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        "47th NAACP Image Award Nominee in Literature"

The Audacious Woman: Blaze Your Own Path To Prosperity, by Pamela Y. Toussaint, MBA (Courageous Women Publications, 2015, 118 pages).

Book Review by Dennis Moore

“Looking and acting like a leader depends on getting three things right, a trio we refer to as Appearance, Communication, and Gravitas. Individuals who nail each of these elements exude true executive presence.”

~ “Executive Presence” By the Center for Talent Innovation

July 8, 2015 (San Diego’s East County) - Pamela Y. Toussaint, MBA, the president and founder of Ultimate Image Coach, has authored with her daughter, Tamara Toussaint, JD, the quintessential book on women’s empowerment; The Audacious Woman: Blaze Your Own Path To Prosperity. A personal branding consultant, corporate trainer, author, and keynote speaker, Toussaint came from humble beginnings to write this well researched and documented book. Born and raised in a small village in Jamaica with three sisters and brother, her mother was widowed when Pamela was 10 years old. Against all odds, motivated by the values her mother instilled, Toussaint achieved success as a corporate executive and community leader in the United States. She took an audacious step to re-write her life’s story, and re-branded herself as The Ultimate Image Coach. Click to view.

Toussaint believes that passion, a compelling personal brand, audacity, self-confidence, and impeccable communication skills are the keys to a successful career and life. As a corporate trainer and professor at Palm Beach State College in Florida, Toussaint works with students to build critical human and customer relations skills in preparation for successful careers.

After reading the “Audacious Woman: Blaze Your Own Path To Prosperity,” Toussaint believes you will be able to:

  • Find Your Purpose
  • Own Your Power
  • Take Risks
  • Seize Opportunities
  • Create a Compelling Personal Brand

In the prologue to this book, Toussaint makes a resounding statement and courageous move in life, which puts it in context and sums it up, by stating: “I quit my Human Resources (HR) executive job in August 2010. I took a bold step to re-write my life’s story by re-branding myself as The Ultimate Image Coach. I walked away from a six-figure salary and a 40-year career to pursue my passion. I did not make this decision lightly. I had always known that I wanted to do more and use my God-given talents and expertise to help others succeed in their professional and personal lives. I just didn’t know when I would make the leap and what I would ultimately do.” To put another way, Toussaint indicates that she sent her family into shock by walking away from this 40-year Human Resources career that was raking in over $100,000 annually. I can actually relate to that decision, as I did something similar when I walked away from a Specification Engineer position for the City of Chicago Department of Aviation at O’Hare International Airport, but for different and more compelling reasons.

In reading this well written book, and the numerous phone and email conversations that I have had with the author, I can attest to her calculated gamble paying huge dividends for her, and by following her guidelines as prescribed, it will work for others reading this book. People are lining up to purchase this book and to attend workshops in which she speaks on the subject, as these pictures indicate.

Toussaint speaks of her reliance on social media, namely LinkedIN and facebook for her personal branding, specifically stating: “With over 300 million professionals online, LinkedIn is a personal branding gift.” As a matter of fact, this is how Toussaint and I got acquainted, through LinkedIn. She further emphasizes the importance and value of videos, specifically stating in her book: “Personal Branding experts say that 2015 is the year of the videos. Are you adding a video clip to your blog, LinkedIn, or website? Just think about it. We have these smartphones, which are excellent cameras, and the videos they produce are easy to upload to your social networking sites, such as YouTube. I will be doing much more with videos for these very reasons.” It sounds like the author has a master plan worth following. Click on to view video here.

Toussaint took her personal brand to a book signing for “Mika”, the co-host of “Morning Joe on MSNBC”, with the expressed intent and desire to be invited as a guest on this show. With Toussaint’s tenacity and business savvy, I have no doubt that we will be seeing her on the show. This is the audacious nature of this enterprising woman!

In a recent phone interview with the co-author of this book, Tamara Toussaint, JD, she reiterated what her mother had indicated, that it was her grandmother that instilled in her the drive to succeed. Toussaint uses her background in diversity, the legal industry, and higher education to provide practical professional presence consulting to young professionals starting out in their careers, and those in a mid-career makeover, through Ultimate Image Coach, which she co-owns with her mother. Realizing that first impressions last a lifetime, Toussaint’s specialty is coaching clients on online personal branding, communication skills, interview preparation, social media branding, and professional attire for every occasion. She truly believes that fashion and personal style define who you are and reflect your brand image. “Like mother, like daughter!” What a formidable team! Toussaint indicated in this phone interview that her mother got her started early in this process, getting her a job with her as an intern at the age of 16.

