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The Sounds Of Silence Are The Loudest, by Cortina Jackson (CoLAB Creative Group, LLC, 2018, 207 pages).

Book Review by Dennis Moore

March 4, 2020 (San Diego) - Cortina Jackson, with a background in criminal justice and law enforcement, follows up her initial publication; On Earth As It Is In Hell, with her latest fiction novel of a similar genre; The Sounds Of Silence Are The Loudest. As a matter of fact, this latest book borders on the macabre. It is thought provoking and has elements that can have the reader on the edge of their seat.

The Sounds Of Silence Are The Loudest, admittedly by the author, has stories within it that are not scary, but this writer begs to differ! Jackson states that the reality of it is. Jackson says she decided to call the book The Sounds of Silence are the Loudest, because people’s silence about abductions, trafficking, mind-control, and organ-harvesting is deafening. She further states that it is time to make some actual noise, for these issues are no longer a secret for this fiction writer.

Being an advocate against domestic violence and a former police officer perhaps shapes the author’s writings, as well as this story, which is demonstrated in the attached pronouncement here.

This book follows the theme of her first book, which this author had the privilege of writing the review of in the East County Magazine. She weaves thoughts of mysticism and demonic intervention throughout the book. Jackson points out in this book that an unusual amount of children are being abducted, which seems to be the central theme in her story.

Jackson specifically states: “He knows where they are. He knows what happened. He knows what he did. The eyes of God were watching him, and now you get to see him as well. Barrel down a terrifying path of the birth, rearing, and life of a serial killer. His influence helped him to get away with it, or so he thought. Orchestrated by a diabolical manifestation, or his own penchant for murder. His motives are more sinister than you think.”

The author is actually speaking of a psychopathic police officer in the aforementioned, a John Bigsby, who loved to kill for the ecstasy, and exhilaration that it brought to him whenever he did it. John’s brain rarely went a moment without his synapses firing rapidly. He always stayed two steps ahead of everyone else. The information gathered today would help him with important steps days, and sometimes weeks away.

He hunted people like a ravenous wolf, strategically lurking in the shadows, and patiently waiting for signs of vulnerability from his prey. He usually waited a while before he killed again, and made sure to do this so he could plan carefully who he killed, and where he killed. He had to be sure that each step led to the other, perfectly, just the way that “Dark Man” orchestrated it. However, his desires to kill burned hot within him, and before this fresh kill could turn cold, he was ready to do it again.

Jackson points out in The Sounds of Silence are the Loudest, that with police authority came power, but police power given to a psychopath was a dangerous combination. This is what the aforementioned John Bigsby had – a psychopathic police officer, who was also a serial killer, was a dynamic from the very pits of Hell.

There are actually certain aspects of this thriller that should remind the reader of the 1972 classic film The Night Stalker starring Darren McGavin. As a matter of fact, as Jackson has indicated that she would like to write and act full-time, perhaps she has already considered subject book for a movie. I for one would go and see it, and who knows, since my son is a recent graduate of one of the top acting schools in the world (CalArts), perhaps he would get a role in it.

It seems as if Jackson is getting closer to her dream of acting full-time, as she recently was selected for a role in the upcoming short film; "Dry Places" pictured here. Of course, we wish her luck.

This is an intriguing story and book that will keep the reader spellbound, and one that I highly recommend.

Dennis Moore has been the Associate Editor of the East County Magazine in San Diego and the Book Review Editor for SDWriteway, an online newsletter for writers in San Diego that has partnered with the East County Magazine. Mr. Moore can be contacted at or you can follow him on Twitter at: @DennisMoore8.



Author, Actress, Advocate

Remember a time that you dreamed big for something that seemed impossible. I have realized that dream, as I have utilized the time sheltered in place to become more of what I have always dreamed. I booked an exciting role in the upcoming movie, "God's Tired," by Michael Green. It will film in Dallas, TX and is set to be released to PureFlix. I will also begin filming another role as a marriage counselor in "Dry Places," by Theo Bray, and I will appear in the stage play "Stop Playing with God," that was postponed due to Covid19 and will resume in Houston, TX, November 1, 2020, and Chicago, IL, November 7, 2020. Also, I will have the opportunity to be in a TV series called, "La-Laurie Parrish" as Madam Chamoy! I am an advocate for domestic violence and sexual abuse and will have some speaking opportunities as well. Lastly, am writing my autobiography, and my 3rd book in my "Hell" series. I asked, believed, and I am receiving everything that I have wanted through positivity, faith in Jesus Christ, and gratitude which I share daily. Your support is amazing to me, and I am excited about sharing my journey with others so that they too may experience their full potential and best life. Visit me at my website at where you will find links to my IMdb page and social media! You are worthy of the best, let me show you how to achieve it!

