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By Jonathan Goetz

Photo:  Lemon Grove Management Analyst Miranda Evans, smiling, received flowers for her self-taught videography in Lemon Grove's 40th birthday year of celebration and history minutes.

July 5, 2018 (Lemon Grove) -- It wasn’t all flowers Tuesday as the City Council discussed roads, sidewalks, a memorandum of understanding with firefighters and bringing various proposals before voters in order to raise revenue for the City of Lemon Grove, which is forecasting a budget deficit.

Lemon Grove finds itself having to solve a general fund deficit caused in part by contractual obligations which grow the general fund by 3.6% per year, while the main general fund revenues are only predicted to increase by 1.5%, over the coming year, according to a PowerPoint presented at the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, July 3, and noticed to the public.

Options under consideration include increasing business license taxes, a half-cent specialty tax on purchases from non-local vendors, marijuana taxes, and a tax on utility users. Council is expected to return for discussion of these items on July 17.

Photo, right: Karen Pearlman from the San Diego Union Tribune reported at 10:08 p.m. (over 4 hours into the meeting) that they were still discussing the taxes. Find more details on the revenue increasing proposal in her article.

A bright spot in the meeting came when City Manager Lydia Romero presented flowers to Management Analyst Miranda Evans, pictured above, to recognize her self-taught work on her iPhone for Lemon Grove's 40th birthday year of celebrations and history minutes.

Former Mayor Mary Sessom was featured in a clip along with current Mayor Racquel Vasquez, who was also awarded flowers by Historical Society President Helen Ofield and Miss Lemon Grove. You can find Evans' video on YouTube at