Although this book is written with women in business and entrepreneurship in mind, the principles of being The Audacious Woman applies to all women seeking to excel, a book I strongly recommend. Just yesterday, August 6, 2015, the author appeared on the Myra Goldick radio show to discuss her book and her ideas on personal branding. Listen to the interview here.

Dennis Moore is the Associate Editor of the East County Magazine in San Diego and the book review editor for SDWriteway, an online newsletter for writers in San Diego that has partnered with the East County Magazine, along with being a freelance contributor to EURweb based out of Los Angeles. Mr. Moore can be contacted at or you can follow him on Twitter at: @DennisMoore8.

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"The Audacious Woman" on the Myra Goldick Radio Show

Just yesterday, August 6, 2015, the author of this fantastic and inspiring book, Pamela Toussaint, appeared on the Myra Goldick radio show to discuss her book and her ideas on personal branding. You can actually listen to her informative interview by clicking on the link at the end of my subject and referenced book review. Pamela is doing all the things an audacious woman should do to get her message out there.

Inspiration to others

Wonderful article Dennis! It really is leap of faith when walking away from the tried and true to uncertainty. However, sometimes that leap is what is needed, for God to take us in the direction in which He would have us to go. It is a scary step, but thank God for those who have persevered and trusted God, in order to encourage even me to continue to follow those dreams and goals that God has implanted in me so that I can follow suit. The author, Pamela Y Toussaint, has certainly done a good job in being an inspiration, and I look forward to reading more. Thank you for a wonderful review Dennis, and thank you Pamela Toussaint for a wonderful book. Cortina Jackson Author of "On Earth As It Is In Hell"

Inspiration to Others

Thanks very much. I am happy that the book has resonated with you. My goal is to inspire and motivate women to confidently take the uncharted course. I remind you that journey can be a marathon. So be patient, stay the course and prosper.

The Audacious Woman

Thank you Dennis for the great review. I will certainly get a copy to read on my kindle. As for the comment above on education: I work as a high school teacher. All the teachers I work with and know work very hard with their students so they can be the best they can be. Just this year I had three girls accepted to Stanford, Berkley and Georgetown. Students are encouraged to work together in groups . I know there is “work to be done”, but I have faith in the public school system. I wish for all young girls to be empowered and have the confidence to pursue their goals. I certainly am!!! Best of success to Pamela and Tamara Toussaint :)


You are so very welcome Anat, and I have always thought of you as an audacious woman, especially with what you are doing as a teacher. The fact that you have three girls being accepted at Stanford, Berkley and Georgetown underscores the fact that you are grooming young ladies to be Audacious Women also. They are Blessed to have you as a teachor, mentor, and role model.

The Audacious Woman

Thank you all for the amazing comments. This is my mom's life's work. I personally saw how much of herself she poured into this book. She's lived this journey and wants to share her tips with the world!

"The Audacious Woman" - my daughter Brandy

When I think of "The Audacious Woman", I think of my 21-year-old daughter in Chicago, Brandy. I recall when Brandy was around 10 or 11 and she auditioned for a Pepsi or Coca Cola commercial in Chicago with much older girls. Boy did she shine! It made me realize right then and there how poised and talented she was, and felt that she was destined for stardom in whatever field she chose. As she is still relatively young, and trying to find herself, there is still time for her to find that niche in life for that stardom and success. Perhaps by reading this book and following it as gospel, it can speed her in the right direction. She is my "Audacious Woman." Recently, while out here with me in West Hollywood, we took pictures together and it further convinced me of her promising future. As a matter of fact, while we were having dinner together in an upscale restaurant off Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, a guy and his assistant came over and suggested to Brandy that she do a modeling shoot for his Joes Jeans apparel business.

The Audacious Woman

I enjoyed reading this review. The title of the book drew me in, and I am so proud of this mother and daughter duo. Dennis, thanks once again for providing us with a very informative and thorough book review. After reading your review I get the impression that this book is an indispensable tool in the hands of not only entrepreneurs but also for anyone who is looking forward to moving their career forward and getting some visibility. Additionally, the review provided us with a plethora of information, and pearls of wisdom that can be used to help us succeed in any profession, and/or in our daily lives. Thank you Pamela and Tamara Toussaint for sharing your success stories with us and for encouraging us to succeed. Jacqueline Carr Author - A Selected Few Just For You.