Sounds Like I want to Read It

Cortina Jackson is a compelling personality and this book sounds just as fascinating. The fresh perspective of a mentally deranged cop vs a rogue officer offers a viewpoint I hadn't considered and would love to examine. Thank you for a terrific review, Dennis. You weaved your magical prose once again as you did in your review of my book, "This Day in Comedy: the Ethnic Encyclopedia of Laughter".

Response to Darryl Littleton

Mr. Littleton, it is such a joy and honor to know you! Thank you very much for your delightful comments. I appreciate them so much! The book is really an eye-opener that almost kept me silent in sharing it. I feared the backlash from the real and relatable imagery that is portrayed in the book. There is such a bad light cast on police officers already; however, being a former police officer myself, I knew that the possibilities of what is told in this compelling book were true to life. I hope that readers will definitely read between the lines to understand the matrix that we truly live in, while other evils creep into the reality. Thank you again sir, your book is outstanding, and I am very proud of all of your endeavors!!

Read the Sounds of Silence are The Loudest Now

Thank you all for your comments and support. The book is available right now on E-Book by going to you can start reading immediately for $2.99. The book is also available on paperback on Amazon, or on my website for faster and cheaper delivery at Both of my fiction thrillers have been nominated for the Authors Academy Award, in the Mystery and Thriller Category! I would really appreciate your vote at Go to Page 10 and also to page 15 to vote for "The Sounds of Silence are the Loudest," and "On Earth As It Is In Hell" As always thank you so much for your wonderful support. reviews and comments are always welcome!

Perhaps some citizens get their killing instincts

from the government, which stalks its enemies around the world on a grand scale, killing them by the thousands and gloating about it. The enemies are all "terrorists." It goes back to the extermination of native Americans. . .The silence of other citizens about domestic violence comes from our upbringing, our schooling, starting in elementary school: Salute the flag, and then sit down and shut up. And as adults we have no way of affecting the government, which mainly performs in obedience to the several hundred billionaires in the country. There is zero democracy in a supposed democratic country. Nobody to listen to us when we speak, therefore the silence. . . .We shouldn't blame the people for this situation, should we.

Response to Don Bacon: Killing Instincts

Thank you very much for your comments Don! I appreciate them so much! So true we are often defenseless against the tragedies of the world. There have been victims who attempted to expose, or talk about their experiences, only to be threatened, or even killed. It entrains the rest of us to just keep quiet. It solidifies the fact that we have no power. However, once we realize that the fear is in exposure, then we can stand up, and take back what was stolen from us as victims. Social Media has given us an opportunity to see some things that we only used to hear about. Corey Feldman is attempting to expose pedophilia in Hollywood, and what was hidden for so long will be brought to light by social media. If he did not speak out, he would have been just another abused child star that no one believed, or thought was a washed up addict or failure. I am happy to see him speak out, I am happy for the #metoo movement, and other platforms that have been taken to help people regain their confidence and authority to experience the happiness that everyone was intended to experience. Hopefully this book will be an eye-opener to many things. The fiction aspect will help the jagged little pill to go down, the reality will then take hold and hopefully, help someone in the future experiencing these terrible things. Trafficking, Serial Killers, Pedophilia, Ritual Abuse, Dissociative Personality, Mind Control, Monarch, Reptilian Bloodlines, Adrenochrome! Find out in this book! The book is available at my website also nominated for the Author Academy Awards! I sure would be honored by your vote by going to and voting for "The Sounds of Silence are the Loudest" on page 15 and "On Earth As It Is In Hell" on page 10 Thank you again Don!

Goodreads link I posted my comment as a review on GR with a bit of editing. mjp

Publish and stop the silence

I just posted Dennis Moore's review of Cortina Jackson's new book "The Sounds of Silence are the Loudest" on This publishes the review on twitter too. I think I'll post my first comment on Goodreads along with Cortina's cover. mjp

Publish and stop the Silence

Thank you Michal for sharing the review on several platforms! I am so appreciative! My book has been nominated for an Authors Academy Award, and I am so excited about the opportunity to share the synopsis in front of a captivated audience, as my way with words detail the life of a serial killer abused as a child; with a mind that has cracked into many pieces. The listeners will hear what the pieces of his mind were used for!!! You are the best, thank you tremendously! Book available now on Amazon and my website!

Secrecy as an Enabler of Evil

Cortina Jackson has listed some infamous archetypal bogeyman topics that make people want to look under the bed or pull the covers over their eyes. Children have an instinct to be afraid of the dark and know intuitively that what is done under the cover of darkness may never see the light. We all have times when we search for spiders and bugs and jump at the shadows flickering on the walls. People like scary stories and being safe while they watch them. The problem comes when the bogeyman is real. When he's someone who ought to be safe and dependable. When he isn't that turns our sense of reality upside down and we don't do too well hanging by our tails from a tree. Everything appears lopsided. People tell us to behave and stop looking for problems. Bring up something too scary to deal with as being a real possibility or a proven fact and you will run smack into the psychological defense mechanisms of people. Everyone has these defenses to help them continue to function in a world that feels so full of overwhelming threats that we often feel ready to shut down. For people without these defenses you get into PTSD land. A life of constant terror. As always, Cortina is ready to take on many subjects others are too fearful to tackle. Silence is not golden and it does not make you safer. It does not make your children safer. A society that functions on denial is brittle and very apt to panic. The source of Cortina's strength is her faith in God. I wish her the best with this new book and her acting work. When in doubt my advice is to go to the Psalms and read the promises there. I take my own advice and it has brought me through times of despair and times when I felt I had no more strength to deal with overwhelming circumstances. God is never too busy to talk to you. MJ Payne, Author, The Remembered Self: A Journey into the Heart of the Beast. You can find my Word Press site INCEST CENTRAL. The topic matter is child abuse.

