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May 27, 2013 (Lakeside) – Helix Water District’s Johnstown Tank, located in Lake Jennings Park Estates off Harritt Road, Lakeside, is currently undergoing complete interior and exterior recoating. Work began on Monday, May 13, 2013. The project will take approximately six months to complete.

The viewshed for this tank includes a large area along the I-8 corridor west of the Lake Jennings Park Road exit.

Residents in the area should be aware of increased traffic, elevated noise levels, and a visual change to the tank’s surface.

Dust and overspray will be contained by a complete tank scaffolding and wrap. Exterior changes will include upgraded access stairs; overflow pipe modifications; handrail, hatch, and roof vent improvements; and color change. This project is part of HWD’s 2020 Capital Improvement Plan, designed to upgrade facilities within the District that are designated for major repair or replacement.

Constructed in 1971, The Johnstown Tank is steel and holds 2.26 million gallons of treated water.

It is 72.3 feet tall and has a diameter of 75 feet. The exterior was last resurfaced 26 years ago and the interior 40 years ago. New coating products will give added longevity to this very important drinking water reservoir.

The Johnstown Tank is an important component of Helix’ distribution systems. It is the treated water reservoir for a large number of residents in the Eastern portion of the District. Once rehabilitation is complete, it is expected to serve the area for many more years.