"The Audacious Woman"

Thank you very Mr. Payne for your kind comments. I am so happy you highlighted the structure and "planner's" approach I took in writing "The Audacious Woman". In addition to inspiring women to re-brand and re-invent, I wanted to leave them with a process. Those who have bought and read the book find the personal branding workbook link I share at the end of the book an excellent guide on their journey to prosperity. I look forward to reading your book...In gratitude, Pamela Toussaint.

"The Audacious Woman"

What an excellent and inspiring review, Dennis., Women will all be interested in being encouraged and supported by the review and the wonderful book. A plan is a good structure for success in most endeavors, and here is a book written by a planner who is creative, saucy, and spunky as well as well educated and pretty. How could anyone ask for more? This looks like a winner and a timely one at that. Thank you for your consistent support of women in your reviews Dennis, and best luck to "The Audacious Woman". --- MJ Payne, Author, "The Remembered Self: A Journey into the Heart of the Beast."

"The Audacious Woman"

Thank you for posting another great and informative review, Dennis. It's one thing to dream and bring a work to fruition, however, that is only Step One to success. To market it successfully requires skill sets that I believe are clearly presented in "The Audacious Woman: Blaze Your Own Path To Prosperity". The author is uniquely qualified to write such a title, and no doubt shares many tips that will inspire women entrepreneurs of any age, race or ethnicity, who are determined to succeed. ---KB Schaller, Author, "100+ Native American Women Who Changed the World", Winner, 2014 International Book Award, Women's Issues.

"The Audacious Woman"

Sincere thanks Ms. Schaller - high compliment indeed from an accomplished author. I look forward to connecting here in South Florida. We seem to be on the same amazing journey. My dream is to connect and maximize the impact we can have on women, inspire them to own their power, blaze their own paths and leave a trail for future generations. Pamela Toussaint, Author, "The Audacious Woman: Blaze Your Own Path to Prosperity".

"The Audacious Woman"

Thanks very much Ms. McKee. I am sure you have great audacious woman qualities! In the book, I share thought-provoking stories and tips that will inspire you. One of my key audiences is baby-boomer women because we are among the most adventurous when it comes to re-branding and enjoying our lives. So, enjoy the book and remember to download the workbook (link is in the last paragraph of the book). Can't wait to hear about your audacious journey!

The Audacious Woman

Personally, I'm not exactly what one would call "an Audacious Woman" but I plan on getting the book to help myself out. A little anyway. At my age, being bold and exciting might just be a losing battle. But the book sounds really good, and I commend Ms. Toussaint for writing it, and also for her accomplishments. Mr. Moore, your review of this book has created a sell!

"The Audacious Woman"

Thanks for the powerful review, Dennis! I encourage all women to dare to dream of a life of abundance and start the life-changing journey by reading my book "The Audacious Woman" and downloading the Personal Branding guide free gift included in the last paragraph of the book. You will achieve your dream, Audacious Women! I did!

"The Audacious Woman" at the Apostolic Church of God in Chicago

The author, Pamela Toussaint, visited and worshipped at my former Church in Chicago this past Sunday; The Apostolic Church of God on 63rd and Dorchester, just blocks away from the Chicago home of President Barack Obama and his family. This venerable Church, where President Obama once gave his famous father's day speech, and where I and two of my children where baptized, is noted for its contributions and commitment to its local community. While at the Church, the author visited the "Saving Grace" bookstore located on the 1st floor of the Church, and left a copy of her book for the manager of the bookstore; Andrica Hamilton.

Excellent --

blazing ones' own path is where it's at. Be yourself, a unique capable individual who bows to no one. Realize your dream, and don't live anothers' nightmare. Unfortunately too many youngsters are beaten down in school to sit down and shut up, and more and more teachers have to teach to the test (standardized testing) so the kids have two strikes against them. But some persist despite the odds, as in this case. --Toussaint (and Moore) are my nominees to take over as inspirations for the entire US educational system, which is fouled up. (This is a family site.) Toussaint's principles should be taught in school, but of course they never will be because the government wants to foster obeisance corporate tools, not individuals.

"The Audacious Woman"

Thanks for the compliment Don, but I have a lot more confidence in our educational system. "The Audacious Woman" is a much bigger and brighter picture. These two women, mother and daughter, have done a great service to budding entrepreneurs.

"The Audacious Woman"

Thanks Don! I agree with Dennis. I am optimistic about our youngsters's future and hope to be an agent for change in our schools and communities. My daughter and I are reaching out to schools and colleges (like Palm Beach State where I teach) to build self-esteem, self-empowerment and entrepreneurial skills. Our goal is to get our book into schools nationwide and overseas. I am happy to report that our libraries in South Florida are adding the book to their collections and inviting me to conduct discussion groups.