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"Do you think the victims of the fires of 2003 & 2007 be allowed
to go
homeless?" asks Randy Seol of the musical group Strawberry Alarm Clock.

This Saturday, November 8 from 3 to 8 p.m., Seol is organizing a benefit
fundraiser to meet and hear musical groups slated to perform at a benefit
concert next March.(The concert was originally set for October 4th but was
postponed due to permit issues.)

The fires of 2003 burned more than 280,278 acres, and over 2,232 homes. Four
years later, the 2007 fires charred nearly 350,000 acres, destroying 1,350
homes and 100 businesses. "Many families are still without homes, and
running out of time and hope," said Seol. "This benefit concert is
not like
others. This one is to lend a hand to the families that are still in need.
Yes, FEMA has done their part, but those benefits are about to run out, and
the families will again have nowhere to live...This Reunited Overture
Benefit Concert will help aid those families in re-building not only what
they had, but hope in looking forward."

Shelters and recovery centers shut down after immediate danger was over.
Foundation grants allowed other agencies to provide trailers for homeless
fire victims, replaced damaged equipment, cleared charred land and funded an
assessment of natural and cultural resources destroyed by the flames, Seol
noted. "But residents like the Ortegas with their two children and the
Thompson family with four children and grandparents need money and services
to reconstruct their lives. Even though millions of dollars have been
donated to the recovery efforts, most of the money has not trickled down to
the fire victims themselves."

Seol's vision is to start a movement where local citizens, hopefully through
their employers, will adopt a family in need and assist them in any way they
can. Randy Seol in association with the Heartland Foundation is working to
help two families out of hundreds that still are without the funds to
rebuild their lives. A large benefit concert will be held in March of 2008.

The private kick off party November 8th aims to raise funds to make this
event happen. Guests are invited to meet the bands and learn more about the
future benefit concert. Tickets are $100 a person and includes dinner and
two drinks. The event will be held at Winston's in San Diego.

Visit for some more information
and to purchase tickets. For Tickets call (619) 972-7263