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Updates to this story have now been posted on the victim, as well as on a new ban on jumping, alcohol, and other activities at the falls. Get the latest details at:


July 6, 2011 (Ramona) – The U.S. Forest Service has closed Cedar Creek Falls for an investigation into a deadly fall today that killed one visitor and injured another.


The fatal accident is at least the fourth serious injury incident during the holiday weekend at Cedar Creek Falls, according to Incident Page Network. The Forest Service recently opened a new trail to make the popular destination accessible to more people.


Today’s accident claimed the life of a male hiker and seriously injured a second hiker, also male, San Diego Sheriff’s department spokeswoman Melissa Aquino reports. The injured hiker has been airlifted to a local hospital.


On July 2, two different rescues were conducted at Cedar Creek Falls. Only July 3rd, an adult fall victim suffered major head injury and had to be air-lifted out.


Cedar Creek has been the scene of various injuries through the years as well as fatalities, often due to visitors jumping off rocks, being swept over the falls, or suffering rock-climbing accidents.


Rescue operations were also conducted this week from several other popular hiking trails including Iron Mountain (collapsed hiker), Mission Trails (fallen bicyclist), and Three Sisters Falls ( heatstroke suffered by two hikers.)


Build a trail and they will come...

The Forest Service recently completed a trail and spent millions of dollars in the parking area and bathrooms at the trail head for the Cedar Creek Falls. Look what we get, dead people, trash by the truck loads and a mess to boot... The forest service did Cedar Creek Falls a disservice...
The damage is done... ruined forever... I hope they learn a lesson and don't think about improving the trail at Three Sisters Falls

Same as it ever was

I agree that the new trailhead has lead to a mess. But as far as lack of preparation, poor judgement, and a party atmosphere leading to rescues, it's been that way as far back as I can remember. Besides, it's not exactly Yosemite Falls, it's hardly worth heat stroke, a broken ankle, killing your dog, or dying for. The trail improvement was so people could get back out without needing to be flown out, but, there will always be people who don't prepare. That said, I am very sorry for the young man who died.

While there have always been

While there have always been rescues at Cedar Creek the number and intensity since this new trail head has opened has increased dramatically. There were 31 responses to calls last year and transported 4 patients. That's just a response to the trail head for heat related illness or minor injuries. There were 8 helicopter rescues this past weekend and 3 dogs died! That doesn't even count the number of people that were getting aid at the trail head when unprepared hikers make it out or the patrols helping people on their way up.