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By Miriam Raftery

February 5, 2017 (El Cajon) – El Cajon Assistant City Manager Majed Al-Ghafry has accepted a position as Assistant City Manager for Dallas, Texas.  A Syrian immigrant who came to the U.S. as a child, Al-Ghafry previously worked in Texas and has over 28 years of experience in municipal government.

 “He’s been a real asset to this city,”  El Cajon Councilman Gary Kendrick told ECM, adding that Al-Ghafry speaks Arabic and has been helpful in translating and explaining city ordinances to immigrants from the Middle East. 

“It’s great when someone can look up at the City Council meeting and see someone who is from their community and speaks their language,” Kendrick added.  “Fortunately we have Ben Kalasho up there, who can also speak fluent Arabic.”  Kalasho, the newly elected El Cajon Councilman, is an Iraqi immigrant.

A registered civil engineer, Al-Ghafry worked as Director of Public Works for San Antonio, Texas, as Public Works Director in  Lemon Grove and North Las Vegas, as well as an engineer for Chula Vista  before joining El Cajon as Assistant City Manager in summer 2013. He served as director of both El Cajon’s Community Development and Public Works Department.

The City Manager has not yet announced who will be hired to replace Al-Ghafry.