Response to Michal: Secrecy as an Enabler of Evil

Michal this was fantastic! So very well said! Thank you for your comments, I truly appreciate it. You are so on point with the silence that we feel keeps us safe as an individual. We know that bad things are happening, but sometimes feel defenseless at changing it. Therefore, it continues to happen, and to the unfortunate victim, it is a reality that keeps them in bondage, fear, despair, or demise. I wanted to just write a good thriller that people could enjoy, and walk away like watching a movie, but I was drawn in deeper and deeper, as the characters begin to come alive, and I felt trapped in someone else's reality. I realized that I could not be silent about child abuse, ritual abuse, pedophilia, mind control, and so many other sensitive subjects. The book is still a great thriller, but the reader begins to realize they are watching a psychopathic mind, and will understand how it came to be. I experienced abuse in my life, sexual abuse, emotional, physical, domestic violence, and countless other attacks in my life. Once I gave my life to God completely, I realized that every time I experienced pain, anxiety, fear, distrust, that I was actually helping more of this evil to grow and become attracted to me, which only confirmed that the world was bad, I was bad, and there was nothing good for me to live for. However, my life in Christ allowed me to see His love for me, my worth, my peace, joy, and happiness. Once I gave my heart to God, my entire life changed. Once we as a nation stop with the silence, and stand for what is right, these atrocities and evils will be exposed, and some one will not have to be a victim in the future! Thank you again Michal, you are wonderful!

The Sounds of Silence are the Loudest nominated for book award

I am so excited as my books have been nominated for awards with the Authors Academy! My books, “The Sounds of Silence are the Loudest,” and “On Earth as it is in Hell,” are nominated in the Mystery and Thriller category respectively! I would be so honored and grateful if you would go to And vote for both books on pages 10 and 15 of the categories!! Thank you all your support is amazing and a blessing!

Silence is scary

See something, say something. This should apply to all situations. The title of Cortina Jackson's book is appropriate, because she's right. Silence can be deafening, and that is scary. I do hope she has success with her book.

Thank you

Carole McKee thank you very much for your warm regards!! I really appreciate you!! I speak about some traumatic things happening in the book that mirror real life. Readers will literally understand what is happening in the world with missing children, coronavirus, and hidden agendas that I exposed long before it manifested now. I pray that people become more aware instead of desensitized to the evil that surrounds us daily. With this awareness perhaps changes will occur. My change was my belief in Jesus Christ! I gave my heart and entire life to the Lord, and He revealed many things to me. With love, peace, and harmony within, I am able to show love and pray for a world without! Thank you again, you are wonderful!!

What is being kept silent? You will soon find out!

Thank you so much for a wonderful review Dennis. I have worked in the Criminal Justice system and Law Enforcement for 20+years. In that time, I have spoken to and worked around murderers, sexual predators, rapist, robbers, and serial killers. I have had the opportunity to learn some of their patterns, some of the things that kept them from being discovered, some of their plans for the future if they ever got out; and the one thing that they could depend on to get away was the silence. Women who didn't scream, relatives that didn't tell, a justice system that gave them chances that were often undeserved; this was often by an offender's own admittance. There are things happening in the world that a lot of people aren't aware of, or they feel is just another conspiracy theory, or they are turning a blind eye to it. MK Ultra and Monarch Mind Control, Ritual Abuse, Dissociative Personality, Super Soldiers, Adrenochrome, Walnut Sauce, Spirit Cooking, Trafficking, Kidnapping , Pedophilia, what do these all have in common? They are happening right now as we speak. The horrifying details are more than most people can fathom, so they choose not to talk about it, or discuss it, or research it, but it does not negate the fact that it is happening. I wrote this fictional story, "The Sounds of Silence Are The Loudest," about a young boy that was from a long line of ritual abuse; experiencing his own abuse caused him to "crack." His dissociative personality was perfect, as one of his many personalities was that of a serial killer. He tracked children for more than the sport of the kill, he had an agenda to uphold, elites to satisfy, and a killer instinct to carry out. Learn what the fictional agenda is, and you will question whether or not such a thing could truly be fact or fiction. Either way the Silence must be broken! Life is scarier than fiction, the fate of the world is scarier than this!