a Mexican soldier for the disappearance of a civilian.

The Underage Girls Of Mexico's Sex Trade: Hope Amid The Horror (NPR)

A new study finds that one in four of the sex workers in Tijuana and Juarez started as minors. A safe house is helping some of them find a new life.