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Source:  U.S. Forest Service

July 3, 2018 (Ramona) - An emergency closure order has been implemented for Three Sisters and Cedar Creek Falls, effective Thursday, July 5 through Monday, July 9, due to the anticipated heat wave and considerable public health and safety concerns involved..

The road and trail system leading to both Three Sisters and Cedar Creek falls are very challenging under normal conditions, but with extreme heat, the area becomes dangerous. Heat stroke has been a primary factor in high casualties at these trails, with hundreds of victims requiring medical aid or air rescues, and several fatalities occurring every year.         

Extreme heat and high fire danger have prompted officials to implement emergency closure orders when temperatures are expected to exceed 95 degrees. Fire officials will continue to weigh the forecast and associated risks in an effort to preserve the health and safety of rescuers and the public. These closures are expected to occur throughout the summer.

The Forest Service is dedicated to improving public safety and access to the Three Sisters Trail. Recently having undergone some new development on the first one-mile stretch of trail, hikers will find a safer and more direct route to the falls, alleviating the need to rock/mountain climb and lowering injury risks