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By Robert Gehr


February 13, 2019 (El Cajon) -- On my walk earlier Wednesday morning, I encountered a shattered store front window at Maximon Botanica, 127 N. Magnolia Ave. in El Cajon. The faith establishment sells a wide variety of religious items.

As I passed by the place, I began to call the police but didn’t need to complete the call, as a patrol vehicle was just pulling up on Rea Ave. in response to someone else who called them about the broken glass which was strewn all over the sidewalk.


It appeared to me that nothing in the window display was disturbed, so it’s possible that no one actually entered the store that way (although the front door lock was accessible.) Nevertheless, responding police officers following probable protocol, entered the establishment to make sure no one was inside burglarizing the place, had already stolen something, or even hiding inside.


Our editor called the shop and was told that the only thing taken was candy.


Cause of this broken window is unknown at this time. I observed nothing laying on the ground such as a rock that may have done the damage.


A big window like this will probably be very expensive to replace. Sad for the business owner.