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February 9, 2009 (Mesa) “ Thanks to the generosity of La Mesa citizens, business leaders and elected officials who donated out of their own pockets, La Mesa’s annual flag day parade has been saved from the budget chopping block. The 14th annual event will take place on Saturday,

“We met the goal and then some,” an e-mail signed by Council members Ernest Ewin and David Allan stated. “Thank you, Shannon O’Dunn for your leadership in this effort.” O’Dunn (photo), a La Mesa resident, ran for La Mesa Council in the last election.

“Our fund raising success for this event may surprise some who live outside our City-unless they work here,” the Council members” e-mail stated. “They need to come to our City and see why it happened...time and time again La Mesa will support what it believes in.”

In an earlier e-mail, Ewin thanked East County Magazine for publicizing the one-week fundraising drive to raise $10,500. Drew Ford and EDCO each donated $1,000, while Sycuan pitched in $750. All of La Mesa’s Council members (Ruth Stirling, Mark Arapostathos, Ernest Ewin and David Allan) and Mayor Art Madrid pledged donations ranging from $100 to $500 apiece. SDG&E, La Mesa Lion’s Club, and Liberty Charter School donated $500 each, while residents of La Mesa Village Plaza offered up $370.

Other donors included Act II, Alessio Leasing, Kristine Alessio, Bill Baber, Sherrall Bearss, Mike Bemis, Blumethal & Co., Chuck Bras, Ewin Brock LLP, Church of Scientology of San Diego, Elaine Clabaugh, Dr. Sunita Cooke, Manny Demetre, Kari Dodson, Mindi Drosi, Fischbeck and Oberndorfer, Friends of the La Mesa Library, John and Laurice Gerk, Giordano/Gio, Helen Givens, Joe and Carol Glidden, Steve Grooms, Sharon Hastings, Irene Hobbs, Homeland Florist, Karen Jarrard, Johnny B’s, Scott Kidwell family, Kathleen Kieferdor, Bonnie Kipperman, Kristin Hobbs Kjaero, Kurt Koehler, La Mesa Village Plaza Social Committee, Fran and Dexter Levy, the Lowes Family, Henry McAdams, Guy McWhirter, Mostly Mission, NIFCU, Park Estates, Pete’s Place, Miriam Raftery (editor of East County Magazine), Sara’s Selections Boutique, Steve South, Time & Treasures, Unique Travel, and Ken Wilson.


The help from the different

The help from the different organizations to fund the La Mesa have been doing great many have given extra money and the community have been helping also and the different people from different places have also been helping. The La Mesa have been recently been doing improving and it is slowly showing the result of the hard work and the effort of the people who have been helping the La Mesa. Guy Riordan

Scientology crime syndicate?!

Why the hell did the notorious Scientology crime syndicate divert money to this? The insane criminals must think there's money to be rooked and swindlked from local rubes, marks, and suckers.

Simple. The cult just bought

Simple. The cult just bought the old Coleman College Campus and are trying to ingratiate themselves into La Mesa communities. I obtained a copy of the OT Committee newsletter, which states:

From the President:
Dave Meyer is actively going to city councils in San Diego County and getting them to sign the anti hate petition. This positions us with other organizations on the topic of Human Rights.

The Church has been invited to join a coalition of community members with the La Mesa Police Department. There are about 24 organizations that handle youth in La Mesa. They have programs to coordinate all the different activities.

We are getting more press in "Topics," the La Mesa online magazine, particularly regarding Human Rights and have been invited to participate in the East county Flag Day event.

On the surface, nobody could be opposed to human rights. However, a look at Scientology's 50 year history shows that they are merely posing as human rights crusaders to garner good PR. Their actual history is full of human rights violations; of members, ex-members, and those who speak out against their abuses of people and the law.