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By Miriam Raftery

January 5, 2019 (Jacumba Hot Springs) — Disturbing results of a new mental health evaluation have halted the state’s plan to release Alvin Quarles into the Jacumba Hot Springs community in San Diego’s East County.

A convicted, sexually violent predator known as the “Bolder than Most Rapist,” Quarles was diagnosed in October with Sexual Sadism Disorder, Voyeuristic Disorder and Antisocial Personalty Disorder, according to the District Attorney’s office.

He was convicted of sexually assaulting four women at knifepoint in 1989, in some cases forcing partners to watch.  After serving about half of his 50-year sentence in state prison, he was slated for parole in 2013 but was then committed to a mental institution.  A few months ago,state authorities deemed him fit for release to a home at 43050 Desert Rose Ranch Road in Jacumba Hot Springs.

That proposal drew outraged protests from residents and victims of Quarles, as well as Supervisor Dianne Jacob.

After the District Attorney’s office urged the judge to reconsider his decision to release Quarles under the supervised provision initially proposed, Quarles underwent a new mental health evaluation which remains under seal. However Jessica Coto, Deputy District Attorney, stated, “The DA’s office does believe that the info in that report provides strong evidence for the court to reconsider his ruling to release Mr. Quarles,” 10 News reports.

So for the time being, the judge has ruled that Quarles must remain in a state mental hospital pending a future hearing at an as yet unscheduled date.

Supervisor Dianne Jacob, who has fought to stop Quarles’ release into rural East County, praised the decision, stating, "I applaud the efforts of the DA in being very solid and very firm in asking for reconsideration of the judge’s prior decision. That’s the right thing to do – keep this guy locked up, locked up for good; that’s what I hope."



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Perhaps WTF?

Perhaps we give them more Trailers build cottages and jobs for them to integrate into the community less a burden. Less burden on taxpayers. WOW! what a strange minded person! Perhaps we can do this for murders and illegal border crossers too. Shaking head beyond belief. Too much of medications here..... Wow

What should be done:

Bring in more trailers, or construct small cottages on Donovan Correctional Facility (prison) property in Otay Mesa to permanently house these sex offenders. Then make them work, earning some type of stipend so they are more self supportive and less of a burden on taxpayers.